100 ideas to improve bedroom quality


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Crash Course on Creativity task report by Eeva Kiuru and Stephanie Morris

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100 ideas to improve bedroom quality

  1. 1. Problem:  Bad  bedroom  quality  Solu3on:  100  ideas  to  improve  it   4  Dec  2012   Team  Finland  and  Las  Vegas   Eeva  Kiuru  &  Stephanie  Morris   Crash  Course  on  Crea3vity  
  2. 2. Bed  and  other  ideas  1.  Ven3lated  bed  with  holes  so  it  feels  light  and  you  don’t  sweat.  2.  Bed  hanging  in  the  air  so  it  rocks  you  to  sleep  like  a  baby.  3.  Integrated  ar3ficial  hands  to  scratch  your  back.  4.  Air  pressure  bed  like  a  cloud  (no  bed  at  all,  just  air  pressure)  5.  Nest-­‐like  bed  6.  Sleeping  capsule.  7.  Bed  drives  you  automa3cally  to  toilet  in  the  morning.  8.  Blackening  curtains  that  keep  out  light  and  also  adjust  room  light  9.  Sleep  water  10.  Special  gum  to  chew  an  hour  before  bed  to  make  you  sleepy  and   get  op3mal  sleep    
  3. 3. Blanket  ideas  11. Blanket  vibrates  so  it  relaxes  you  to  sleep.  12. Blanket  including  plant  extracts.  13. Blanket  with  sleepy  fragrance.  14. Blanket  hugs.  15. Blanket  massages.  16. Blanket  gets  cooler  when  it’s  3me  to  wake  up.  17. Blanket  automa3cally  crawls  back  on  top  of  you.  18. Blanket  gets  so^er  and  warmer  with  a  push  of  a   bu_on.  19. Blanket  includes  dust  ea3ng  components.  20. Blanket  is  just  warm  air.  
  4. 4. Pillow  ideas  21.  Pillow  with  lullaby  music.  22.  Pillow  with  medita3ng  sounds.  23.  Pillow  that  glows  in  the  morning.  24.  Pillow  that  gives  you  selec3on  of  dreams  –  Dream  TV.  25.  Pillow  with  facial  massage.  26.  Air  pressured,  invisible  pillow.  27.  Pillow  is  an  openable  book.    28.  Pillow  suggests  sleep  pa_erns.  29.  Destressing  pillow.  Tell  your  stress  and  you  get  relief   formula.  30.  Pillow  asks  you  how  was  your  day  and  provides  an   armhole  to  lean  to.  
  5. 5. Light  ideas  31.  Automa3c  light  to  remind  real  sunrise.  32.  Light  integrated  to  banket,  bed  or  pillow  33.  Fireflys  to  bring  ambient  light.  34.  Luminous  fish  and  plants  in  aquarium  to  bring  ambiance.  35.  Tubes  of  light  appear  in  front  of  eyes  in  the  morning.  36.  Tubes  of  light  to  your  ears  in  the  morning.  37.  All  walls  full  of  light  in  the  morning  to  wake  you  up.  38.  Illumina3ng  pain3ngs  on  the  walls.  39.  Illumina3ng  blue  light  headboard.  40.  Special  light  bulbs  or  lamps  that  give  off  blue  light  but  also   play  soothing  sounds  
  6. 6. Accessory  ideas  41.  iPad/electronic  book  integrated  to  pillow.  Reads  aloud.  42.  Hydra3on  pipes  to  bring  fresh  water  (or  beer  if  you  like).  43.  Pipes  to  bring  fresh  air  on  top  of  head.  44.  Snoring/an3snoring  mask  45.  Head  massage  system    46.  Sleep  goggles  47.  Feet  massage  equipment    48.  Wall  mounted  breakfast  container.    49.  Wall  mounted  earplug  system    50.  Automa3c  makeup  removal  system    
  7. 7. Interior  and  other  ideas  51.  Walls  hanging  color  with  mood,  3me  of  day.  52.  Windows  gegng  darkened  for  the  night.  53.  Smell  of  fresh  coffee  and  bread  in  the  morning.  54.  Daily  agenda  pop  up  on  the  wall  in  the  morning  55.  Facebook  feed  or  news  3cker  displayed  on  the  wall  in  the   morning.    56.  Green  living  plant  wall  to  keep  the  air  fresh.  57.  Jungle  room  58.  Starry  sky  on  the  ceiling.    59.  A  necklace  that  regulates  your  energy  between  night  and   day  60.  An  aroma3c  sleep  enhancing  necklace  
  8. 8. Other  10  ideas  61.  Wear  massaging  /  menthola3ng  socks.  62.  Wear  covering  sleepmask  /  lightmask  to  wake  you.  63.  Wear  headphones.  64.  Sleepwear  to  adjust  to  room  temperature.    65.  Warm  massage  stones  to  sleep  on.    66.  Fakir-­‐spike  madrass.    67.  Floor  has  integrated  massage  spots  for  feet.  68.  Steam  on  the  floor.  69.  Vaseline  or  sleep  lo3on  that  is  infused  with  sleep  inducing  herbs.   You  can  put  them  in  your  nose  or  on  your  temples  to  enduce   sleep  70.  Floor  is  made  of  ar3ficial  grass  to  make  feel  like  in  nature  when   going  to  bed.  
  9. 9. Other  10  ideas  71.  Water  dripping,  hummingbird,  lullaby,  waves  sound.    72.  Pictures  of  loved  ones  appear  on  the  wall.    73.  Language  study  audio  integrated  to  bed.    74.  Fresh  flowers  and  fruit  pop  up  besides  pillow  in  the  morning.    75.  Lightning  eyepads  or  integrated  to  moustache    76.  Hormone  regula3ng  night  pill,  soup  or  tea  77.  Pajama  top  that  monitors  your  heart  rate  and  adjust  body   temperature  and  chemicals  to  help  you  fall  asleep  78.  Special  tea  that  makes  you  dream  79.  Body  heat  regulated  comfortor  or  sheets  80.  Tea  that  will  help  you  NOT  have  to  use  the  bathroom  during  the   middle  of  the  night  
  10. 10. Other  10  ideas  81.  Scenery  viewer  to  see  beau3ful  scenery  and  nature  images  before  sleep   and  when  waking  up.  82.  Mosquito  net  with  lights.  83.  Pajamas  integrate  to  sheets.  84.  Vital  sta3s3cs  measurement  to  check  your  health  while  you  sleep.  85.  Dream  selector  –  pick  the  kind  of  dream  you  like  to  see.  86.  Dream  machine  to  visualize  you  as  a  star  before  you  sleep,  to  boost  your   confidence.  87.  Dream  recorder  –  to  remind  you  what  dreams  you  had  and  you  can  see   your  dreams  later  again  and  again.  88.  Idea  recorder  to  remember  your  best  ideas  and  thoughts  that  came  to   your  mid  at  sleep.  89.  Light  adjus3ng  app  for  the  mobile  phone  90.  A  special  app  that  will  remind  you  of  ways  to  wind  down  an  hour  before   bed  
  11. 11. Final  10  ideas  91.  Special  sleeping  powder  at  night.  92.  Special  wakeup  powder  in  the  morning.  93.  Tabasco-­‐dripping  alarm  clock  gets  you  up  fast.    94.  Fireworks  wakeup.      95.  Wakeup  fanfare  and  applause.    96.  Ego-­‐boos3ng  voice  to  wake  you  up  and  say  how  great  you  are.    97.  Sleeping  bag  capsule.    98.  Automa3c,  integrated  toothbrush  system.  99.  Scented  pillows  100. An  app  that  combines  all  of  your  most  boring  songs  and  plays   them  so  you  can  fall  asleep  =a  fall  asleep  music  play  list