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Web workshop: Users


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Web workshop: Users

  1. 1. WORKSHOP:Personas and tasks
  2. 2. Workshop ProgramPart I (slides 3-8): Part II (slides 9-16):Get to know Eric, How would Eric, ChristianChristian and Thomasz and Thomasz prefer to get the following tasks done?
  3. 3. ERIC, 45 years, small businessowner PRIVATE• Private person with a lot of money• Family: Wife, two kids (18 and 22)• Owns a small business, where he gets help from his secretary with all practical things• Thinks he is quite good at technical things and «with the Web», but in reality he is on a very basic level• Not very prone to ask for help - wants to fix everything himself• Wants to start using a daytrading tool
  4. 4. Christian, 31 years, works inGNB COR Markets CORPORATES• Works in CNB COR Markets with investments• Has a girlfriend and a dog - loves extreme sports• Tries to achieve a high level of efficiency in his work with the best possible outcome• Loves technical gadgets and feels they help him in his work• Works daily with online trading, but feels like he is not using it to its full potential
  5. 5. Thomasz, 42 years, works asHead of Trading at GGHtradeSOLUTIONS• Is looking for an online trading solution for their clients• Separated, dating again, three kids (8, 11, 13)• Very decision oriented, has background in HR and believes in sharing information via personal contact• Wants to be able to get all the data needed easily, and want to have an effective workflow once a decision is made
  6. 6. Godt Sagt kommunikasjon Papirbredden, Grønland 58, 3045 DrammenTelefon: 32 80 62 50 Godt