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Effective Sales Strategies Capabilities Presentation 3 09


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Effective Sales Strategies helps companies with their sales, marketing, training and human capital strategies, plans and projects increasing top and bottom line results, performance and effectiveness. Check out our website to see our client testimonials and results!

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Effective Sales Strategies Capabilities Presentation 3 09

  1. 1. Karen Angellatta-Wheeler, President Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 1
  2. 2. Strategic consulting firm providing organizations with successful sales, marketing, training and human capital strategies increasing their top and bottom line results and improving employee performance and effectiveness. Specializing in the human capital, training, consulting, technology, wireless and telecommunications industries. 20 plus years of practical, proven and award-winning experience translating into specific, measurable results for your company. Effective Sales Strategies, LLC can help your business increase sales, revenues, profitability, productivity, effectiveness and performance. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 2
  3. 3. In today’s tough economic times, companies are looking for ways to increase sales, overall revenues, productivity and effectiveness without spending a fortune. Small and large organizations want access to thought leadership and need to supplement their resources with consultants to save overall costs. That’s why Effective Sales Strategies is here. We have an “Innovative Back to the Basics” approach when it comes to sales, marketing, training and human capital consulting. In this challenging business climate, you need a tested, award- winning partner to help you create and sort through your options and enable you to TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS AND SUCCEED NOW. Contact us to STANDOUT from Your Competition TODAY! Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 3
  4. 4. Strategic Sales Consulting Sales effectiveness & business development strategies & tools ◦ Sales leadership strategies & tools ◦ Sales optimization/channel alignment, assessment & territory planning ◦ Sales change management/culture change initiatives ◦ Sales training department/organization assessment & design ◦ Sales & leadership training strategies, design, development & ◦ implementation Strategic Marketing Consulting Strategic marketing consulting ◦ Marketing strategies (internally or externally) ◦ Brand awareness & creation ◦ Website & e-commerce design & development ◦ Search engine optimization ◦ Social networking consulting ◦ Advertising, promotion & publicity strategies ◦ Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 4
  5. 5. Strategic Human Capital Consulting Strategic human capital consulting, assessment & planning ◦ Training department/organization assessment, redesign & marketing ◦ Organizational effectiveness strategies ◦ Curriculum/portfolio evaluation & design ◦ Training & employee development strategies ◦ Leadership & executive development ◦ Innovative sales & leadership training design, development & ◦ implementation Measurement & learning effectiveness strategies & tools ◦ E-learning, blended learning, web-based ILT and virtual training ◦ design & development E-learning & non-traditional content sales via e-commerce solutions ◦ LMS design, development & deployment ◦ Talent assessment/management & succession planning ◦ Process development & best practices management ◦ Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 5
  6. 6. As a strategic consulting firm, we design and develop customized, integrated and value-added solutions for your business. We do everything from design strategies, develop results- oriented solutions and implement projects if needed. We deliver measurable results for you and your company. Working with you - our clients, we increase your top and bottom line results and improve your employees’ effectiveness and performance on time and within your budget. Our unwavering commitment is to our clients, partners, community and the environment. We strive to put our clients first and to live our values in all we do. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 6
  7. 7. Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Strategies increasing revenues & sustainable competitive advantages Marketing Your Products or Training Internally Or Externally increasing awareness & market/mind share Organizational Effectiveness Strategies improving overall capacity, productivity & efficiencies Training Department/Organization Assessment & Redesign improving credibility, resource alignment & team productivity Talent Assessment & Management improving talent pools and increasing upward/lateral advancement Process Development & Best Practices improving workflows & increasing operational efficiencies Training Effectiveness & Improvement developing your leaders & employees faster Sales & Leadership Development increasing sales, improving critical skills & decreasing turnover Training & Employee Development Strategies aligning key business metrics & results Innovative Training Design & Delivery driving employee behavior change Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 7
  8. 8. Small Sales Training Firm ◦ 2008 Goals: Increase their marketing presence and awareness in the marketplace. Improve their existing sales tools and marketing collateral. ◦ Effective Sales Strategies was engaged to: Design, develop and document new Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce and E-Learning Strategies to meet and exceed business goals. Design and develop a new Company Website including a Flash Intro, About Us, Offerings, Results, Strategic Alliances, Customer Resources, Customer Log In and Contact Us content in just a few months improving their search engine optimization, increasing market awareness and business leads. Create new company Representative Bios, Marketing Flyers and Course Catalog giving Reps additional tools and collateral to send to prospects. Design and create Course Tests/Answer Sheets/Keys, Train-the-Trainer Outlines, Master Train-the-Trainer Outlines, Master and Regular Train-the- Trainer Options, Train-the-Trainer Prework Booklet, Train-the-Trainer Workbooks, and Train-the-Trainer Leaders’ Guides enabling the company to increase course revenues and expand product offerings to clients. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 8
  9. 9. Start Up Wireless Security Company ◦ 2008 Goals: Launch new wireless security business through new product offerings available in indirect sales channels. Create revenues for new company through product sales and educated company personnel and indirect agents. ◦ Effective Sales Strategies was engaged to: Quickly design and develop new Technical Product Training Materials for initial company launch. Instructor-led materials included a Participant Workbook, Instructor Guide, Laminated Quick Reference Guide/Job Aid and Course Test/Answer Sheet/Key. Efficiently develop content including information on the Company, Features/Advantages/Benefits, How It Works, Web-Based Login, Competitive Differences, Target Customers, Qualifying Questions, Products, Pricing, Customer Orders/Payments and Resources in a constantly changing environment. Design and facilitate a Company Train-the-Trainer including creating a Train- the-Trainer Outline, Train-the-Trainer Prework Assignments, Train-the-Trainer Workbook, and Train-the-Trainer Leader’s Guide and Trainer In-Class Challenges and Tests enabling the company’s managers to educate its workforce to train their indirect agents to sell their products and increase revenues. All deliverables completed in five weeks to meet their aggressive timelines. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 9
  10. 10. Large, Well-Known Pest Control Company ◦ End of 2008 Goal: Create an overall learning effectiveness strategy across all lines of business increasing overall measurement activity, improving measurement tactics and tying their strategy to the company's business drivers. ◦ Effective Sales Strategies was engaged to: Prepare and facilitate a Measurement Strategy Meeting with the entire sales and leadership training team. Develop list of Measurement Metrics/Data Points/Documentation needed to be gathered prior to the meeting. Design Best Practices Measurement Presentation, blank and completed Best Practices Measurement Metrics Plans and Measurement Strategy Draft Document for use during the strategy meeting. Partner with the leader of the sales and training leadership team on all of the documentation needed to create the overall measurement strategy. Design and develop overall Learning Effectiveness Strategy including Executive Summary, Measurement Strategy Overview, Measurement Strategy Details by Client Group, Course, Measurement Level, Current State, Future State, Gaps, Next Steps and Conclusions making the leader’s year-end deadline for her business leaders. All deliverables completed in less than four weeks on time and within budget. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 10
  11. 11. Design Present Assess Goals, Phased Proposal & Collect Data Needs & Challenges Options Gain Buy In Business Goals & Objectives Develop & Design Implement Measure Revise Deliverables Deliverables Results Deliverables Client engagement happens throughout the entire process. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 11
  12. 12. Effective Sales Strategies has formed strategic alliances with a diverse group of suppliers to meet and exceed your business needs. Effective Sales Strategies has a network of instructional designers, facilitators, trainers, project managers, e-learning/blended learning experts, web designers, talent management consultants, marketing niche specialists, etc. to manage large company initiatives. Karen and her team of experts listen to your desired business goals, create customized deliverables for your company and transform them into achievable results. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 12
  13. 13. Founder and President Karen Angellatta-Wheeler is a senior level thought leader with a 20 year proven track record of increasing sales, employee retention and customer satisfaction, and building and redesigning successful teams from the ground up. Her sales, marketing, leadership, training, operations, organizational development and human capital experience is focused on increasing top and bottom line results, performance and effectiveness. As the former National Director of Sales Training for Verizon Wireless, Karen drove the company’s sales training strategy across all channels of distribution for 31,000 of 69,000 employees including 7,000 executives, directors and managers across 2,500 locations. In addition, Karen has developed and managed award-winning programs highlighted in Training Magazine's Top 100 & 125 Lists for the last 8 years helping Verizon Wireless earn the coveted number 4 spot in both 2007 and 2008. Karen has a unique client perspective since she was a buyer and executive decision maker for sales, marketing, human capital and training initiatives at companies like The Limited, GTE and Verizon Wireless. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 13
  14. 14. Karen won internal awards and helped Verizon Wireless achieve number 4 status on the 2007 and 2008 Training Top 125 Lists; one sample project listed below ◦ 18 month dual role of the HR Organizational Change Management Leader (while the National Director of Sales Training) resulting in increased average sales by 51%, decreased sales rep ramp up time by 50%, decreased rep and manager turnover by 35% and increased overall employee retention by 68%. Managed and partnered with large work teams for the monumental consolidation and creation of new B2B sales/service systems, processes, marketing tools, staffing/recruitment procedures, compensation, incentives, training, leadership development, change management and culture change initiatives. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 14
  15. 15. Karen and her team are award-winning veterans with sales, marketing, training, human capital, telecom and wireless executive experience. She and her team understand your business issues and needs because they have helped solve them at companies like Verizon Wireless, GTE Wireless, InGrid Home Security, Orkin and Manard Warren & Associates. You can leverage Effective Sales Strategies’ objectivity and lack of bias in your organization and use their expertise as a strategic advantage. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 15
  16. 16. “Working with Karen at Effective Sales Strategies was a true pleasure. She quickly and thoroughly understood my objective and delivered a comprehensive training program under a very aggressive timeline. Karen is very professional and client-focused. I would definitely engage her firm again for other training needs.” Mollie Hollister, VP of Marketing for InGrid Home Security “Karen and her team have been able to help my company get closer to realizing my business goals than I could have on my own without her thought leadership. Her partnership with my company has been like a one-stop shop for all of my sales, marketing and training needs. Her resources have been fantastic! The bottom line is that I am realizing my vision for my business.” Manard Warren, President of Manard Warren & Associates Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 16
  17. 17. Effective Sales Strategies was hired to help develop a measurement strategy for sales and leadership development training for Rollins, Inc. / Orkin University. “My team greatly benefited from the measurement strategy planning session that Karen conducted. She provided us a good roadmap to work on. Without our measurement strategy document, we would simply be talking theoretically. The strategy work helped everyone to get on the same page and will allow us to chip away at our entire measurement plan more effectively… Karen was very customer-focused, knowledgeable, timely, and thorough in her approach. I hope to get the opportunity to leverage Karen’s expertise again as we move forward. I have no problem recommending her services to other colleagues.” Chandra Stephens, PhD - Director of Learning Solutions - Leadership Development & Sales for Orkin University, Rollins, Inc. Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 17
  18. 18. Set an appointment to discuss your specific sales, marketing, training and/or human capital needs and opportunities. Discuss specifically how we might be able to partner and work together. Look forward to the future state of your company! Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 18
  19. 19. Standout from Your Competition! Transform Your Company Today! Contact Karen Angellatta-Wheeler to STANDOUT from Your Competition TODAY! | Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 19
  20. 20. Karen Angellatta-Wheeler, President 678-591-3513 Copyright© 2009 Effective Sales Strategies, LLC 20