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Trial i earn nov8-1206pm

  1. 1. The Interdependence Hexagon Project VII An International Arts Project Designed to Engage Youth in Real-World IssuesUsing the HEXAGON as Metaphor for Interconnectedness A small shape with BIG IDEAS
  2. 2. Presented by Emily Erickson Cook, NCBT, Art Teacher and Amy Weiss, Global Perspectives Teacher South Middle School Arlington Heights, IL AndBeth Burkhauser,M.Ed, Chair, Hexagon Project Keystone College, La Plume, PA“Teaching and Learning for Global Understanding and Engagement”
  3. 3. Presentation Goals1. Introduction and Description ( Beth)1. Exemplary Practices (Emily and Amy)2. Describe Diverse Teaching Strategies3. Invite Collaboration4. Host Questions, Comments, Survey VideoLink:
  4. 4. VideoLink: . v=fzZ1Gl5UfE0
  5. 5. The Themes and Content ofInterdependence “To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering” Thomas Manss
  6. 6. Interdependence Themes (Hexagon Project) HUMAN RIGHTS of every DIVERSITY person Freedom for and acceptance of We are one human family. Examine religious, ethnic, backgrounds, Consumerism vs. having enough cultural identities, abilities. Being more vs. having more Personal and group dignity COMMONALITIES ENVIRONMEN & IDENTITY Interdependence T Having Empathy- Goals: We need a safe, We are similar and 1. To see ourselves as citizens of sustainable global share common one civilized world, recognizing environment experiences. We can responsibilities to the common We are one connect to issues goods and liberties of humankind community that are as a whole. We only have one personal and local with 2. To explore these themes earth to protect or issues that are global. through “activist” art-making destroy CHILDREN GOVERNANCE TECHNOLOGY We need to protect We need to understand peoples’ rights Use positively andchildren’s rights and goods to govern themselves in a manner that ethically to create and insure they obtain allows them to flourish. Democratic informed global Health and education rights and responsibilities. communities
  7. 7. GlobalInterdependenceand Education:WhereHexagons Make theConnection OF INTERDEPENDENCE HAVE “THE IDEA AND PRACTICES NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT. We believe that cross border citizenship and an awareness of the impotence of nations on their own in addressing global challenges like warming, terrorism, disease, inequality and social justice demand a change in how we think about our world.” Benjamin R. Barber, November 8, 2012
  8. 8. Interdependen ce Day History launched Interdependence Day was in Philadelphia on September 12, 2003 as a post 9/11 symbol of regeneration, as a time to reflect on the tragedy of the incidents of terror in the US and worldwide, and to ask, “What next?” It seemed critically important toArt by Student from Provo HS, Utah acknowledge the inevitability and significance of interdependence in our time, and set out to build constructively, and civilly, and culturally, a global civil society.
  9. 9. ...the need for global cooperation and democracy…citizens without borders…… Co-Founders: Mrs. Sondra Myers Senior Fellow for International Civic and Cultural Projects University of Scranton Dr. Benjamin Barber, Walt Whitman Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, Rutgers University and Senior Research Scholar, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, CUNY Graduate Center, NYC www.interdependence
  10. 10. WHY the HEXAGON? The Hexagon is a composition of complex relationships, interdependent lines, like bonds of human connection, strengthened in multiples into an endless network of connections. It maintains its own presence as a shape, symbol of light and life, yet structurally, destined to be part of a whole—a splendid architectural element, both natural and human-made, infinitely expandable……a metaphor for ourinterconnectedness
  11. 11. The ARTIST synthesizes,makes conclusions, takes a stand,must come to terms with content and materials, collaborates… …can change the world! Art by Student from Apex School, Nepal …and so, too,the student artist-in- process!
  12. 12. We live in an Interdependent World There are no more borders.We are all responsible. We all havecommonalities.
  13. 13. Why is Global Education is here, but what is it?this soimportant Technology helpsfor us to eliminate ignoranceteach? through letting students explore their world.
  14. 14. How does this fit into The Hexagon Project… ? Educates about global awareness Assists in eliminating biases Promotes critical thinking
  15. 15. Who is in charge of thelearning? STUDENTS! Students are in control of their own: •Topics •Research •Expression of ideas through artwork •Written expression via the blog
  16. 16. Through images and words the artist createsa visual representation of their thoughts and feelings about these issues. Their works of art prompt us to ask questions, to confront the issues expressed and in many cases move us to action.
  17. 17. Art Goals for Student Achievement1. Identify a World Issue of Personal Significance2. Identify necessary elements to convey a message by considering imagery, color schemes, symbolism, text and media3. Create a Hexagon shaped work of art to demonstrate how works of art communicate and motivate the viewer4. Create an artist statement to reflect on their work of art.5. Exhibit their work both physically and digitally
  18. 18. Lesson/Unit PlansPart One:Single HexagonFocus on a Part Two:theme/issue Hexagon Book •Introductory PowerPoint Focus on solutions •Motivational videos •Research Packet Unit Created by Emily Erickson Cook, NBCT Art Teacher Cook •Templates Amy Weiss, Global Perspectives Teacher South Middle School Arlington Heights, IL
  19. 19. Part Two: Hexagon Book -Solutions Emily Erickson Cook, NBCT Art Teacher in collaboration Cook with Amy Weiss, Global Perspectives Teacher South Middle School Arlington Heights, IL
  20. 20. Digital Gallery and Interactive Blog To Post: Log in username: ecook@sd25.orgCreated by Emily Erickson Cook, NBCT Art Teacher in Password: cardinal collaboration with Amy Weiss, Global Perspectives Teacher South Middle School To Comment: Arlington Heights, IL http://www.thehexagonprojectblog.weebly.
  21. 21. Do Your P’Art Foundation Collaboration
  22. 22. Resources: Resources:•Prospectus•All Templates, release forms, registration information•Lesson Plans, Blog•Research bibliography, PowerPoints, Examples
  23. 23. Resources:• Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Drive, Artsonia, ArtEd2.0, NAEA Secondary and Middle Teachers Blogs (search “Hexagon Project”)• The Interdependence Handbook: Looking Back, Living the Present, Choosing the Future Edited by Sondra Myers and Benjamin R. Barber• essays, discussion questions• Declarations of Interdependence by UN, other groups
  24. 24. What is the Interdependence Hexagon Project?• Students, ages 10 - 18, create in any media using a downloadable hexagonal template as their format• Students respond to a relevant theme and do research• Students may work collaboratively or alone on one or multiple hexagons• Deadline for participation in the Exhibit in Scranton, PA is June 30• Online registration begins May 1 or before• Exhibit: September for Interdependence Month
  25. 25. Exhibit Opening on First Friday in September, Interdependence Month 2011: ArtWorks Gallery 2012: Library Express Music, hands-on workshops, interactive displays2013:•Chicago Area -Do Your P’ARTFoundation•Virtually???
  26. 26. Global Recognition Events Scranton, PAChicago in 2013and….??? Butwal, Nepal
  27. 27. Hexagon Project Media and Global Stories
  28. 28. CLAY and 3-DRiverside By SusquehannaHigh School: Community High SchoolPermanentInstallation Student who wasin School “rescued” by art!
  29. 29. Art Into Action: Community Collaboration2011 & 2012 Blue Ridge Middle School, PA Sarrah Dibble, Art Teacher, Hexagon Houses: donation canisters for Winter Heating Assistance RAISING $500.00!
  30. 30. Text and Graphic DesignUnion City High School, PA Union-Endicott High School, NY
  31. 31. Emmanuel Nkuranga was Born in 1987.The second born in a family of six boys, Emmanuel lived in Uganda for the first ten years of his life. The artist moved to Rwanda in 1997 and attended two different high schools. He then attended Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) where he completed his university Education in computer studies AFRICA: “Art with a Mission” is a Rwandan Art Project2012 premised on this belief, whose aim is to bring together youth and provide them with a conducive platform that can help them discover their respective “Heroes” in order to empower them to excel and succeed in life.
  32. 32. 2012 By Children who are Orphaned, Kigali, Rwanda
  33. 33. Hexagon Exchanges:with Haiti 2010 post earthquake: Tunkhannock HS students create and send hexagons of hope and encouragement with Keystone College Professor Dave Porter
  34. 34. Tunkhannock Students Respond School Arts Magazine, August-September 2010
  35. 35. Keystone College Pre-Service Teachers’Project : Part 2 …and Schools in Gwo Jan, Haiti in 2011
  36. 36. 3 Haitian Schools, PA High School Students and UN Day, 2011 “Reading” their hexagons was the source of understanding and engagement. High School students discuss the content of Haitian students’ drawings about Health issues in Haiti [one child drew a picture of a doctor pulling a worm out of a child’s stomach] Marianne Milks,Founder, OneBigBoost, explaining the children’s schema of malnourishment: large horizontal oval belly and red-pigmented hair. Education Issues Clusters Marianne Milks and Beth Burkhauser, Facilitators
  37. 37. EOTC Women’s Group Retreat Theme: Making connections and seeing the bigger picture.A workshop with women in recovery from drug addiction and in the court system Led by Elaine Donly and Beth Burkhauser
  38. 38. Community Casts Iron HexagonsCelebratingIndustrialHeritage atHistoric IronFurnaces
  39. 39. How to get involved:• Download and read your Hexagon Packet.• Engage support from administration and otherdisciplines• Log on to www.interdependencedaynepa.orgforTEMPLATE updates, resources, Facebook : HexagonProject PAGE• Download or Purchase an Interdependence Handbookand gather ideas and understanding• Contact chairs:, Wwith intent to participate• Launch project during the winter/spring•REGISTER work ON-LINE•Encourage use of the Blogand send entries by June 30, 2013 Deadline
  40. 40. Survey Questions:1.• Do you have an interest in participating in the HexagonProject? Yes/No/Maybe2. What would you like to do? a. Like to host an exhibit in your locality? b. Like to enter and send hexagons to Scranton, PAexhibit? c. Like to collaborate with another group? d. Like to use the South Middle School BLOG? e. Other…3. What ideas/experience do you have that would allow for exchanges using computer technology?
  41. 41. Now Try this! Use White boar tools – drawing color, text –Get to ex- press any new ideas aout Inter- depen- dene andInvolved… educato n