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Touring in big horn county


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Touring in big horn county

  1. 1. Touring in Big Horn County
  2. 2. Barbara where trenches were dug by Maj.Reno’s soldiers at Defense Hill, where heretreated and joined Capt. Baenteen’sbattalion.
  3. 3. The markers where Custer and his men died (thelittle white markers)
  4. 4. The black marker is where Custer’s body was found
  5. 5. Barbara and I at Last Stand Hill, this is whereCuster retreated to in order to make a last stand.Under and around this marker is where thesoldiers who were killed are buried.
  6. 6. Big Horn County Museum Pictures
  7. 7. La Forge Cabin