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Egypt is at war against terrorism

Egypt is at war Against terrorism
The Egyptian people while they vote YES for the new constitution, they ask General El-Sisi to be their president..

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Egypt is at war against terrorism

  1. 1. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL AND TO EGYPT President Adly Mansour has issued a presidential decree promoting General El-Sisi to Marshal
  2. 2. we greet and congratulate the great Egyptian people on the third anniversary of the glorious 25 January revolution and its revolutionary wave on 30 June 2013.
  3. 3. It's from great necessary that we stick together behind the goals of our revolution and never give up our fight against corruption and repression. We ask God and pray for him to count the dead during and after the revolution as "Shaheed" Martyrs and a get-well-soon for all the injured and wounded people, as they were willing to sacrifice soul and blood for one aim a decent life in freedom
  4. 4. We want also to thank the great Egyptian people, standing united against a group of mercenaries, traitors and terrorist who want to see Egypt in flames like Syria or Iraq even begging for foreign intervention in Egypt, the terror fights its last fight it may last but we're the sons and daughters of a great civilization we never give up a fight and we'll uproot the terror from our great land.
  5. 5. We strongly condemn the terrorist attack on our security forces and the daily blood shedding on our streets. We ask our government no more hesitation take decisive and revolutionary decisions to fight this black terror, that we can build a new tolerant democratic and secured Egypt.
  6. 6. We condemn the call for reconciliation from some who named themselves revolutionary activist and in fact the revolution was a Making-Money affairs for them. We just say to them you're supporting a terrorist organization, which sponsors and spread terrorism all over Egypt.
  7. 7. They underestimate the Will of the Egyptians people, approving their constitution with a overwhelming majority of about 20 Millions voters, a constitution guaranteeing a civil regime, puts us on the right path to establish a modern democracy based on citizenship for all regardless of religion, gender or race
  8. 8. We've also to celebrate the 25th jan. as the day of our security forces and our police, this reminds us of the historical sacrifice of the policemen in Ismailia against foreign aggression in the fifties.
  9. 9. We know there were some excesses of some policemen but for tahat we can't stop celebrating this great occasion. We'll never accept or allow anyone to wipe a period of a our history under the name of "Struggling for freedom".
  10. 10. God bless Egypt, and protects its people to be "the shore of safety" once again. We won’t give up and we won’t go back again.. long live Egypt
  11. 11. Interim President Adly Mansour says: Egypt Continues to Stand Strong in Times of Terrorism and Disorder All necessary measures will be taken to deal with terrorism decisively, but will not violate human rights Presidential elections will take place before parliamentary elections He will ask Supreme Elections Committee to start accepting presidential candidates
  12. 12. An al Qaeda-inspired group in Egypt has claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks in Cairo that killed six people on the eve of the third anniversary of the uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak ‫اعلنت جماعة “أتنصار بيت المقدس″ مسؤوليتها عن التفجير التنتحاري الذي استهدف‬ ‫مديرية أمن القاهرة و موجة من الهجمات في القاهرة والتي أدت إلى مقتل6 أشخاص‬ ‫وإصابة37 آخرين بجروح.عشية الذكرى الثالثة للثورة المصرية‬
  13. 13. ‫أتنصار بيت المقدس' تتهم الجيش المصري بأتنه جيش عميل يحارب السل.م."‬ ‫فعل كلنا بنحارب السل.م, السيسي اللي مراته منقبة بيحارب السل.م و طبعا كل عساكر الجيش ملحدين و‬ ‫....المليين اللي تنزلوا 6/03 يهود‬ ‫‪A "pro-Morsi" group in Sinai called 'Ansar BM' say that Egypt's soldiers are fighting‬‬ ‫..‪Islam‬‬
  14. 14. A series of bombs targeting police hit Cairo on Friday, killing at least four people and wounding dozens of othersThe first — a car bomb — struck Cairo's police headquarters in an early morning blast heard across the Egyptian capital,
  15. 15. The explosion created a hole in the ground 5 meters deep..
  16. 16. ‫ديمار واسع لبكبر يمتحف أسليمي في العالم نتيجة انفجار‬ ‫يمديرية أيمن القاهرة فجر الجمعة ٤٢ يناير ٤١٠٢ ووزير‬ ‫الاثار يقول ان يمليين الجنيهات لن تستطيع إعادته بكما‬ ‫... بكان عليه‬ Widespread destruction of the largest museum in the Islamic world as a result of the explosion of the Cairo Security Directorate Friday, January 24th, 2014, Minister of Antiquities says that millions of pounds wont be able to return it to the way it was
  17. 17. ‫ملثمون يقتحمون نقطة شرطة بالزقازيق‬ Masked men storm the police station in zagazig
  18. 18. ‫ليس هناك ما هو أكثر جحيمية من أن يقتل انسان انسانا آخر ل لشيء إل كي يدخل الجنة أو يحكم في‬ ً ‫الرض.......انا ل و انا اليه راجعون‬ A soldier dead. This has come to be the everyday reality of Egypt fighting terrorism upon the inauguration of Morsi and the upheavel of the MB following the revolution that ousted Morsi and the MB. On average , everyday since Morsi's black reign , 2-4 soldiers die in Sinai and around border towns . Soldier's death has come to be such regular news that people aren't so moved by it anymore .
  19. 19. '' I was thankful to God when I heard the news of the bombings . We had warned the traitor army that they got 72 hours left We have got 20,000 fighters at the border and unless our demands are met and the MB are restored to power you'll see a sea of blood in that country once called Egypt,''. Wife of Khairt Al-Shatir, vice Head Advisor of the MB
  20. 20. ‫من مصابين النفجار طفله 8 سنوات كانت نايمه علي سريرها من شده النفجار وقع عليها جزء من سقف‬ ‫غرفتها . الرهاب ل دين له‬ Among the casualties of the terrorist bombings today , an 8 year old girl who was asleep in her room near the targeted security central and part of the ceiling fell on her during the explosion, causing several injuries
  21. 21. " ‫من قتل نفسا ب مَعير نفس او فساد ف ى االرض فكانما قتل الناس جمعيعا‬ ً‫مَ ِضْ مَ مَ مَ مَ ِضْ اً عيِغ ِضْ عيِ مَ ِضْ ٍ مَ ِضْ مَ مَ ٍ عيِ ِضْ مَ ِضْ عيِ مَ مَمَ َّ مَ مَ مَ مَ َّ مَ مَ عيِ ا‬ If anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind quran (Mâide, 5/32)
  22. 22. Our new president inshaa Allah