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Capability Statement Textile Sector | Energy Efficiency | Energy Analytics



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Presentation on E-Cube Energy's work on Energy Efficiency and Energy Analytics in the Textile Sector.

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Capability Statement Textile Sector | Energy Efficiency | Energy Analytics

  1. 1. C A P A B I L I T Y S T A T E M E N T Textile Sector
  2. 2. 1 MILLION Managing portfolio of over 1 Milllion Spindles 12+ Worked with over 12 Textile Units in last 2 years ~100 MW ~65,000 TOE Audited units with around 100 MWs of Electricity Consumption Managed units with over 65,000 TOE for PAT Scheme Portfolio in Textile Sector More than 1500 Man Days have been spent in Textile Industry in the last couple of years.
  3. 3. Developed #Algorithm that allows Spinning Industry to compare Energy Performance Indicators with respect to a baseline. Reduces reporting "time" by over 90%! SpinAlgo
  4. 4. Identified saving potential of around 10 MWs (accumulative for all Textile Clients) Designed and deployed cloud based Energy Information Management and Analytics Portal used by over 12 Textile Units Using technology and Energy Analytics E-Cube Energy has been able reduce Audit Man Days requirement for a 50,000 Spindle Spinning unit by around 75%!
  5. 5. Released EnPI Benchmarks for Spinning Industry in Northern India. Managing $1 Million worth of Energy Efficiency investments for a Textile Major! Using Energy Analytics E-Cube Energy aims to drive down sustained energy efficiency/productivity improvements in Industries.
  6. 6. Developed Energy Forecasting Models & Normalisation Factors for the Textile Industry Developed Performance Assessment Tools for different energy consumption centers like Humidification Plant etc With the help of tools and predictive analytics units can have access to actionable insights which can further help them in arresting operational leakages!
  7. 7. Snapshot of our client base!
  8. 8. Link to some of the case studies/presentation EnPI Benchmarking For Textile Sector Humidification Plant Best Case Practice Normalisation Factor Development
  9. 9. | +91 98310 12510