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TTP Group plc –
                                                   Speeding innovations
TTP Group plc –
 Speeding innovations to market

‘If we are seriously committed to the UK becoming the Innovation    (OM...
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Ttp Group Sector Interview


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TTP Group plc – Speeding innovations
to market. An exclusive interview with
Dr Chas Sims TTP Group plc.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ttp Group Sector Interview

  1. 1. TTP Group plc – Speeding innovations to market The East of England: An exclusive interview with G G A dynamic technology cluster; Access to globally valued research; Dr Chas Sims TTP Group plc G A highly experienced skills base; G Potential for strong market growth; The Technology Partnership plc, part of TTP Group plc, G A well-established supply chain; G A lower-cost base for European operations is one of Europe’s leading independent technology and product within easy reach of London, the rest of the development companies, working in partnership with clients UK and the Continent. to bring new products to market and create new business from advances in technology. One of the founders, Dr Chas Sims, shares news of the latest developments and explains why the company sees Open Technology as a key stepping stone to the UK becoming the Innovation Nation. ‘Open Technology is central to our business model. It is a delivery house which people can tap into and TTP plays a unique part in this process, giving out ideas and technology to create products. Open Technology works because it enables people to gain access to the world of technology, feel secure that its use in their business area is restricted and so they can be assured of a good return. It means that the risks and rewards are shared. Business support funded by the East of England Development Agency
  2. 2. TTP Group plc – Speeding innovations to market ‘If we are seriously committed to the UK becoming the Innovation (OMIS) from UK Trade & Investment. This service has proved Nation, we need more UK Thought Leadership to spread the particularly useful in opening doors for us in Japan and the US word. I firmly believe this is the way forward; not all companies where we had successful meetings resulting in projects moving are vertically integrated and can afford to own everything. forward. We are also keen to give lectures or papers in support or chair panel sessions at conferences. ‘We believe strongly in helping new technology businesses to get off the ground. That’s why we incubate companies with ‘Essentially we see our partnership as a two-way promotion. a consultancy approach, investing in new technology areas and In turn EEI can help us lobby the Government about its building up capability. TTP is also a Carbon Trust incubator, investment policy for technology. Lord Mervyn Davies recently a scheme set up by the Government to provide early-stage came to us on his first ministerial visit to the region. support for breakthrough ideas from Cleantech companies which may be eligible for funding of up to £70K. ‘TTP has had a hugely successful 22 years which could not have been achieved without the commitment of our highly skilled and talented team of staff. The business is 90% employee-owned ‘At TTP, our aim is to exploit change, creating which means everyone has a share in its continuing success value for clients across the world by identifying as we go forward.’ opportunities that can be satisfied by new There is plenty of success to share: the company’s latest figures technology. We deliver novel thinking and show a record year for growth and turnover, with profit before practical solutions through our hands-on teams tax up 67% on the previous year. of engineers, scientists and business development specialists who work at our purpose-built laboratory and pre-production KEY FACTS manufacturing facilities in Melbourn, G TTP Group plc employs 300 people at its Hertfordshire near Cambridge. headquarters and also has offices in Beijing and the US. It comprises The Technology Partnership as its core business, ‘We have a broad sectoral base. TTP and TTP LabTech are TTP LabTech, a supplier of instrumentation and custom prominent in the healthcare sector, providing products for drug automation to the pharmaceutical sector, Tonejet which delivery, drug discovery, medtech, veterinary, screening and produces revolutionary new digital printing technology for instrumentation for pharma companies. Our work in consumer industrial applications and TTP Venture Managers which products includes sophisticated digital mobile communication raises funds and invests in other businesses outside TTP. devices such as “Wayve”, a new family communication medium to help consumers keep connected, the result of a unique G TTP’s breadth of expertise covers consumer and industrial partnership with Microsoft Research’s socio-digital research products, communications, medical products, digital group. We also have an impressive portfolio of ground-breaking printing, micro devices, optics and vision systems. technologies for the industrial market. G The company enjoys excellent relationships with the ‘There is no doubt that our greatest USP is our technology base; University of Cambridge including the Institute for we have a deep knowledge of the current advances in technology. Manufacturing, Centre for Business Research and Judge This, combined with an understanding of the commercial Business School. Its proximity to Cambridge, with its global implications of exploitation for a business, and our engineering, reputation as a technology cluster, is important, as are good scientific and project-management skills to develop and deliver rail links to London and easy access to London Stansted and projects, sets us apart. London Heathrow Airports for international connections. TTP Group is also a Cambridge Network Founder. ‘For a long time we have worked closely with East of England International (EEI), participating in outward missions, attending G TTP Group owns Melbourn Science Park, 17 acres of exhibitions such as Supercomm in 2005 and Globalcomm in offices, labs and pre-production manufacturing facilities 2006, hosting incoming missions to the region two or three which are occupied by its own businesses and also let out times a year and using the Overseas Market Introduction Service to start-up technology companies on flexible rental terms. For expert help contact: East of England International 2 Quayside Cambridge CB5 8AB United Kingdom East of England International gives free and T: +44 (0)1223 450 450 confidential help to overseas-owned companies E: setting up or expanding in the UK. 08/102 Copyright July 2009