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SpinAlgo | Algorithm for Energy Performance Assessment for Textile Industry | Energy Analytics | Energy Efficiency


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SpinAlgo is an algorithm developed by E-Cube Energy that works on basic production/energy data and provides detailed actionable insights on 20+ EnPIs.

Using SpinAlgo Textile industry can Report, Assess and Manage Energy Performance in way that is FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER!

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SpinAlgo | Algorithm for Energy Performance Assessment for Textile Industry | Energy Analytics | Energy Efficiency

  1. 1. SpinAlgo Driving sustained energy efficiency/productivity improvements!
  2. 2. 1-2 Man Day to prepare a basic monthly EnPI report 3-4 Hours of discussion to finalize the report for onward submission With a few iterations the final version goes out to Energy Management Team.
  3. 3. Does not cover Historical analysis/Operational Behaviour Normalization for Capacity Utilization, Product Mix etc needs forecasting models. Don't have access to Sector Specific Performance Indexes Even after so much of hours put into reporting, key aspects aren't covered.
  4. 4. FASTER BETTER CHEAPER SpinAlgo, algorithm designed by E-Cube Energy takes in basic energy and production data as input and provides actionable insights on Energy Performance Indicators.
  5. 5. Reduces "reporting+analysis" time by almost 80% 80% Takes care of all Normalization covering 20+ EnPIs Highlights past performance under similar operating conditions Manage reporting compliance for PAT Scheme, ISO 50001 etc SpinAlgo does all of it, so that your team can focus on "Acting" on insights and not working on making reports!
  6. 6. How did we do it? 14+Years of Operational Data ~1Million Spindles Porftolio >12Spinning Units managed for EE 2.6>2.6 Lac Production and Energy Data Set
  7. 7. Who can use use SpinAlgo? Single/Group of Textile Units Consultants/Auditors to aggregate their Textile Portfolio Funds/Banks to manage EE Cluster Programmes
  8. 8. To change the way your team reports,analyses and manages Energy Performance sign up for EnView Version 2.0 for Textile!