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From the best sayings2


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From the best sayings#2 with amazing nature photos
Islamic quotes

From the best sayings2

  1. 1. Islam is not whata Muslim does, butIslam is what a Muslimis supposed to do...
  2. 2. Tough times are like physical exercise. Youmay not like it while you are doing it, buttomorrow you will be stronger because of it..
  3. 3. Dont mix bad words withyour bad mood.Youll have manyopportunities to changea mood, but youll never getthe opportunity to replacethe words you said..!
  4. 4. Leave everything in Allahs Hands soyou can see Allahs Hands in everything.He created us, He knows whats bestfor His humble slaves.
  5. 5. Dawah Is Not To ATTACK PeopleBut Rather To ATTRACT People !
  6. 6. The only difference betweena good day and a bad day iswhether you’ve done that which ispleasing to Allah or not.
  7. 7. Always be nice & polite to people,because you may never know from themwholl be the reason for your entry into"paradise" or "hell fire"
  8. 8. Never ever rush intojudging others,Allah is moremerciful that wecould ever imagine!
  9. 9. If youre in pieces andwant to be at peace,return to Allah and thehealing will begin
  10. 10. Never think badlyof a MUSLIM brotheror sister. No matter whatsin they are doing,hate the sin,not the person.
  11. 11. While we sit there wondering why Allah hasntgranted our dua, we must thank Him for notpunishing us immediately for our sins.Alhamdulillah
  12. 12. Putting ALLAH first,puts everything elseautomaticallyin its proper place
  13. 13. Say Alhamdulillah,Thank to Allah For Beingable to Say " Alhamdulillah ", Many who can Not sayit because of their arrogance.
  14. 14. Jannah is the fruit of a seedplanted in this dunya;it is the retirement package thatyou save up in all your years ofwork.
  15. 15. "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he willhave the reward equal to the doer of the action".[Saheeh Muslim]
  16. 16. When it comes to deen, compare yourself tothose who are above you.When it comes to dunya, compare yourself tothose who are below you.
  17. 17. How others see youisnt important.How you see yourselfis more important,dont change yourselffor others.You are Allahs creation
  18. 18. You can either sit downand be depressed by thedarkness of the night, orstand up and appreciatethe beauty of the stars.
  19. 19. Whatever you do for the sake of Allah,no matter how small it may be, never dies.
  20. 20. Dont worry! Why worry aboutthings that you cannot control?Trust Allah! He will make surethat everything is good in the end!
  21. 21. “Every singleexperience of life canteach you lessons tomake you a wiserperson, but only if youare willing to learnfrom them.”
  22. 22. “Try reversing matters:start seeing the good in others,and concentrate onthe faults in you.Youll be a betterperson for it!”
  23. 23. “Strive for the Hereafteraccording to how longyou shall remain there,and strive for this worldaccording to how longyou shall remain here.”
  24. 24. “Whoever does not findhappiness in theremembrance of Allah,prayer, and reciting theQuran, will not find itanywhere else.”
  25. 25. “Is it not amazing hownumerous and frequentare our sins, and yetstill Allah continues tooverlook and showerHis Mercy and Bountyon us?”
  26. 26.