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SEAALL 2009: Refreshing the Presentation


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Refreshing the Presentation: Cool Tech Tools for Legal Research Presentations, Research Guides & More!

Learn about the many technology tools that law librarians can use to add a little "wow" factor to presentations, reach different learning styles and deliver content in new ways. All these cool tools are either no-cost or low-cost, and accessible to all levels of technological ability.

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SEAALL 2009: Refreshing the Presentation

  1. 1. Refreshing the Presentation Cool Tech Tools for Legal Research Presentations, Research Guides & More! Elizabeth Farrell Research/Instructional Technology Librarian Florida State Law Research Center
  2. 2. One little thing… every tool is FREE Except PowerPoint. Need free presentation software? Check out Impress, part of the OpenOffice suite.
  3. 3. Why Refresh?
  4. 4. Create Interest
  5. 5. Engage Audience
  6. 6. Have Fun
  7. 7. HOW: Use the “Whole Brain” Approach Appeal to the right and left brain  Reach out to multiple learning styles  Access multiple senses 
  8. 8. Appealing to the Right & Left Brain Are you providing both the big picture perspective and the linear step-by-step process?
  9. 9. Try Presenting Information in New Ways
  10. 10. Try Highlighting Important Information
  11. 11. Reach Multiple Learning Styles
  12. 12. Access Multiple Senses People are able to recall: 20% of what they read 30% of what they hear 40% of what they see 50% of what they say 60% of what they do 90% of what they see, hear, say, and do
  13. 13. Try Incorporating Audio & Visual Elements
  14. 14. Try Show Instead of Tell!
  15. 15. Bring on the Cool Tools!
  16. 16. All About Images… Find compelling photos with the flickr storm search (use with a Creative Commons license)
  17. 17. Edit photos with a web-based image editor like Phoenix (shown) or
  18. 18. Capture your screen images with screen capture software like Jing (shown) or the Firefox plugin FireShot
  19. 19. Create engaging word cloud images with Wordle
  20. 20. Create shaped photo collages with Shape Collage
  21. 21. Create fun fake photos in PhotoFunia with your face
  22. 22. Novel ways to present information Create mind maps with web-based mindmeister (shown) or XMind or Freemind
  23. 23. Illustrate a series of events on the web-based timeline creator timetoast
  24. 24. Interact with the Audience Conduct real time polling with the “virtual clicker” CALI InstaPoll or utilize the full-featured polling in Doodle
  25. 25. Demonstrate Software & Databases Capture full motion video of your desktop, annotate, add audio and share online with CamStudio (shown) or Jing
  26. 26. Present & Interact Remotely Conduct live webinars or collaborate with others using web-based Vyew (shown) or DimDim
  27. 27. Making it Look Good Find color palates for the web and print materials with web-based kuler
  28. 28. Find the right font with your text in Font Picker
  29. 29. Credits Slide 1 OpenOffice suite available: (download) Slide 4 Image found via the “Flickr Storm” tool: Image Credit: “Wow” by conorwithonen, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Slide 5 CALI InstaPoll: Image captured with “FireShot” plugin for Firefox: (download) Slide 6 Image generated with “Photofunia” tool: Slide 7 Sampson, E. (2003). Creative business presentations: Inventive ideas for making an instant impact. London: Kogan Page. Slide 8 Timeline created with “Timetoast” tool: Slide 9 Mind map created with “mindmeister” tool: Slide 10 Image edited “Phoenix” tool: Image Credit: Mersky, R. M., Mersky, R. M., Dunn, D. J., & Jacobstein, J. M. (2002). Fundamentals of legal research. University textbook series. New York: Foundation Press. Slide 11 Image generated with “Wordle” tool: Slide 13 How-To for embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint: Slide 14 Screen capture video created with “Jing”: (download) How-To for embedding Flash files (like those produced by Jing) in PowerPoint: 2007.html