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Why marketing is broken


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Time to Value is a methodology to increase measurable business revenue using Sitecore in under 30 days. Business demands positive results, marketers who don’t shift the needle, and who are not data driven simply won’t survive the customer experience revolution.

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Why marketing is broken

  2. 2. We are a global digital marketing and technology agency focused on client engagement.
  3. 3. CX leaders’ average revenue outgrows laggards by more than double digits. Customer Engagement is the new 89% of businesses now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.89% battleground.Now to be truly competitive your company must become customer obsessed, which means you need to have deep knowledge of, and engagement with your customers. 3
  4. 4. Be Relevant or Lose Customers B2B is far from immune. 70% of business buyers says it’s absolutely critical for companies to provide a personalized experience. 74% 75% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. of B2B buyers would purchase again from suppliers that offered omni-channel capabilities.
  5. 5. Customers who had an unpleasant experience on your site are 88% less likely to return to your website - Adobe 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs - Salesforce Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.- Steve Jobs By 2020, the demand for an omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for nearly perfect execution - PWC Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers - Aberdeen 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly- designed mobile site - SocPub The writing is literally on the wall…
  6. 6. 90% 80% 67%Nine out of ten (90%) global marketers are not trained to calculate return on investment. Struggle with being able to properly demonstrate the effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities. 67% of Marketers don’t believe marketing ROI requires a financial outcome. Source: The Fournaise Group Source: Forrester
  7. 7. Fractured customer experience Lost sales. No single view of customer.
  8. 8. Your data lives in siloes You can’t measure. You can’t report.
  9. 9. Poor quality sales leads Sales wants leads. Marketing needs to deliver.
  10. 10. The Revenue Engine Roadmap SXC CRMCustomer Behavior MQL/SAL Engagement Analytics Easy Personalization Real Time Profiling AB Testing MAPCMS Updates Traffic Analytics Spray and Pray Ad Hoc Social Landing Pages Funnel and Lead Score Quick Business Wins 1:1 B2B NurtureFlying Blind
  11. 11. Time to Value Basecamp 1
  12. 12. The Revenue Engine Roadmap SXC CRMCustomer Behavior MQL/SAL Engagement Analytics Easy Personalization Real Time Profiling AB Testing MAPCMS Updates Traffic Analytics Spray and Pray Ad Hoc Social Landing Pages Funnel and Lead Score Quick Business Wins 1:1 B2B NurtureFlying Blind
  13. 13. Step 1 – Engagement Analytics
  14. 14. Business Alignment StrategicTheme • Business & Marketing strategic analysis aligns customer experience capabilities with key business and marketing strategy. BusinessObjectives MarketingObjectives BusinessObjectives • The result is that all optimization outcomes Marketing Objectivesare aligned to positive business results. Make sure you hit the ground running! Digital Goals Digital Goals Digital Goals Digital Goals Digital Goals BusinessAlignment is Key
  15. 15. Engagement Analytics • The Engagement Value Scale is the starting point for Sitecore Analytics. Brainstorm the digital goals you will use to achieve your marketing objectives. • The result is that the platform can immediately begin gathering valuable and actionable visitor engagement data. • This drives personalization and optimization going forward in alignment with business outcomes. BusinessAlignment is Key Sitecore EngagementValue Scale What we measure is what we optimize towards!
  16. 16. Revenue Growth Per Month
  17. 17. Re-Buy Growth Per Month
  18. 18. YOY Growth
  19. 19. Step 2 –Rules Based Personalization
  20. 20. Rules Based Personalization country date & time business name keywords campaign • Rules Based Personalisation is your entry point into personalisation. visit number • This digital fingerprint is low hanging marketing fruit. cityregion • Simple to exploit, easy to implement. • Uncover the most relevant places on the site to undertake personalisation, and define the kinds of personalisation that will have the greatest business impact – with the minimal configuration. language ip owner profilegoals The Digital Fingerprint This is the essence of personalization quick wins!
  21. 21. 26
  22. 22. Uplift in Test Drives
  23. 23. Uplift in Contact Us Requests
  24. 24. Goal Abandonment Halved
  25. 25. Advertisement Bounce Rate
  26. 26. Step 3 –Profiling & Predictive Personalization
  27. 27. Profiling & Predictive Personalization • Using Profiles and Predictive Personalization helps define relevant profiles and predictive personalization opportunities. • The process includes the generation of Profiles, Profile Keys, and the Digital Relevancy Map (Customer Journey) for major revenue generating profiles. • It is a powerful step for customers who wish to understand their customers online behaviour and segments. From here we personalize the customer experience and journey for business uplift!
  28. 28. Use of Profiling Profiling & Personalization Personal Private Banking (BigClient) Business (SMB) Corporations Geo-Location Personalization Campaign Personalization Source ofVisit
  29. 29. Increase in organic loan conversions.
  30. 30. Increase in traffic.
  31. 31. Step 4 –AB Tests
  32. 32. AB Testing • Testing & Optimization defines relevant AB test hypotheses', surfaces where to test and indicates anticipated outcomes. • Aim to test the major “calls to action” on the site, and key conversion places to achieve the best optimization outcomes. • These are the first steps towards a culture that tests continuously to achieve the strongest business outcomes possible. Make your key conversion and “call to action” spots as powerful as they can be!
  33. 33. l i i
  34. 34. 3rd place 2nd place This variant was trailing behind with conversion rate 18.37% below 3rd best performing variant Winner Performs with a conversion uplift of 21.43%
  35. 35. xDB A journey backed by solid data! xDB captures all – triggering personalization & nurture communications. Actionable analytics & single view of the customer.
  36. 36. Time toValue is a Giant Leap Step 1 – EngagementAnalytics Step 2 – Rules Based Personalization Step 3 – Profiles & Predictive Personalization Step 4 –Testing andOptimization
  37. 37. Time toValue is a structured workshop and delivery offering designed to quickly harness the marketing potential of the Sitecore Experience Platform.Our “business first”, and “quick win” philosophy is designed to rapidly enable marketing optimization usingSitecore. So you get the maximum benefit and ROI from your Sitecore investment. And we will do it in under 30 days.
  38. 38. LET’STALK