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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 6 - createam


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Presentation of lab the project for EESTEC Summer School 2012 by group n.6 - Createam

Team members:
Elia Calligaris
Giacomo Stefano Cappellaro
Thanasis Vratimos
Elena Pockay
Chiara Selenati

Published in: Technology
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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 6 - createam

  1. 1. 10/08/2012Chiara SelenatiElena PockayElia CalligarisGiacomo CappellaroThanasis Vratimos
  2. 2. Our TeamCreaTeam is considered of five youngstudents from Italy and Greece.
  3. 3. Our ΣυνεργασίαValues Innovativo CreaTeam
  4. 4. What have we learned? Cooperation Working together on an idea Split responsibilities Coding and designing «5 days, 5 unknown people, one crazy project!»
  5. 5. The points of our work Innovative ideas Ease of use Emphasizing in the Accessibility
  6. 6. Why our website isdifferent ?WE DIDN’T FOCUS ON WHAT YOUASKED FOR US!We focused on the reason why these kindof organizations don’t have manymembers.And the answer is that there is a lack….
  7. 7. Our Goals Create an usable website, different from the other ones. Make it popular especially to young people, using innovative graphics and ideas. Make visitors more active in donation, giving them motivation
  8. 8. Our ProjectHeartDrops is an interface designed tomake the ADS site look more appealing tothe user and become more attractive foryoung people, while also giving betteraccessibility to the various functions of thesite.The landing page features an innovativegraphic design, that puts a spotlight on theother areas of the site.
  9. 9. HeartDrops
  10. 10. Landing PageThe landing page features a graphic menu that allows access to the main sections of the site: News Booking (with a map and a caldendar) Become a member ( social network ) Why? How? Statistics with graphics
  11. 11. Heart - ContainerThe main heart of the home page will be a dynamiccontainer of the amount of blood that exists everymoment in the van.If the van is not around town, the heart will keeptrack of the amount of time until the next trip(countdown).
  12. 12. News and Events pageThe News and Events page contains allkind of recent news from the association.It will also contain various events held orpromoted by the association: clicking on aevent will lead to a page with date andplace ( with map ).
  13. 13. Booking pageThe booking page will contain a map of the neighborhoods of Trieste with the destinations of the van and a calendar.When clicking on a destination the time of arrival for that day will be shown, and it will be possible to book a donation through a form.Registered users will get reminders of booked donations via email.
  14. 14. Statistics page A map of the neighborhoods of Trieste where blood donors and their blood type will be represented by small colored dots. the amount of donations each year on a timeline. Percentange of citizens of Trieste, who participate in the donation
  15. 15. Become a memberMembership features:1. You are allowed to create and share your profile2. You can track your donations ( through a serial number given to each donation )3. When you donate for the first time you are registered to the site (if you agree with the ToS and give some additional data)4. You are notified of incoming events via email
  16. 16. Become a member (2) Members gain HeartPoints by :  donating blood  attending events  donating money  making a friend to become a donor.
  17. 17. User profileEach registered user has a profile containing information like: Basic info ( name, surname, age, email) Photo or avatar Type of blood Amount of donations Membership type Neighborhood
  18. 18. Why? How?This page will contain: The reasons why a person should donate blood. Detailed instructions about how to donate blood, where and when.
  19. 19. The incentives HeartDropsoffers : HeartPoints  Ranking of each member  Win awards Find your blood Find friends with the same type of blood
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention!