Geothermal energy


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Geothermal energy

  1. 1. Geothermal Energy
  2. 2. o The Erth absorbed the 50% of energy of the sun´s radiations
  3. 3. o Radioactive decay is the process by atomic nucleus of the some minerals spontaneously loses energy by emitting ionizing particles and radiations of hight temperatures
  4. 4. o The Soil has four layers o Each layer has different compositions, functions…o …and temperatures.
  5. 5. o The heat of theearth radiatesoutwards, heatingthe rocks and water
  6. 6. o Geothermal energy is generally harnessed in areas of volcanic activityUnited States 2,850Philippines 1,848Italy 768.5Mexico 743Indonesia 589.5Japan 530New Zealand 345Costa Rica 120Iceland 140El Salvador 105
  7. 7. o The heated water can reach the surface and form hot springs and geysers
  8. 8. o Geothermal energy is produced by drilling a well into the ground where thermal activity is occuringo The water is goes through a turbine engine which moved a generatoro Usually the water is injected back into the ground to be supplied again