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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 9 - kuma


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Presentation of the lab project for EESTEC Summer School 2012 by group n.9 - Kuma

Team members:
Dimitris Zarkadas
Zeljko Kraljevic
Francesca Pelusi
Alex Dagri

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 9 - kuma

  1. 1. Hello we are Kuma team!… and this is our project presentation forEESTEC Summer School!
  2. 2. Our Goal ?To build an infrastructure to help the BloodDonor Association of Trieste (ADS).- Find an innovative way of simplifying theorganization of the association- Make more people involve into it.
  3. 3. First Challenge:Simplify the management !
  4. 4. With the power of web languages(HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL) we are goingto build a useful web app that willorganize dynamically all the donationrequests for the admin.It’s Easy!
  5. 5. There will be an event page where the registered user willbe able to set its location on the map and fill out a form with the necessary data such as Date of the event etc. He will press the request button and everything will be done! Don’t waste your time standing in the queue!
  6. 6. And…
  7. 7. I am on my way!
  8. 8. Admin is just a person not a Superhero!That’s why we will create some rolls!
  9. 9. • By saying role we mean that every person will have different tasks.• The admin will be able to set roles to other so that they can edit some section of the web pages.• For example there will be the author role which will be responsible for the news of the association. The van driver will have the ability to edit the events info in case of any problem. (people will get informed about the delay!) etc.Everything seems easier…
  10. 10. We know you are too busy.. Don’t Worry!Donation is not another task!
  11. 11. We remind you everything!• As we said before every user will have to create a profile and provide us some data such as his email or phone. So you can contacthim!• When a donation is succeeded our web app will take care to send him/her an email or just a text message reminding that it’s time to donate again!
  12. 12. Problem Solved!
  13. 13. Final Challenge: Make it Popular!
  14. 14. Winning a prize is reallyattractive so…
  15. 15. • Every regular/active donator after 2 years will have the possibility to get a symbolic prize!• That’s really good because every donator will get additional motivation for helping people…
  16. 16. But the real prize is notmaterial…
  17. 17. • There will be also a board page where people who received blood can express their feelings about this action.• In this way donators will get the real prize which is the gratitude of these people!A thank you is enough !
  18. 18. And Now…
  19. 19. … we are ready to involveeveryone in our website!
  20. 20. Thank You!
  21. 21. Demo Time!