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How to Do a Good Presentation (especially for FYP)


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Tips on how to do a good presentation including how to plan, preparing the materials and deliver the presentation (especially for final year project presentation)

Published in: Education
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How to Do a Good Presentation (especially for FYP)

  1. 1. How to do a good Cikgu Fadzli Faculty of Informatics & Computing Present ation
  2. 2. Outline Planning the presentation1 Preparing the materials Delivering the presentation 2 3
  3. 3. Plan
 ningthe Presentation 1
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. Why?Show the examiners and make them understand clearly what you have achieved after about 400 hours of work over two semesters
  6. 6. Why? 
 Demonstrate to the examiners that you know verywell what you have done
  7. 7. Why? Keep the examiners happy :)
  8. 8. Think about your slides last Think about your main message. Structure its supporting points. Practice it and time it. Structure
  9. 9. Prepa
 ringthe Materials 2
  10. 10. note card could be very helpful. Write down keywords or main ideas. Content
  11. 11. Clearly say what you have done Content
  12. 12. List the technical challenges you faced Content
  13. 13. Show off what you have learnt Content
  14. 14. Slide Keep only necessary words on the slides
  15. 15. Slide Text is evil. With text, less is almost always more. One thing to avoid, slides with a lot of text, especially if it’s a repeat of what you’re saying out loud. It’s like if you give a paper handout in a meeting, everyone’s head goes down and they read, rather than staying heads-up and listening. If there are a lot of words on your slide, you’re asking your audience to split their attention between what they’re reading and what they’re hearing. That’s really hard for a brain to do, and it compromises the effectiveness of both your slide text and your spoken words. If you can’t avoid having text-y slides, try to progressively reveal text (like unveiling bullet points one by one) as you need it.
  16. 16. Slide Let you slides breathe
  17. 17. Slide Use Image/ Figures whenever possible
  18. 18. Slide Keep the variety of fonts to minimal
  19. 19. Slide I am Serif I am San-Serif Serif is better
 in slides ✓ ✗
  20. 20. Slide San-Serif Serif
  21. 21. Slide Keep a set of backup slides
  22. 22. Slide Check four typos Typo Misunderstanding
  23. 23. BadReputation
  24. 24. Slide Play with contrast
  25. 25. Bigis beautiful
  26. 26. Delive
 ringthe Presentation 3
  27. 27. Timing Keep your presentation within time limit
  28. 28. Timing Be agile
  29. 29. Answering Listen carefully to the questions
  30. 30. Answering Answer directly to the point of the questions
  31. 31. Do not smoke Answering
  32. 32. :)Always
  33. 33. Make eye contact
  34. 34. Be confident
  35. 35. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  36. 36. Thankyou Cikgu Fadzli FaCulty of Informatics & Computing 1st August 2016