Interaction13 Daily Recap - Tuesday


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Today's theme is "We want to be connected." EffectiveUI’s team on the ground provides a daily recap of Interaction13 in Toronto, January 28-31, 2013.

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Interaction13 Daily Recap - Tuesday

  1. IxD 2013 DAILY RECAP JANUARY 29, 2013
  2. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.TUESDAY, JANUARY 29TH We want to be connected. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  3. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved. • Your cell phone, your computer, your online accounts - you’re leaving data about yourself everywhere.YOU’RE • Jer Thorp (Data & Human Experience) encouraged everyone to have a more personal relationship withCONNECTED their data. If data can become something beautiful, maybe people will care more about it and be goodRIGHT NOW. custodians. • allows people to reclaim their data and use it to tell a story that’s relevant to them. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  4. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.DATA CAN BRINGUS TOGETHERData on its own is meaningless but when used to measureand visualize user actions and activities, we begin tounderstand how small our world is and how similar thebehaviors of people are. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  5. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.MULTI-USERINTERFACESWhether its kids in South African schools working togetherin an all-digital virtual chemistry lab (Michael Wolf,Interaction Design for Learning), scientists analysingKepler satellite data with g-speak (Jer Thorp, Data &Human Experience) or people playing a Xbox Kinect game(Albert Shum, Connecting), interfaces that allow more thanone person to participate in the same activity are drivingconnectivity and collaboration. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  6. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.YOUR COMMUNITYIS WAITING FORYOUConnecting with your community can help solve designproblems and make an immediate and relevant impact.Sami Nerenberg (Design for America: Students CreatingLocal and Social Impact) showed us how Design forAmerica is solving community-based problems anddriving change through design in colleges across the U.S. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  7. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.NATURAL • The most natural interface is no interface.INTERFACES. • Natural interfaces go beyond gesture. Our faces and expressions can be used to transmit emotion and aYOU HAVE wide variety of desires. • Xbox Kinect is an example of how natural interfacesTHEM. can facilitate shared experiences. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  8. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.MAKINGCONNECTIONSMORE MEANINGFULWe have so much data on how people connect but howdo we use that to create interactions that drive tomeaningful parts of our lives?What are the meaningful parts of our lives? IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  9. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.CONNECTING IxD13 DAILY RECAP