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  1. 1. Plaça CatalunyaIt is in the middle of Barcelona, the people go walking andshopping . The tourists go to the square to take photos.There are lots of pigeons. Natàlia and Aina
  2. 2. LES RAMBLESLa Rambla is a street in central Barcelona, popular with both touristsand locals alike. A 1.2 kilometer-long tree-linedpedestrian mall between BarrI Gòtic and El Raval, it connects Plaça deCatalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus monumentat Port Vell. CARLES BULLICH
  3. 3. It is a 60 m tallmonumentfor ChristopherColumbus at thelower end of LaRambla. It wasconstructed forthe ExposiciónUniversal ofBarcelona (1888). Ithas eight statues oflions around it. Oriol
  4. 4. PORTAL DEL ÀNGEL Anna Cabiscol
  5. 5. Barcelona’s harbor• Port Vell is a waterfront harbour in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and part of the Port of Barcelona. It was built as part of an urban renewal program prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olimpics. Before this, it was a run-down area of empty warehouses, railroad yards, and factories. 16 million people visit the complex each year. • Èrica Bentoldrà López
  6. 6. In the Maremagnum you can live a unique experience. If youlove shopping and being fashionable, you expect more thanthirty top brand stores. Your leisure time is assuredin light and open spaces of the great Espanya wharf building,or on the terrace facing the sea, where you can eat allyou want, or enjoy a good event. Núria Espil
  7. 7. Hospital de Sant PauHospital de Sant Pau in a Barcelona is complex built between 1901 and 1930, designed by the catalan modernist arhitect Lluís Domènech i Montaner . It is currently undergoing restoration for use as museum and cultural center. Iana Grosu
  8. 8. Hotel Vela • Alba Baró Codina
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  10. 10. Robert Vila
  11. 11. Park Güell.It is a garden complexwith architecturalelements situated ona hill. It was designedby Antoni Gaudí. Thepark is very beautiful. Blanca Plana
  12. 12. Parlament de Catalunya The Parlament is in Ciutadella Park. It is very big and youcan visit it. There is also the red carpet. It is the institution of Generalitat of Catalunya (thecatalan government) . It was built in march 1716. Judith Jounou
  13. 13. The Camp Nou is one stadium in Barcelona. FCBarcelona plays inthis stadium.It is the biggest stadium of Europe (it has a capacity of 99.354)Denis Puig CAMP NOU
  14. 14. Torre Agbar is a 38-storey tower locatedbetween Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz,near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, which marksthe gateway to the new technological district ofBarcelona and it is full of offices. Gerard Esteve
  15. 15. Palau Sant Jordi is an indoor sport stadium inBarcelona, ​built for the Olympic Games in 1992.It is also used for concerts. Víctor