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Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership 10-Year Visioning Process


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Background deck on the 2012 10-year visioning process for the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership.

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Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership 10-Year Visioning Process

  1. Mapping theNext Years 10Alliance for Arts Learning LeadershipKick-Off MeetingMarch 8, 2012 Presented by the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership>
  2. How can we collectivelytransform public educationthrough the artsto create a better future for everyone?
  3. How will we answer thisquestion over the nextsix months together?
  4. Goals and Principles
  5. Goal #1: Co-create a Shared VisionCo-create a shared andunified vision for howwe can make a collectiveimpact to transform publiceducation over the next 10 years.This is a vision of what we really want, not what wethink is possible due to current constraints. Photo credit 5
  6. Goal #2: Catalyze StrategicConversations Catalyze a set of strategic conversations with stakeholder groups to discuss mutuallyreinforcing ways to realize this vision.The groups would include those already convened inthe Alliance governance structure as well as other Photo creditstakeholder groups (CAA, local artscouncils, teachers, etc). 6
  7. Goal #3: Create Clarity andWell-Crafted LanguageGet clear on what artslearning and integrationbring to confident,enthusiastic, capable students and healthy,well-connected communities.Develop well-crafted language so that we communicate Photo crediteffectively with the broader community. 7
  8. Don’t Start from Honor People’s TimeScratch • Find the balance between invitation and ask• Build on previous work • Shameless self-interest• Use the language and frameworks already within the community• Leverage existing structures Design PrinciplesHold Structures Lightly Empower Others to Be• Offer guidance, and encourage Bold boldness • Offer guidance, and encourage• Permeable boundaries boldness Photo credit 8
  9. Photo credit9
  10. The Mapping Process
  11. “I believe we can change the world if westart listening to one another again.Simple, honest, human conversation.Not mediation, negotiation, problem-solving, debate, or public meetings.Simple, truthful conversation where weeach have a chance to speak, we eachfeel heard, and we each listen well.” —Meg Wheatley, Turning to One Another
  12. Photo credit12
  13. Catalyze strategicconversations.Self-organized, strategicconversations at existingand new meetings usingConversations-In-A-Box Leave a guidance. Key takeaways from conversations are shared in an online stream. Synthesize. Volunteers listen and synthesize what they hear and feed summaries and provocative questions back into the community. 13
  14. Overall Engagement Strategy 14
  15. Strategic Framework 15
  16. Group Identities 16
  17. Roles Shift Over Time 17
  18. Relationships Are What Matter 18
  19. Roadmap Photo credit19
  20. Roles and Responsibilities
  21. Design TeamResponsible for iteratingthe design of this process(including Conversations-In-A-Box)and monitoring the processas it evolves.Commitments:• Weekly check-in call Photo credit• Regularly review design, documents, and feedback 22
  22. Synthesis TeamParticipate and listen,then summarize andreflect back.Commitments:• Participate in strategic conversations• Listen to the online stream Photo credit• Monthly face-to-face synthesis meetings 23
  23. EverybodyHave a meaningfulconversation with peoplewho matter, and leave a trail.Commitments:• Participate in and organize conversations, using Conversations-In-A-Box as a guide Photo credit• Share your takeaways 24
  24. At the end of this process, successwould be…• Alignment, commitment, and enthusiasm around our identity and our 10-year vision• Proactive action from Alliance members guided by this vision• Individuals supporting each other regardless of external factors (e.g. policies, structural boundaries, etc.)• Stronger muscles for network engagement• Healthy, growing network• Greater understanding of and continued work toward Photo credit greater collective impact 25
  25. Our Requests• Questions / suggestions?• Please convene a conversation!• Please share what you talk about!• Join the Synthesis Team! Photo credit 26