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Why not to ignore #Data while designing Industrial #EnergyEfficiency Policy



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Presentation talks about why countries should not ignore #Data while designing and developing Industrial #EnergyEfficiency Policy.

This helps them in taking "bottom to top" approach in comparison to the existing "top to bottom" approach being taken by most of the countries. Data on it's own can do absolutely nothing, but can certainly help policy makers design a policy that drives sustainable energy efficiency improvements.

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Why not to ignore #Data while designing Industrial #EnergyEfficiency Policy

  1. 1. Why not to ignore "Data" while designing an Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy? By Umesh Bhutoria, Founder & CEO, E-Cube Energy Energy Analytics | @umeshbhutoria
  2. 2. OveralldesignframeworkforanIndustrialEnergyEfficiency Policy Policy Mandatory/Voluntary Targets; Negotiated Agreements; Consumption norms and standards Energy Mgt. Program (EnMP) MIS, Incentives; Equipment EE standards; ESCO & energy auditors accreditation; Enablers Imp. Tools Energy Mgt. Systems (EnMS) Benchmarking; Data analytics; Energy audits; EE Technologies; workshops &Conferences.
  3. 3. Challenges thatneedstoaddresswhiledesigningan IEEPolicy Holistic GAP Analysis Realistic Target Setting Duration of IEE Programmes Design of IEE Programmes Overall Sustainability
  4. 4. How can your country get started with it's IEE Policy and get it right too?
  5. 5. EMBRACE DATA Sector specific performance indexes to be made available to all stakeholders Set up central Energy Data Repository Mandatory Monthly filing of energy records for all DCs Encourage industries to adapt standard metering and energy management practices SETTING UP OF A NATIONAL ENERGY DATA REPOSITORY SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING A COUNTRY SHOULD DO IF IT’S PLANNING TO LAUNCH A NATIONWIDE IEEP.
  6. 6. DATA GAPS Efficiency Risks SKILL Financial Capacity Building Technology Longeivity Datacansignificantlyassistpolicymakers identifyingdifferentgapsthatexistanddesigna policythatcandrivesustainableenergyefficiency improvements!
  7. 7. 478 DCs Dataonit's owncando absolutely nothing. But ignoringit's potentialto helpuscreate something that'sgoingto bebetterand sustainable, wouldbea costlymistake tomake! 8 Sectors >200 Energy Auditors 6+ Years PAT Scheme It was "believed" to be a $15 Billion market!
  8. 8. 30+ Industries Developing algorithms andtools thatmake Energy Efficiency Simple, Scale-able and Sustainable! ~ 6 Lac MTOE ~250 MW 12 DCs About E-Cube Energy DevelopedcloudbasedEnergy InformationManagement& AnalyticsPortalEnView >10,000 Views
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