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This presentation is about to show an overview about IPTV and OTT


  1. 1.  Ednardo David Segura (Edy Segura) Web Engineering Bachelor of Computer Science
  2. 2.  Ways to watch TV  Traditional  Alternative way  New way Technologies Discusses
  3. 3.  Do you have time to watch TV? When you have time to watch it, is your favorite TV program on?
  4. 4. if you don’t have time, how can you watchyour favorite TV program?
  5. 5.  IPTV - Internet Protocol Television OTT - Over The Top
  6. 6. With this new way to watch TV we will ableto watch our programs anytime anywhere.
  7. 7. Feel free to contact me if you want. It will be a pleasure. E-mail: edysegura@gmail.com Web site: www.edy.com.br
  8. 8. Now let’s go to discussions?