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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 5 - material


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Presentation of the lab project for EESTEC Summer School 2012 by group n.5 - material.

Team members:
Dragana Mandic
Igor Jakovljevic
Alessandro Umek
Ivo Rakar

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EESTEC Summer School 2012 - Group 5 - material

  1. 1. Proposal for development projectin cooperation withBlood Donor Association of Trieste
  2. 2. Gro up N . 5 o presents
  3. 3. Education Websitewhich is supposed to provide New people into the association Donation service
  4. 4. We are the blood bank.Every 2 seconds someone need a blood transfusion. Want to save a life? Give blood.
  5. 5. W hat happenswith donatedblood?!
  6. 6. Previous events in Trieste
  7. 7. User interface
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention!