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Portfolio PDF of work

Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. P ortfolio of Photography & Graphic Design of The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true Erin Feehily art and science -Albert Einstein
  2. 2. A R bout the Artist esume Profile. My previous positions have helped me gain an understanding of the work that goes towards not only adhering to a company’s style, but also in the coordination and management aspects of e-commerce sites. I have the interpersonal It is a constant struggle to attempt to understand the Professionally, I have two years of work as an skills to work in team-oriented situations as well as the extensive time management and organizational skills to vast world around us, but with that struggle, comes image production artist for web and print. Work- complete projects on my own. the potential to create beautiful things. By always ing heavily in Photoshop, my efforts go towards Skills. seeking to learn more about the big and the small, creating cleanly retouched and styled images for Computer: Adobe (Illustrator, Indesign, ImageReady, extensive knowledge in Photoshop). Adobe Scene7. Flash. Dreamweaver (understanding of HTML, CSS, FTP). MS Office Suite. Digital Retouching. Color Correction. my art has had the ability to grow not only visually E-commerce sites, as well and web and print pro- Digital Printing and Scanning. Promotional Design. Mac. PC. Database Maintenance. but conceptually as well. motional designs. Photo: Digital and Traditional Photography, Studio Lighting, Product Photography, Image file Handling. Additional: Product styling. Merchandising. Image library maintenance. Image production management. Growing up, imagination was the key to my ev- To learn more, and to view the most up to date Experience. eryday life, and my mind has developed into a portfolio work, please visit, my website, www. • Urban Outfitters, Inc. : Anthropologie Direct - Philadelphia, PA Image Production Associate. January 2008-Present. constant whirlwind of ideas and thoughts to create, or contact me via e-mail at Working directly with web studio, production and creative teams to produce images used for e-commerce web- better, more beautiful things. site. Specific skills in image retouching, color correction, image manipulation, uploading and maintaining image database and image coordination. Additional assistance with web styling and merchandising when needed. • Tilly’s - Irvine, CA With an education in Fine Art Photography, I have E-Commerce Photographer’s Assistant, September 2006- December 2007 Working with Photographer and other Retouchers to produce images of products for print and web. Assisting had the opportunity to develop a comprehension of with merchandising and styling for products shoots. Also occasionally assisted with logo and promotional composition, lighting, and technical skills, that are design work for the department. • The University of Pennsylvania, Center for Organizational Dynamics - Philadelphia, PA in a constant state of development and re-develop- Program Assistant, October 2004-July 2006 ment. Assisting with program coordination and correspondence, managing membership and other office duties. • The Print Center -Philadelphia, PA Intern to the Assistant Gallery Director, March 2005- September 2005 While studying photography, I also obtained a back- Assisting with non-profit administration, including membership services, database entry, marketing and public ground in fine art foundation coursework, including relations duties with the organization and preparation of exhibitions and special events. drawing, painting, computer imaging, color theory, 3d and installation art. With coursework heavy in Education. • UCLA Extension, DCA Certificate Program, Los Angeles, CA, 2008-Present. visual arts, and well rounded in Liberal arts study, Continuing education courses in graphic design theory and practices. including Sociology, Psychology, History and poli- • The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 2008. Continuing Education courses in Dreamweaver (experience in CSS and HTML) and Flash. tics, Literary composition and research, I have been • Drexel University, College of Media Arts and Design, Philadelphia PA. able to develop a well-rounded understanding of Bachelor’s of Science, Major in Photography, Minor in Art History. Deans List 2003-2006. Coursework: traditional/digital photo and printing, computer imaging and design, studio lighting, fine art, culture and thought of the world as a whole. These history of art, business in art, and liberal arts. ideas have been brought into conceptual develop- ment in my visual art work.
  3. 3. C ontents Section i: PhotograPhic Work Section ii: graPhic DeSign Work Section iii: image ProDuction Work
  4. 4. P hotography i: PeoPle ii: PlaceS iii: thingS
  5. 5. P eople “American Tragic”, Digital Composite, 2006 “Compliments of Camel”, 35mm Velvia Slide Film, 2003. “Greed”, 1 of 7 in “The Seven Deadly Sins Pin Up Series”, 2005.
  6. 6. P laces “Jesus Saves” Philadelphia, PA, 2008 “Stop and Pay Toll”, Mercer Museum, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 2008 “Boathouse Row at Night” Philadelphia, PA 2003.
  7. 7. T hings Image Projection on fabric, 35mm Vevlia Slide Film, 2003. Product Image of Jewelry Client: AlliB Creations, 2008. “Grain Crop Circles” Fine Black and White Print, 2004
  8. 8. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better -John Updike
  9. 9. G raphic design i: aDS ii: l ogoS iii: PoSterS iV: comPoSitionS
  10. 10. A dvertisement design Small Ad for local record store, for use in print and web. Ad used for “Back to School” promo- tional E-mail, restructured from previ- ous marketing materials. © Tilly’s, 2007 Ad used for a bedding promotional E-mail. © Tilly’s, 2007
  11. 11. L ogo design Logo for an urban clothing company, specializing in Logo for “Facetown-Treatboyz”, Pin-Up Couture fashion. A Social group, devoted to skateboarding, libation, and fine cuisine. Logo for a independent jewelry artist.
  12. 12. P oster design Concept Poster for a monthly art event in Long Beach, CA, organized by the East Village Arts Association.
  13. 13. C ompositions Digital Composite of appropriated Bike and music theme design for Southwestern theme pattern, 2008. image from Vaughan Bass and text T-shirt and poster. from Valerie Solana’s “Scum Manifesto”, 2004 Layout composition of Quote. Southwestern Pattern Composition. Layout composition of Quote.
  14. 14. Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience. -George-Louis De Buffon
  15. 15. I & Retouching mage Production i : Portrait anD moDel Photo-retouching ii : ProDuct Photo-retouching anD image ProDuction
  16. 16. P ortraits and Models Promotional Photograph for the film, “What Love Is”, © Big Sky Motion Pictures, 2007. Swimwear “on model” shot for Swimwear “on model” shot for Anthropologie Direct website. Anthropologie Direct website. 2008 2008
  17. 17. P roduct Retouching Product Image of Mirror, Product Image of ceramic Pitcher, Product Image of Candlestick holder, © Anthropologie, 2008 © Anthropologie, 2008 © Anthropologie, 2008
  18. 18. © 2008