Protests in egypt


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Protests in Egypt,30/6/2013

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  • Very strange. The facts you,ve given are not correct. You poor egyptions, tricked again. You had best ever chance to have Islamic Democrasy.
    If you are not agree with something , you dont simply through away democratic president. He done so much which media not telling you.
    Israiel was the only one who wanted that new president you are supporting as 'brotherhood' was a terror to them. Do you want to stand with Israiel? Very sad.
    We love 'muslim brotherhood' and their 100 civilian deaths. May Allah be with them ameen
    Please open your eyes before its too late.
    Why media was giving full coverage to Anti Moorsi people but not showing what terror army is creating
    after words? Attacking people while praying?
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  • nyc
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  • it is so sad
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Protests in egypt

  1. A protester waves a national flag over Cairo's Tahrir Square. Demonstrator Rifaat Ali traveled from Upper Egypt to the capital with a message to Morsy's opponents: "Our patience has run out. Either you back off, or the only thing left to do is attack with one fist."
  2. Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy hold sticks and wear protective gear during training outside a mosque in Cairo on Tuesday, July 2. Counterprotests erupted after anti-Morsy demonstrators demanded that Morsy resign and threatened to march on the presidential palace if he doesn't step down Tuesday evening.
  3. Morsy supporters march in formation in Cairo on July 2.
  4. Opponents of Morsy camp out as they protest outside the presidential palace in Cairo on July 2/2013.
  5. A protester lights a flare as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gather in Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square on July 1 during a protest calling for the ouster of Morsy.
  6. Protesters pray during a demonstration against Morsy in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Monday, July 1. Pro- and anti-government demonstrations have spread around the country surrounding the one-year mark of Morsy coming into office on Sunday, June 30.
  7. Egyptian protesters ransack the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo on July 1.
  8. Thousands of opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy pray during a protest calling for his ouster at Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square on June 30. On the first anniversary of his inauguration, Morsy's Islamist supporters vow to defend his legitimacy to the end.
  9. Protesters stormed the main headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, the party that Morsy led before his election, and set it on fire on June 30.
  10. Morsy's opponents say his policies are to blame for a breakdown in law and order, for an economy that's gone south, and for a gas shortage that has Egyptians waiting at the pumps for hours. Here, protestors fill the streets of Cairo on June 30
  11. Periodically, Morsy opponents and supporters have clashed and the results have been deadly -- even before the Sunday clashes.
  12. Protesters set off fireworks outside the presidential palace.
  13. Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters conduct Friday prayers in front of a Cairo mosque before the start of a sit-in for Morsy on June 28.
  14. Protesters wave national flags and a red card in Arabic reading "leave" in Tahrir Square during the demonstration against Morsy.
  15. The demonstrators say they have collected 17 million signatures -- roughly 4 million more than what won Morsy the presidency -- and all of them call for Morsy to go.
  16. May Allah have mercy on Egypt! May Allah guide and reward EVERYONE who wants good for his country and who wants good for our world!