Secrets of hajj


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Secrets of hajj

  1. 1. Secrets ofHajj ”“PilgrimageWritten by: ABDEL DAYEM AL KAHEEL
  2. 2. Hajj…. Is the holy spiritual journey to the house ofAllah “The Kaaba” as all believers are in deepwillingness to visit this holy place as Allah Almightygave that place an advantage over any other place allover the world.
  3. 3. The first House appointed for !! MankindAllah Almighty Says: (Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for (mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance forAl-Alamin (the mankind and jinns)* In it are manifest signs (for example),the Maqam (place) of Ibrahim (Abraham); whosoever enters it, he attainssecurity. And Hajj to the House (Kabah) is a duty that mankind owes toAllah, those who can afford the expenses and whoever denies Hajj then Allahstands not in need of any of the Alamin.) {Sûrat Al-Imrân-verse96-97}.
  4. 4. All worship are gathered in one which is The Hajj !!Hajj includes all worship, in it there is Monotheism, prayer,fasting ,Zakat, good behavior, supplication(center of worship) ,patience, contemplation, thinking in the creation of Allah , Jihadby the soul , spending money, Humility , purity and charity.Human is doing all of that while he or she is directed to Allah by asincere heart.
  5. 5. The way to !!AllahThe journey of pilgrimage is an easy way to acquireAllah‘s satisfaction as the pilgrim is considered to be aguest in the house of Allah , so what do we expect from?Allah the most Generous
  6. 6. Pilgrimage is A magnificent worshipAllah Almighty ordered Muslims to perform this worship once alife as He Almighty says: (And Hajj to the House (Kabah) is a dutythat mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses){Sûrat Al-Imrân-verse97}.So , what are the secrets behind this wonderful journey and whatare the promised benefits from Allah Almighty who says: (Thatthey may witness things that are of benefit to them){Sûrat Al-Hajj-verse 28}.Is it a great journey or just an ordinary one?
  7. 7. !! Phases ofHajjThe journey of pilgrimage starts:The journey of pilgrimage starts:2.From the (Mikat) where the pilgrim dress the clothes of pilgrimage(Ihram) as he orshe takes the intention to start this holy journey.3.After arrival to (Mekka) the pilgrim starts circumambulation around Kaaba (bykissing the black stone or referring to it by hand)for seven times.4.Pilgrim starts walking between hills (Al-Safa) and (Al-Marwah) for seven times.5.The pilgrim moves to (Mina) to stay the eighth day of (Dhu al-Hijjah).6.After that the pilgrim moves to (Arafat) to stay the entire ninth day till sunset andperform supplications to Allah Almighty.7.Then the pilgrim moves to (AlMuzdalifah) where he or she stay the night.8.After that the pilgrim moves another time to (Mina)to start (Ramy al-Jamarat) bythrowing the Satan by the stones in the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah and he Slaughterthe sacrifices and shave head for men (only a piece of hair for women).9.At the same day pilgrim return back to (Kaaba) to start circumambulation.10.The pilgrim return back again to (Mina )to throw the stones and stay there forthree days (11,12,13) of (Dhu al-Hijjah).11.Pilgrim returns to (Kaaba)to perform (Tawaf AlWida) and drinks Zamzam water.
  8. 8. Hajj is a process for reprogramming the soul !!The NLP scientists say that what makes humanexhausted is the tremendous amount of problems andworries and the best way to rebalancing is to empty theaccumulated negative charges. How can it be done?
  9. 9. .. Hajj is the shortest way to restore !!the balanceFrom 1400 years, religion of Islam guided us to theright way to restore our balance and to empty allaccumulated negatives. We should not know what isbehind orders of Allah but when we know, our faith.increases…it is the magnificent worship of the Hajj
  10. 10. Hajjis the dream of all !!believersThe journey of Hajj has many hardships and fatigue but it is thedream of all believers because of the tremendous peace of soulthat pilgrim gets after pilgrimage. What is the secret behind thispsychological peace of mind? the answer is simple as in thatworship and if believers performed it in the right way it empty thenegative charges and recharge the body with positive charges.
  11. 11. A method to increase livelihood!!Prophet Mohamed peace be up on him urges us to repeathajj if possible as he says:” keep performing hajj andUmrah because both of them erase poverty and sins andthe only reward for the accepted hajj by Allah is enteringheaven ”{narrated by Ibn Hiban}.This journey recharge power of the body so that it makespeople work harder which increase the livelihood andeliminates poverty.
  12. 12. Power of !!The black stoneThe emitted power by the black stone is magnificent.Hence, getting closer to or kissing that stone gives you ahuge power and you feel that immediately.Maybe because of that the prophet used to start thecircumambulation around Kaaba by kissing ,touching orreferring to that stone.
  13. 13. Unlimited benefitsFrom 1400 years , Allah Almighty told us about the gained benefits fromworship of Hajj as He Almighty says:(And proclaim to mankind the Hajj(pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they willcome from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to performHajj)*That they may witness things that are of benefit to them and mentionthe Name of Allah on appointed days over the beast of cattle that He hasprovided for Then eat thereof and feed therewith the poor who have a veryhard time ){Sûrat Al-Hajj-verse27-29}.
  14. 14. A method For treatment !!The hajj is a treatment for many diseases as it restore the balanceof the body ,increase mental emotional and sexual activity and itis a source of power. This journey helps you to erase the past badmemories that prohibits you from performing worship in theright way so it makes you back again as if you are a born baby.Prophet Mohamed says :“ whoever performs the worship of hajjwithout violation the rules of hajj like making sexual relation(with wife or husband) and don‘t make any sins will back fromhajj exactly as a baby in the day when he or she was begotten ”
  15. 15. Why do wethrow ?Satan by stonesSteve Chandler one of the famous NlP scientists confirm that itis important to imagine the target which you want to achievein your brain as it helps you to achieve that target. Hence,when we imagine that Satan is in that area and indeed theSatan is not there and when we throw him by stones, wedefinitely will succeed to win the battle against that Satan andwe will defeat him in all battles .
  16. 16. In hajj Muslims don‘t wrangle with each othersThere are many bad habits in our life such as wrangling as it is awaste of time and effort and many Neuro-Linguistic Programmingscientists advice us to reduce wrangling as possible.One of them is DR. Richard Carlson who says: ”don‘t wrangle as itcause antagonizing with other people”.Allah Almighty says concerning this matter: (For Hajj are themonths well known. If any one undertakes that duty therein, Letthere be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj.){Sûrat the cow-verse197}.Isn‘t a clear evidence that all rules of hajj are identical with today‘sadvices by scientists and researchers?
  17. 17. Harmonywith universe Millions of pilgrims are moving anti clock Millions of stars are moving anti clock wise wise around the Kaaba around the center of a galaxyEverything in this universe is moving at the same direction fromleft to right (Anti clock wise).Electrons around nucleus, planets around sun, stars around galaxyand pilgrims around the Kaaba, all of those are moving in the samedirection from left to right.So that all universe are in harmony with each others.
  18. 18. Secrets of number sevenAllah Almighty has created seven heavens and of theearth the like thereof (seven), days of the week areseven, layers of the atom are seven ,number of doors ofhell are seven and pilgrims are circumambulating seventimes around Kaaba. Also the word Qiblah (prayerdirection) was repeated seven times in Qur‘an…….. Glory to Allah!!!!
  19. 19. The word Qiblah was repeated seven times the sameas number of circumambulation around kaaba andalso the same as number of rounds between Al-Safaand Al-Marwah…Glory to Allah!! !1.(The fools (pagans, hypocrites, and Jews) among the people will say,"What has turned them (Muslims) from their Qiblah [prayer direction(towards Jerusalem)] to which they were used to face in prayer."){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse142}.2.(And We made the Qiblah which you used to face, only to test those whofollowed the Messenger){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse143}.3.(Surely, We shall turn you to a Qiblah that shall please you.){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse144}.4.(And even if you were to bring to the people of the Scripture (Jews andChristians) all the Ayat (proofs, evidences ,etc.), they would not followyour Qiblah){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse145}.5.(nor are you going to follow their Qiblah){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse145}.6.(And they will not follow each others Qiblah){Sûrat Al-Baqarah-verse145}.7.(and make your dwellings Qiblah){Sûrat Yûnus-verse 87}.
  20. 20. Walking is the best sportIn a published study by Harvard university , researchersconfirmed that walking in a moderate speed (4-5 K/H)reducethe probability of infection by heart diseases by about 40%forboth men and women. Also the study confirmed that walkingenhance breathing system, immune system , eliminatesdepression, prevent from Osteoporosis ,reduce diabetic andcontrol overweight of people.
  21. 21. Hajj is a cure for !!heart diseases and diabeticScientists confirm that walking helps in curing many chronicdiseases and it is the base in Geriatrics and prolonging life!!!Physicians believe that long walking helps in curing coloncancer,treatment of back pains and increase concentration. Allahsays about Hajj:(That they may witness things that are of benefit tothem.){Sûrat Al-Hajj-verse 28}. This verse was descended in a timewhen people in Europe were believing that Hajj is a kind of tormentfor people and there is no gained benefit from it.
  22. 22. ARAFAT… Place of contemplation !!Scientists confirm that contemplation is a cure for worries and theyconsider it as a magnificent strategy to reorganize the mechanismof the body to eliminate all psychological disorders. Contemplationhelps body to sleep well and to enhance the ability of creativity andproblem solving. Also contemplation increases the process ofemitting some chemical matters in brain that prolong life.People in Arafat stand and sit for hours while contemplating andsupplicating to Allah.
  23. 23. The power of !!! ZamzamThe well of Zamzam is the oldest well in the world.Scientifically, it was proved that the water of Zamzam is free fromviruses or bacteria and also it was proved that this water healsfrom Incurable diseases and there are many cases of people whowere ill by diseases and medicine was unable to treat them butwhen they came for Hajj or Umrah with a sincere intention andafter drinking from Zamzam and with supplication to Allah , HeAlmighty treated them from these diseases.
  24. 24. Zamzam is a treatment for diseasesZamzam water is rich with minerals and it is alkalinity waterso it reduce stomach‘s Acidity and it can heal many diseasesespecially rheumatic pains.It is worth to remind you that millions of people drinks fromthis well from hundreds of years, but water did not run out.Isn‘t a miracle?!
  25. 25. !!!The willpowerDR/ Chandler one of the NLP scientists say that you must.train your will the same as you train your musclesIn the holy journey of Hajj there are many life experimentsas it contains travel, abstraction form all pleasures of life,risks caused by crowed ,Austerity , asceticism and humiliationfor Allah Almighty.
  26. 26. In Hajj you gets a lot of learningHajj is a good practical lesson for many things and also tolearn new things. Dr. Murphy one of the NLP scientistssays "try to learn a new thing every day so that you willalways have an active brain ”In Hajj ,the pilgrim learns discipline concerning theappointments as he or she must be at the right time toperform all ceremonies of the Hajj.
  27. 27. !!…ChangeJourney of Hajj is aneffective way to changethe surroundedenvironment as pollutionin these days cause manydiseases such as cancerand Asthma ,but this holyjourney makes people tobreath pure air and topurify their lungs.
  28. 28. !!.…More energyPeople from different nationalities are meeting in one place for one purpose whichis performing this great worship and obeying Allah‘s order in all phases of Hajj.All of that provides them by great energy which is resulted from the spiritualatmosphere and the peaceful attitude of people(no wrangling in Hajj) as webelieve that this huge group of people provides each other by a tremendousenergy.But how does it happen?Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him gives us a nice example about that as hesays” the like of the good friend and the bad one as the one who holds perfumeand the one who blow in fire to purify iron from blots as when you sit beside thefirst one you may buy from him a perfume or the good smell may stick on you and
  29. 29. !!!.…The best deedsOne of the prophet‘s companions asked him: what is the best deeds?”Then the prophet answered: belief in Allah, Jihaad for the sake ofAllah and an accepted Hajj .[.” [narrated by Al- bukhariPerforming ceremonies of Hajj in an appropriate way provide thebeliever with a magnificent power which is resulted fromcircumambulation around Kaaba, long walking between Al Saffa andAl Marwa , prayers, throwing Satan by stones, stand in Arafat andmove between many places.
  30. 30. Heaven is the rewardAll people who performed that great worship confirm thatthis holy journey renewed their spiritual activity andincreased morals. What a great benefits!!!!The prophet peace be upon him says about this worship:“and the only reward for the accepted hajj by Allah isentering the heaven” [narrated by Al- bukhari].
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