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Lenox Advisors Wealth Management


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Lenox Advisors Wealth Management

  1. 1. Lenox AdvisorsPrivate Wealth Management Group
  2. 2. WelcomeAchieving financial success does not always simplify life. In fact, affluencegenerally increases the complexity of the decision-making process. Thegreater one’s wealth, the more time and knowledge must be invested inmaintaining its growth, protection and ultimate distribution.Attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals and financial planners canoffer invaluable advice, but because most offer services independent of oneanother, it is often up to their clients to sift through the individual recom-mendations, evaluating each to determine which are the most appropriate.The ideal solution is a wealth management firm that can help define andachieve each client’s unique, long-term goals through a comprehensive,holistic program of investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk manage-ment, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning.Lenox Advisors helps provide that solution... in an independent, objectiveand integrated fashion. A Single Source
  3. 3. Secure Lenox Advisors is a unique Wealth Advisory firm focusing on high net worth individuals, including corporate executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Most of our clients retain us to be their “personal CFO.” We coordinate all aspects of their financial lives, including retirement planning, asset management, risk management, estate planning, insurance, children’s college education, etc. In Lenox’s Private Wealth Management Group, highly-skilled financial planning professionals, CFP® practitioners, CPAs and others, craft the strategies and engineer the follow-through to help ensure continued financial success as part of the Lenox CFO™ Program. Concurrently, asset management strategists have the ability to access institutional money managers matched to clients’ specific objectives. Working in tandem allows each team member to become familiar with each client’s individual needs and more efficiently integrate solutions into the overall financial plan. This reduces the complexity in clients’ financial lives, which helps to increase clients’ financial security. LENOX ADVISORS OFFERS: Comprehensive Strategies○ Private Wealth Management ○ Fee-Based Financial Planning/Lenox CFO™ ○ Asset Management○ Insurance Brokerage ○ Life Insurance ○ Disability Income Insurance ○ Long Term Care Insurance ○ Annuities○ Lenox Corporate Benefits ○ Group Insurance Benefits ○ Corporate Executive Carve-Out Insurance Programs ○ Lenox RPC™ (Retirement Plan Consultancy) Platform
  4. 4. Lenox CFO™ Simplify As their wealth grows, most affluent individuals express concern that their financial lives are increasingly complex. They face a wide array of compli- cated decisions every day: • How can they secure their financial future, including estate planning, retire- ment, insurance and asset management? • How do they best allocate their assets to match their short and long-term needs, while addressing their philanthropic goals? • How can they afford to help care for aging parents, while minimizing the financial impact on their family? As a single-source financial advocate—their personal CFO—Lenox works collaboratively with clients’ advisors to create a focused, integrated strategy that drives all present and future financial-related decisions. The Lenox CFO™, the firm’s proprietary platform for simplifying the financial planning process, enables Lenox to coordinate each client’s financial matters—from risk management and estate planning* to asset management and insurance.“We help our clients realize their dreams by integrating and overseeing virtually every aspect of their financial lives. ” Lenox CFO™ Michael Book, Managing Partner, Lenox Advisors
  5. 5. Lenox CFO™StreamlineWhat sets Lenox apart is the comprehensive nature of what we can accomplish as yourpersonal CFO, streamlining the financial planning process, with a focus on advice ratherthan products.Our technology gives Lenox Advisors and our clients the ability to organize informationfrom all their advisors and consolidate them in one place. The data is encrypted, secureand automatically updated daily. This frees the client from the smallest (but often the mostcritical) details of wealth management, giving them the freedom to devote more time andattention to other important aspects of their lives.Organize and Consolidate ○ Cash Flow/Retirement Planning ○ “What if” Scenarios ○ Expense Modeling ○ Retirement Income and Distribution Strategies ○ Tax Minimization Strategies ○ Balance Sheet/Net Worth Statements ○ Estate Planning Strategies ○ Risk Management/Insurance Audits ○ Asset Allocation Strategies ○ Account Aggregation ○ Education Funding ○ Lenox Vault for all Personal Documents ○ Lenox Money-Smart Kids™ Program ○ Financial Literacy Resources ○ Age-Based Lesson Plans for Children
  6. 6. Lenox CFO™ Communicate A key differentiator of Lenox is our values-based approach to wealth management and how it threads throughout your relationship with Lenox. All our recommendations are sourced through your “Personal Money Constitution,” a document reflecting your (and your family’s) relationship to money. For example, what are the values you grew up with and what do you want to pass on to your children? What values do you and your spouse agree and disagree on? What would we have to do together over the next five years for you to believe we’ve succeeded in managing your financial affairs? Realizing that wealth management is often a family issue, Lenox developed a proprietary platform, the Lenox Money-Smart Kids™ Program, to help parents communicate their finan- cial values and educate their children about money and philanthropy. Lenox knows preserv- ing generational wealth cannot be accomplished without preserving values. Financial Values“Managing your wealth can be an intimidating process. We turn anxiety into empowerment by becoming our clients’ personal CFO and developing a set of financial goals and a game plan for achieving them. ” Rick Van Benschoten, CFP® Managing Partner, Lenox Advisors ,
  7. 7. Lenox Asset Management StrategizeSuccessful asset management is a process, not an event. Securing one’sfinancial future, particularly in an uncertain economic environment, requirescontinuous oversight by an integrated team of financial professionals whoare able to provide insightful advice and timely execution against agreed-upon financial goals. Such oversight provides strategic perspectives onspecific issues, including: What asset allocation is appropriate for your levelof risk tolerance? Where should you own specific investments in order tomaximize after-tax returns? When should one overweight versus under-weight certain asset classes? Lenox Asset Management
  8. 8. Lenox Asset Management Access Lenox Advisors takes the time to listen to clients and understand how they accumulated their wealth. Was it success in a self-made business, inherited money, a concentrated stock holding in a public company? Lenox then develops an investment strategy based on each client’s particular financial goals including their spending needs, multi-generational estate planning goals, retirement and future philanthropic aspirations. We believe success- ful asset management should be part of overall estate, business and financial planning. ASSET ALLOCATION Lenox Advisors takes an institutional approach to individual investing, encouraging clients to approach their portfolio asset allocation similar to a college endowment or charitable foundation. We believe global, multi-asset class portfolios of stock, bond, and alternative investments have the best potential to protect assets and generate strong returns while minimizing risk. Emphasizing asset classes and investment vehicles that have little or no correlation over a market cycle helps to increase success. INVESTMENT VEHICLES Lenox Advisors has no proprietary products, and utilizes an open architecture approach○ Access to Separately Managed Accounts through consulting firms that assist in the initial and ongoing reviews of institutional○ Municipal and Taxable Bond Portfolios money managers. Lenox implements portfolios through some of the best money manag-○ Equities○ Alternative Investments ers and private firms available, as well as utilizing passive investments where appropriate.○ Mutual Funds ASSET OWNERSHIP○ Variable Annuities Often overlooked, asset ownership is an important aspect of investment planning. For○ Exchange Traded Funds○ Real Estate Investment Trusts example, tax-inefficient investments (including some alternative investments) could be○ Commodities-Based Funds moved to tax-deferred accounts. This type of investment detail, keeping in mind the under-○ Oil and Gas Partnerships lying performance of the investment, could yield far more in returns than market timing or investment selection. These decisions become even more important when potential tax increases may be on the horizon. Analysis and Planning
  9. 9. Lenox Asset Management Lenox TEAM ACCESS Integrate Advantage Lenox provides a team of plan- ning and investment specialists, Lenox has access to some of the best managers not on large integrated in one Private Wealth wirehouse platforms. Management group, who are PERFORMANCE AND PORTFOLIO MONITORING compensated based on servic- Specific goals and monetary aspirations can change over time. Likewise, the cycles of the ing current clients, not finding global markets and the structure of the world economy evolve and change through the new ones. years. Lenox Advisors meets regularly with clients to update their recommended asset allocation, rebalance the overall portfolio, or replace or add an investment vehicle or man- ager. Any modification is made based on a clear understanding of each client’s current situation and future goals, and on up-to-date economic and investment vehicle analyses. OVERSIGHT DESIGN PORTFOLIOS Client portfolios are monitored Portfolios are filtered through a We help develop inflation-pro- WHAT SETS US APART regularly to manage risk, respond customized optimizer to create tected, tax-efficient portfolios○ Lenox provides a team of planning and investment specialists, all integrated in one Private to client needs, and quickly take efficient portfolios that balance focused on capital preservation Wealth Management group, who are compensated based on servicing current clients, not advantage of market conditions. risk and return. for the long-term investor. finding new ones.○ Lenox has access to some of the best managers that do not participate on large wire- house platforms.○ We help develop inflation-protected, tax-efficient portfolios focused on capital preservation for the long-term investor.○ Client portfolios are monitored regularly to manage risk, respond to client needs, and quickly take advantage of market conditions.○ Portfolios are filtered through a customized optimizer, to create efficient portfolios that balance risk and return.○ Because we have no proprietary products, we are free to find who we believe to be the best managers in each asset class. “The one certain way to improve investment returns is to reduce○ We also understand risk management/ insurance and how it can creatively help your portfolio. expenses, and the greatest expense in most investment portfolios is taxes. We believe wealth is amassed by focusing on after-tax returns, not pre-tax returns. ” Diversified Investing Greg Olsen, CFP® Partner, Lenox Advisors ,
  10. 10. Collaborate INDEPENDENCE, OBJECTIVITY AND INTEGRATION It takes the combined expertise of a team of trusted advisors—attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers and financial planners—working in concert, collaboratively and seam- lessly, to help assure financial security. Lenox Advisors integrates financial security into financial success by delivering an unprecedented level of specialized expertise and personalized service entirely focused on helping our clients grow, protect and distribute their wealth. Lenox Advisors’ approach is founded on building a deep understanding of the unique needs of each client. It is Lenox’s mission to become aware of the changes in clients’ life circumstances in order to anticipate and respond creatively to new risks and emerging opportunities. The end result is a coordinated financial plan, updated regularly, that will help meet each client’s individualized wealth management goals. Lenox is a part of National Financial Partners (NFP), a publicly traded company focused on the distribution of financial services to high net worth individuals and growing entrepre- neurial companies. This gives Lenox the ability to offer its clients the benefits of objective, independent advice together with all the resources of a leading national organization. For further information, call Lenox Advisors at (212) 536-8700, email them at or visit the firm’s website at“It’s no surprise that our business is built almost entirely on Expertise and Service referrals from clients, accountants and attorneys. ” Tom Henske, CFP® Partner, Lenox Advisors ,
  11. 11. Select Screen Shots from the Lenox CFO™
  12. 12. Corporate Headquarters 530 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10036 Two Stamford Plaza 281 Tresser Boulevard Suite 1004 Stamford, CT 06901 20 North Clark Street Suite 550 Chicago, IL 60602 535 Pacific Avenue 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94133* Estate planning is done in conjunction with your estate planning attorney, tax attorney and/or CPA. Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio or that diversification among asset classes will reduce risk. Fee-based financial planning services offered through Lenox Advisors, Inc. Lenox Advisors, Inc., offers access to securities and asset management services through MML Investors Services, Inc., 530 5th Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10036, 212-536-6000, mem- ber SIPC. Investment adviser representatives of Lenox Advisors, Inc. offering fee-based financial planning services may also be registered representatives and investment adviser representatives of MML Investors Services, Inc. for purposes of offering securities and asset management services, as applicable. Lenox Advisors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Financial Partners Corp. (NFP). Lenox Advisors, Inc and NFP are not affiliates or subsidiaries of MML Investors Services, Inc. Services offered through Lenox Advisors, Inc. as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor are not sponsored or offered through MML Investors Services, Inc. CRN201210 - 136659