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Creating A Healthy Influencer Marketing Program


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For years and years companies have tried hard to create & manage brand ambassador communities. Some did it, most could not. Here is a presentation on the common denominators of those successful programs that did it.

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Creating A Healthy Influencer Marketing Program

  1. 1. Creating A HealthyInfluencer Marketing ProgramA.Emre Erşahin2007
  2. 2. The Brief Identify and recruit “brand ambassadors” Word-of-mouth objectives Influencers who have influence Circle of trust Acquire, satisfy & retain “brand ambassadors” Penetration & seeding power Extract actionable insight from “brand ambassadors” Constant feedback mechanism & measurement Periodic meetings
  3. 3. Target Audience 12-24 age group High schools Colleges & universities Global web culture Networked & hyperlinked Short attention span High consumption speed Music, Sports, Cinema, Dating Distinctive profiles Childish Teenies Techno Savvies Sociable Technophobes Trend Seekers
  4. 4. Underlying Concepts Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer Marketing
  5. 5.  A social network is a socialstructure made of nodes thatare tied by one or morespecific types of relations In its simplest form, a socialnetwork is a map of all of therelevant ties between thenodes being studied. The network can also be usedto determine the socialcapital of individual actors. Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer MarketingUnderlying Concepts
  6. 6.  Social capital is created by apersons location in astructure of relationships. The core idea of socialcapital theory is that socialnetworks have value. It explains how some peoplegain more success in aparticular setting throughtheir superior connectionsto other people. “The spirit of community”Underlying Concepts Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer Marketing
  7. 7. Underlying Concepts Sociometry produces a view,where the attributes ofindividuals are lessimportant than theirrelationships and ties withother actors within thenetwork.Underlying Concepts Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer Marketing
  8. 8. Underlying Concepts Influencer marketing is aform of marketing in whichfocus is placed on specifickey individual types ratherthan the target market as awhole. It identifies the individualsthat have influence overpotential buyers, andorientates marketing activitiesaround these influencers.Underlying Concepts Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer Marketing
  9. 9. Underlying Concepts Influencers by definitionhave high social capital Influencer marketing isinvestment managementfor social capital. It requires identification ofindividuals in the network withhigh social capital to investand to better influence thewhole network.Underlying Concepts Social Networks Social Capital Sociometry Influencer MarketingInfluencerMarketingSociometrySocial Capital
  10. 10. Program ItselfEmre Erşahin2007
  11. 11. Influencer Program Outlook Measure & classify influencers according to their social capital Identify & recruit potential brand advocates with high social capital Create a multilogue sharing platform for influencers Create & nourish desired behavior with awarding Seed products, services, opinions & trends Create motivation for discussion, sharing & increasing usage Gain and measure performance indicators &valuable insight from influencersMeasureExecuteCreateDiscover
  12. 12. Execution PhasesMeasureExecuteCreateDiscoverDiscover targetaudience andidentify & recruitinfluencersCreate influencerconcepts & programProgramimplementationonline & offlineMeasurement ofthe results andevaluation
  13. 13. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometryDiscoverSocial Capital
  14. 14. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometry An algorithm to identify andclassify influentials in thebrand’s network Connectedness Level of involvement Geographic coverage Online presence Social network participationDiscoverSocial Capital
  15. 15. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometry Online social capital survey Attitudes, interests, opinionsand activities Digital trace: Blogs, socialnetwork memberships,twitter, groups, forums… Check status, number ofpeers, rankings, ratings,etc… Classify & segment targetaudienceDiscoverSocial Capital
  16. 16. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometryWhat role do you usually play indeciding what to do with yourfriends?a) I prefer to hangout by myself, so Ican do what I wantb) I usually go along with what myfriends decide to doc) I voice my opinion and we make adecision togetherd) I share my plan and oftenconvince my friends to go alonge) I plan activities and my friendscome alongDiscoverSocial Capital
  17. 17. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometry Ask the participants abouttheir friends! Let them invite and commenton their friends Ask the coolest, the mostsocial, most popular personthey know and move up theladder.DiscoverSocial Capital
  18. 18. How To Discover Social Capital?Social CirclesOnline SurveyReferencesSociometry Sociometry is a quantitativemethod for measuring socialrelationships "Sociometric explorationsreveal the hidden structuresthat give a group its form: thealliances, the subgroups, theideological agreements, the‘stars’ of the show“ The end result is thesociomaps explaining theconnectivityDiscoverSocial Capital
  19. 19. End Result – Meet the InfluencersConnectors Social glue of networks High connectedness, with highestnumber of nodes Variety of nodes, connected todifferent kinds of peopleMavens Opinion leaders, information brokers,curious minds, experts They tip connectors with valuableinformation. They search, read, write,complain, create, and accumulateinformationSalesmen The persuaders,they talk more Higher outgoing traffic and morenodes than averageConnectorChildishTeeniesConnectorTechnoSavviesMavenTrendSeekers
  20. 20. End Result – Meet the Influencers Select and introduce the chosen influencers to your company forapproval at the end of the 1st phase 500 hand-picked dedicated influencers Interviewed preferably face-to-face Classified & clustered Signed the terms&conditions Influencers receive program kit upon joining ID granting access to events, company, meetings Program manual Limited series apparel
  21. 21. 1st Phase Complete!MeasureExecuteCreateCreate influencerconcepts & programProgramimplementationonline & offlineMeasurement ofthe results andevaluationDiscover
  22. 22. How to Create & Motivate Social Capital?Knowledge GapsAnticipated ReciprocityIncreased RecognitionSense of efficacyCreateSocial Capital
  23. 23. How to Create & Motivate Social Capital?Knowledge GapsAnticipated ReciprocityIncreased RecognitionSense of efficacyCreateSocial Capital Social capital lives onknowledge & opinion gapsbetween individuals. Any platform where socialcapitalists can feed onknowledge gaps attractssocial capital Your brand should feed theInfluencers with semi-classified info and opportunityto try new products/services
  24. 24. How to Create & Motivate Social Capital?Knowledge GapsAnticipated ReciprocityIncreased RecognitionSense of efficacyCreateSocial Capital A person is motivated tocontribute valuableinformation to the group inthe expectation that s/he willreceive useful help andinformation in return Discussion starts on brand’scurrent performance andideas about what it should donext...
  25. 25. How to Create & Motivate Social Capital?Knowledge GapsAnticipated ReciprocityIncreased RecognitionSense of efficacyCreateSocial Capital All contributors are allowed tocreate profiles and as theircontributions are measuredby the community, theirreputation increases. For example, points, rating,ranking systems etc. These points gain access toinvite-only events &resources, while contributorsreceive expected points &unexpected gifts
  26. 26. How to Create & Motivate Social Capital?Knowledge GapsAnticipated ReciprocityIncreased RecognitionSense of efficacyCreateSocial Capital Individuals may contributevaluable information becausethe act results in a sense ofefficacy, that is, a sense thatthey have had some effecton the outcome Influencers try, test, givefeedback & provide newideas on products/services,etc via moderated or non-moderated discussions Contributions must beawarded
  27. 27. Program Concept - “Backstage” “Backstage Pass” by definition creates... Knowledge Gaps Sense of efficacy Increased Recognition Backstage is also an invitation-onlywebsite The subscribers are only invited aftersocial capital qualification(1st phase) It is the sharing and meeting point ofInfluencers of your brand
  28. 28. Program Concept - “Backstage” Backstage is an online platformwhere selected influencers share &discuss habits, tastes, choices,consumption with other influencers Influencers can do a lot in the“Backstage” Write, Comment, Rate, List Share, Recommend, Invite Try, test, review Earn points in exchange Redeem points by select from privilegedoffers
  29. 29. Program Concept - “Backstage”• Harry Potter 6 premier! Watch before everyone. Join• Listen to Kasabian latest album in London. Go• Join Raikonnen press conference before the race! Join• Talk to the marketing team for your ideas. TalkHello Emre! Haven’t seen you for a while... Last visit: 3 weeks ago304 points. 23 backstage friends Edit profileYour Exclusive Video Messages• Help us decide which product to launch first?• Try the new website for a week!• Review the latest & rate previous posts• Invite friends over...• We want you to join our meeting!• You won a F1 ticket, collect more for VIP pass.• Re: Backstage Meeting on SaturdayYour MessagesYour opinion needed! Collect points with your opinion!• Cem has been writing on rates. Read it.• Murat visited the company for a meeting. Ask him.• Ebru tried the latest product before anyone. Read it.Catch Up with friends...• Active friends: Murat, Cem, Ömer, Emre, See all.• Friends who need wake up call: Ebru, Selim. Send SMS• Friends invited: Kerim, Ali, Can. Resend invitationYour FriendsRead Watch Rate Write Try InviteExclusive offers for you. Redeem Points!• Listen to unreleased albums• Choose the name of the upcoming service• Help design the university events• Be the first to try new products
  30. 30. 2nd Phase Complete!MeasureExecuteProgramimplementationonline & offlineMeasurement ofthe results andevaluationDiscover Create
  31. 31. ContextRewardingRedemptionPrivilegeSatisfySocial CapitalHow to Satisfy Social Capital?
  32. 32. ContextRewardingRedemptionPrivilegeSatisfySocial Capital The context is important insocial capital. Close knit groups have thepower to magnify theepidemic. Facilitating and nourishing“Circle of trust” is key Influencers from a city Those who tried oneproduct Blogger influencers Critic influencersHow to Satisfy Social Capital?
  33. 33. ContextRewardingRedemptionPrivilegeSatisfySocial Capital Sense of efficacy is notenough Influencers must get instantawards by filling upquestionnaires, posting,commenting, sharing, and byinviting friends to theinvitation-only backstage Existing brnad loyaltyschemes can be integrated Attendance is also rewarded Offline & Online Expected & UnexpectedrewardsHow to Satisfy Social Capital?
  34. 34. ContextRewardingRedemptionPrivilegeSatisfySocial Capital Instant awards aren’t enough Music, sports events tickets Last minute free ticketsby surprise Joining a company marketingmeeting “Once in a life-time”experiences duringsponsored events, etc.How to Satisfy Social Capital?
  35. 35. ContextRewardingRedemptionPrivilegeSatisfySocial Capital Invitations to movie premiers Access to restricted areas Hand-shake with celebrities Meet with company C-Level Fast-lane to events Mini concierge New service trials Semi-classified info etc.How to Satisfy Social Capital?
  36. 36. 3rd Phase Complete!MeasureMeasurement ofthe results andevaluationDiscover Create Execute
  37. 37. ReachDecisionsHuman CapitalMeasureSocial CapitalHow to Measure Social Capital?Quality
  38. 38. QualityReachDecisionsHuman CapitalMeasureSocial Capital Measure brand usage &attitude Are influencers stillinfluencing? Did we invest in the rightsocial capital? Are there better social capitalinvestment opportunities? Check portfolio strategy interms of compositionHow to Measure Social Capital?
  39. 39. ReachDecisionsHuman CapitalMeasureSocial Capital What is the impact of ourinfluencers? How many people are weinfluencing? Can we utilize and direct ourinfluencer network better? Geographically Campus based Cluster based How many more influencersdo we need?How to Measure Social Capital?Quality
  40. 40. ReachDecisionsHuman CapitalMeasureSocial Capital Measure to justify visionaryopinions by asking them Quantitative ideas aboutservices, products, etc. Growing numbers ofbackstage influencers willenable test marketing Panel measurement allowsfor discussion around certaintopics and providesqualitative actionable insightHow to Measure Social Capital?Quality
  41. 41. ReachDecisionsHuman CapitalMeasureSocial Capital Convert Social Capital toHuman Capital Backstage is also a trojanrecruitment mechanism There is a constant jobinterview going on Dedicated Influencers may beyour employees should theyprove to “make the most ofinfluence”How to Measure Social Capital?Quality
  42. 42. 4th Phase Complete!Discover Create Execute Measure
  43. 43. Thank You! Just wanted to share with all of you one of my well thoughtpresentations with the hope of inspiring a few brands fordoing better influencer marketing programs. Thank You!A.Emre Erş