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Collaborating Via Artifacts


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What is the real difference between face-to-face and online collaboration? This brief slidecast explores this question by explaining what it means to collaborate via artifacts. For more information, see:

I created most of the images used in this presentation. The heart graphic is from the eyehook free image library:

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Collaborating Via Artifacts

  1. 1. Collaborating Via Artifacts Understanding The Real Difference Between Online and Face-To-Face Collaboration
  2. 2. What can we do when collaborating face-to-face that we can't when collaborating online ?
  3. 3. Over 10 million Wikipedia pages in over 250 languages generated by thousands of volunteers all over the world, the vast majority of whom have never met in person. More than 120,000 marriages a year that result from people meeting online. Over 3,500 developers all over the world developed the open source Firefox web browser, used by 125 million people world-wide.
  4. 4. Collaborating Via Artifacts
  5. 10. The Power of Shared Artifacts
  6. 12. What do you lose when you remove face-to-face interaction?
  7. 13. Secrets Wall
  8. 17. Is physical presence really that critical for bonding and conveying emotion?
  9. 19. 4 th Anniversary Party (2006) The Meaning Wall
  10. 20. <ul><li>Meaningful Moments That Happened This Past Year
  11. 21. Meaningful Moments You Hope Will Happen Next Year </li></ul>Write on a Post-It:
  12. 25. What can we do when collaborating face-to-face that we can't when collaborating online ?
  13. 26. With online collaboration, the conversation itself is an artifact
  14. 27. Online Collaboration SCALES
  15. 28. The Hidden Costs of Online Collaboration
  16. 29. Access and Literacy
  17. 30. ATTENTION