Digital Marketing Transformation in Law Firms


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Learn how law firms can deliver a superior digital experience to clients.

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  • - Before getting into this section, we need to cover why is proactive engagement important.
  • The number one challenge is … producing trulyengaging, compelling content (48 percent). This iscontent that grabs your audience and makes them wantto reach out to you. The next biggest content marketingchallenge is producing enough content to serve theneeds of your marketing programs (44 percent).
  • - Before getting into this section, we need to cover why is proactive engagement important.
  • When social media is combined with other buyer-targeted content and programs – especially as part of an inbound engagement model – it can serve as a critical multiplier of your efforts.
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  • Digital Marketing Transformation in Law Firms

    1. 1. A Digital Solutions Firm delivering Marketing and Technology Solutions New York . Toronto . Phoenix . Los Angeles . London. Dubai . New Delhi 0 Digital Marketing Transformation in Law Firms
    2. 2. 1 Agenda – The Road to Digital Transformation  Digital Engagement: The Future of Digital Marketing in Law Firms  Digital Technology that Delivers Digital Engagement  An Engaging Website  Content & Communications  Data, Analytics, Measurement and Intelligence  Demand Generation  Social Media
    3. 3. 2 Strategy Interactive Digital Technology Engagement Offerings Digital Strategy& Roadmap Multi- channel Acquisition Content Strategy Campaign Planning Digital Platform Selection eCommerce Metrics& Analytics Mobile Digital Creative User Experience Research WebDesign SocialMedia Emailand Microsites SEOand SEM, Advertising Consulting Services Global Delivery Model Application Maintenance Outsourcing Onsite, Onshore& Offshore Staffing ITSupport Outsourcing Managed Hosting Services Community &Social Media eCommerce Sharepoint CRM Marketing& Email Automation Business Intelligence Mobile Analytics& Reputation Tools Content Management Empowering the Digital Marketer Our capabilities center around empowering the marketer to engage with their audience
    4. 4. 33 Future of digital marketing in Law firms
    5. 5. 4 Spray and pray marketing is not bringing results Market Conditions  Competition is more immense than ever Global growth  Opportunities in emerging markets need to be seized; marketing needs to be play a key role in communicating the value proposition in new markets Business development and sales process is evolving  Marketing needs to enable business development to differentiate the value proposition  New ways to engage with clients and influence conversion Changing Times Social media  Transforming how clients and organizations engage; it is more pronounced with the talent in the hiring pipeline Revenue responsibility  Marketing is going to be responsible for revenue attribution…a common B2B practice, but non-existant in law firms…  This will change the role of marketing in law firms and put pressure on conversion New Buyer  Better informed and drives the sales process There is pressure now more than ever to transform digital marketing in law firms
    6. 6. 5 Departments Challenges Business Development  Unable to engage with clients based on their segmentation  Growing small to mid-market opportunities through manual efforts is to expensive Human Resources (HR)  Ability to market staffing opportunities attractively  Not showcasing staffing effectively Marketing  Lack of insight into clients and their needs  Marketing your firm practices and services to existing clients  Antiquated and inflexible online platforms and poor solution support Practice Management  Search does not provide satisfactory results (e.g. matters, experts, thought leadership)  Providing attorneys with new client insights  Difficult to up-sell and cross-sell clients Talent  Maintaining an effective dialog with talent prospects  Sharing information across Talent solutions Departmental challenges with Digital Marketing Challenges with digital marketing are not specific to one department 5
    7. 7. 6 Digital Maturity Curve in Law Firms Organizations looking to optimize their investment in digital technologies must ascend the Digital Maturity Curve 1995-2005 IT Led •Brochure-ware •Webmaster bottleneck 2005 – Now Marketing driven informational marketing •Spray and pray •Static content •Marketing-driven •Interactive •Some intelligence •Disconnected assets 2011+ Digital Engagement •Personal and contextual •Social •Multi-device experiences •Predictive 1 to 1 marketing •Measurement •Focus on ROI
    8. 8. 7 Focus on Multi-Device Social Measurement The Digital Maturity Curve in Law Firms Digital engagement requires focus across several areas 2011+ Digital Engagement Predictive
    9. 9. 8 Where are you on the Digital Maturity Curve? Knowing where you are can help prepare a plan to get to your objectives 1995-2005 IT Led 2005 – Now Marketing driven informational marketing 2011+ Digital Engagement
    10. 10. 9 • The right message to the right person at the right time ….on the right device • Consistent communication across channels – web, mobile and social in 1-to-1 personalized manner • Create single view of client and behavior across channels and target audience based on behavior and segmentation • Engage socially • Measure engagement • Information is ‗findable‘ • Supported by capabilities, integrated technologies and processes What is Digital Engagement? Integrated multi-channel marketing which creates personalized dialogue with clients that drives conversion and measurable ROI
    11. 11. 10 So how do you get to Digital Engagement?
    12. 12. 11 Digital Engagement Starts with an effective digital strategy A roadmap to success Define your digital strategy of how you get to digital engagement 1. Market Research • Don’t just focus on Legal, consider broader professional services and cutting edge B2B industries 2. Identify capabilities 3. Create a roadmap 4. Select appropriate digital marketing technology and create a blueprint
    13. 13. 12 Digital Strategy Roadmap •Outline a recommended approach and timeline to deliver the capabilities Technology Blueprint •Align the technology platforms and architecture to support capabilities Capabilities Blueprint •Identify capabilities based on current and future state needs Research, Understand & Identify Needs •Understand corporate objectives •Understand client needs •Leverage best practice insight to inform strategy Strategic process Such a process can take between 4 to 12 weeks to complete
    14. 14. 13 Digital Marketing Framework (DMF) for digital marketing strategy in Law firms Our framework explores opportunities based on marketing goals Understand & Identify Needs
    15. 15. 14 Digital Marketing Framework (DMF) for digital marketing strategy in Law firms Our framework explores opportunities based on marketing goals Understand & Identify Needs
    16. 16. 15 Digital Marketing Framework (DMF) for digital marketing strategy in Law firms Our framework explores opportunities based on marketing goals Understand & Identify Needs
    17. 17. 1616 Digital Technology that drives Digital Engagement
    18. 18. 17 Technology needs to get out of the way! Technology needs to be unobtrusive and give the power to marketers to accomplish their objectives What is the best thing technology can do for marketers?
    19. 19. 18 - Siloed technology - Islands of data - Legal specific technology that may be dated - Inability to personalize communication - Inability to manage the website experience - Need for IT for smallest change Challenges with Digital Technology Significant issues that prevent marketers to succeed
    20. 20. 19 Digital technology is confusing the world of marketing Digital marketing technology is exploding; too many options to chose from.
    21. 21. 20 - Must haves - CMS - Analytics - Onsite Search - Email automation - CRM - And now, social tools Digital marketing technology in Law firm While there are many options there are a few technologies that law firms should consider
    22. 22. 21 1. Technology platforms: Start with CMS, Marketing/Email Automation Platform (MAP) and CRM 2. Integration: Sharing a common view of the lead requires integration across platforms 3. Engagement strategy: Strategy implemented to drive content personalization and relevance o CMS, MAP and CRM Integration: Integrating the three systems to create centralized buyer profiles that could then be mapped to a defined buying process. o Measurement and Reporting: Implementing the dashboards and measurement tools necessary to support ongoing performance measurement and management Increasing engagement with your audience Technology platforms + Integration + Engagement strategy = increasing engagement Web Page Landing Page Email CMS CRMMarketing Automation Forms Tracking Tags Content Personalization Engine Behavior Data Rules Engine Profile Data Customer Profile Link Personalized Email Personalized Landing Page Personalized Web Page Prospect
    23. 23. 2222 Engaging Website – A Key Asset of your Digital Strategy
    24. 24. 23 • Experience is engaging • Multi-device • Multi-language • Intelligent content • Personalized • Relevant content • Easy to find content and information • SEO Engaging website Next generation websites engage your site visitors
    25. 25. 24 Focus on the basics… • Effective branding • Easy to navigate • Interactive content and use of videos • Simple and minimalistic copy • Thought leadership content that drives lead gen • Wraps around the buying lifecycle Experience Next generation websites are contextual
    26. 26. 25 - Relevant experiences for devices - Mobile - Office locations, People directory, thought leadership content, events - ‗You don‘t need an app for that‘ - HTML5 and responsive design can provide experiences that cater to specific devices - App – offline availability - Single CMS and centralized content should drive multi-device experiences Multi-device experiences Create relevant experiences for devices
    27. 27. 26 • Offer localized/regional sites • Leverage translation technologies • Drive users in regions to local language sites through IP detection Multi-Language CMSs allow localization and offer the ability to provide regional content
    28. 28. 27 •One size doesn‘t fit all •An effort to differentiate yourself, based on making what you‘re selling relevant to each prospect •Interacting with prospects on a personal level: delivering content that speaks directly to their needs on email and web •Technology has made this concept easier to execute Personalization: What is it? What does ―Personalization‖ mean in the context of online marketing?
    29. 29. 28 Personalization: Why it Matters Engage your customer or lose her to the competition • Prospects are more informed than ever. • A deeper, richer Web experience keeps customers engaged. • A better engaged prospect is that much closer to a sales-ready lead.
    30. 30. 29 • Opportunity • Provide personalized customer experience for various customer segments • Result • Accelerate the journey through the buying cycle to more quickly achieve conversions • Delivery • Integrated data • Use CMS and email capability to drive personalization based on rules Driving Dynamic Personalized Experiences Based on user context, content can be provided that drives engagement
    31. 31. 30 Personalization Example Based on user behavior and digital footprint you can segment users… Next time the person comes back to the site, relevant information is presented on the home page banner Navigates to services page and related content
    32. 32. 31 Personalization Example Based on user behavior and digital footprint you can segment users… Determines user is customer depending on footprint User is an existing customer
    33. 33. 32 Type-ahead  Enable people to understand the available content while entering search terms Guided Navigation  Suggestive recommendations by integrating personalization capabilities with the user’s search experience Faceted Search  User quickly filter search results with common parameters Guided navigation and search Law firms have rich content and complex taxonomy which makes search essential
    34. 34. 33 - Core to your website and the digital experience - Acontemporary CMS should offer - Experience management - Content management - Personalization - Decisioning - Multi-Device Experiences - Extended capabilities may include - Analytics - Digital asset management - Social tools - Email Automation Content Management System (CMS): The technology that drives the website experience While there are many options there are a few technologies that law firms should consider
    35. 35. 34 Trends - Legal specific CMS‘s vs best of breed - Law-specific solutions find it hard to match the capabilities of industry leaders in web content management - Core CMS capabilities become commoditized - New capabilities include marketing/email automation, analytics and digital asset management - Focus on customer engagement through personalization - Extending beyond the ―web‖ channel to support social, community, mobile and email channels Web Content Management: Central toYour Digital Marketing Success considerations - Do not just focus on legal specific CMS‘s - Product roadmap - Key capabilities and features - Value - Ease of use - Content Management - Multi-device - Personalization - A/B and MVT - Social capabilities - Integration with Email and CRM - Architecture - Data Management The emerging trends within the web content management market are good for law firms, as mature vendors emerge with competitive solutions
    36. 36. 35 Leaders that law firms seem to focus on  Sitecore  Ektron  HubbardOne CMS platform  SDL Tridion  Adobe CQ (Formerly Day)  Sharepoint Web Content Management:Analyst‘s Perspective Gartner and Forrester consider a vendor‘s ability to execute and their technical vision—providing a consistent set of criteria to measure vendors
    37. 37. 3636 Content Strategy
    38. 38. 37 The Challenge with Content Producing content that engages clients is a challenge 36% of B2B marketers said their biggest challenge is “producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers”
    39. 39. 38 • Focus on Buyers needs • Consider mapping the buying lifecycle • Keep copy minimal • Focus on thought leadership content • Ensure your content is findable • Leverage interactive content like vidoes • Content Relationships need to be structured and implemented effectively • Attorney bio, cases and thought leadership Content Strategy for the Website Your content strategy should focus on the needs of the buyer/client, while ensuring other audiences such as talent get the information they need
    40. 40. 39 Compelling content specifically mapped to buyers‘personas, journey and buying stages is the most effective. Content strategy Develop an intelligent content strategy to get the right message to the right person at the right time Segment your Audience Understand Motivations/Pain Pts Map the Messages Understand Communication Channels
    41. 41. 4040 Demand Generation
    42. 42. 41 • Firms must direct and guided prospects through the buying phases of their decisions • Publishing and social media has fostered an ongoing dialogue among peers, and Web 2.0 tools have enabled B2B buyers to be well-versed on services before they have their first conversation with a firm The New Informed Buyer Clients are more informed than ever, and they will drive the buying process Almost 95% of the recent b2b purchasers said the provider they chose “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.” Consistent with other industry research, case studies, best practices data, white papers, ROI tools and vendor comparison analysis were cited as the most helpful content sources (Source: DGR Report)
    43. 43. 42 Capturingtheprospect‘s online footprint allowsthe salesteam tounderstand whereinthebuying cycle the prospectis,andplaninteractions accordingly Leadsdeemednot tobe―salesworthy‖ shouldbepassedbacktomarketing. These areusuallyqualified prospectswhosimplyaren‗treadytopurchase -yet The old sales process is not as effective anymore A mismatch between buying and selling processes can lead to salespeople trying to close deals with prospects who are not ready to buy or not following up at the right time Market Education Recognize Opportunity Problem Defined Evaluate Options Select Best Option Negotiate Purchase Target Prospects Qualify Prospects Value Proposition Submit Proposal Close Fulfill gap Sales Buying “Customers’ buying processes have evolved in our world of ubiquitous, instant, global communication … but companies’ marketing & selling processes have for the most part stayed the same.” - Thomas Stewart, Editor, Harvard Business Review
    44. 44. 43 Marketing and Business Development has a key role to play in the new world of sales Marketing and business development will engage and influence the buyer
    45. 45. 44 Key Elements of anAcquisition Strategy Driving Traffic Conversion Nurturing Sales Several factors must be considered throughout the different phases of the acquisition cycle to ensure an effective and productive process Acquisition Process • Listening to the customer • Multiple methods to drive traffic • Social media marketing • Lead management • Dynamic experiences • Analytics • Lead scoring • Personalization • Lead nurturing tactics • Email and marketing automation • Marketing and sales enablement • Sales force automation Website Limited use in law firms
    46. 46. 45 Importance of Nurturing Moving people from consideration to commitment is the most important path of the sales process — also the most necessary 17.50% 12.50% 70% Average B2B Initial Lead Break-down Discard / disqualified Sales-ready now Longer-term opportunity / worth nurturing Marketing Sherpa B2B Benchmarking Report
    47. 47. 46 Define your own buying process The buying process will help you define your approach to marketing Sample buying process by Bloom Group
    48. 48. 47 Impact on content strategy Develop an intelligent content strategy to get the right message to the right person at the right time Segment your Audience Understand Motivations/Pain Pts Map the Messages Understand Communication Channels
    49. 49. 48 Execute initiatives across the buying lifecycle The buying lifecycle provides direction to your digital marketing initiatives
    50. 50. 49 The days of batch email marketing campaigns with low response rates are over! Execute mail dialogue campaigns -- Multi-step email campaigns based on thought leadership marketing can deepen prospect relationships over time Engage in 1:1 dialogue marketing capabilities that segment and deliver personalized content Track who opens and clicks on each email or who visited a specific webpage Continuous Testing and Optimization coupled with targeted email marketing Employ lead scoring to score opportunities and identify leads that are sales ready Email automation is key to the nurturing strategy Engage in a 1:1 DIALOGUE with your prospects; no more ‗spray and pray‘
    51. 51. 50 • Events: Introduction of event-specific landing pages and lead nurturing campaigns, increased the event sign- up rate. • Sales Ready leads: Use of forms capture, lead nurturing and lead scoring delivered sales-ready leads, enabling the sales team to prioritize which prospects they spent their time on. EmailAutomation Completed Poll Download Whitepaper Journey Includes Contact Page Yes Yes Disposition: “Information Search” Lead Score: 20 No Disposition: “Information Search” Lead Score: 15 No Disposition: “Purchase Decision” Lead Score: 40 Yes Disposition: “Evaluate Options” Lead Score: 30 No Landing page, lead nurturing campaigns and form capture drive higher conversions and deeper relationships with visitors 50
    52. 52. 51 • Considerations • Legal specific vs industry leading • Capabilities • Segmented email marketing • Contact Management • Lead Management • Campagin Management Vendors to consider Eloqua, Marketo, Concep and Silverpop are popular tools with law firms Moving from spraying and praying to digital engagement requires personalized email marketing to prospects Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant
    53. 53. 52 Build link traffic back to the website by using online article distribution, public relations, blogging and social media. Search engines use that traffic to determine relevancy. Regularly publishing new content containing ―long tail‖ key words (e.g. ―Clean Energy Litigation Law‖). Long tail traffic can precisely target articles, micro- sites and web content. SEO Law firm grew traffic exponentially by using an effective SEO strategy Generate link-back traffic and long-tail searches through internal and external article distribution, social media and blogs 52
    54. 54. 5353 Data, Analytics, measurement and Intelligence
    55. 55. 54 Getting a common view of your client Obtaining a common view of clients is a key objective of marketers; this is driven by cohesive and integrated data across channels Coremetrics and Bloomberg BusinessWeek Report on Optimizing Online Marketing 2009
    56. 56. 55 - Single view of the client and closed loop marketing - Cross Channel Analytics across web, mobile and email - Integration with CRM - Insight and behavior allows marketers to make decision No more pulling reports for each channel to gain insight, rather than making decisions Data andAnalytics Getting a single view of the client allows you to make effective decisions
    57. 57. 56 - Key capabilities to consider - Insight across multiple channels – web, mobile and email - Dashboarding and reporting - Integration with CRM, CMS and Email tools Vendors Key Players to consider - Omniture - Google Analytics - Coremetrics Multi and cross channel analytics allows you to get a holistic view
    58. 58. 5757 Social Media
    59. 59. 58 According to a survey conducted by Lexis-Nexis in 2011: • 77% of firms surveyed had profiles on LinkedIn • 31% used Twitter • 29% used Facebook • 10.9% used YouTube • 8% had official firm blogs • 7% used social media widgets to integrate firm web sites Social Media While many law firms have started using social media, few have are leveraging it in a meaningful manner
    60. 60. 59 The Social Ecosystem The social ecosystem spans across internal and external communities
    61. 61. 60 • Social media in law firms - Leverage Web, Social Media and more to drive ROI • Build communities to Brand Positioning and Customer Engagement: • Become newsworthy with Twitter • Leverage LINKEDIN profile, discussions, updates, posts, blogs….etc • Build internal communities for employee engagement • Utilize social media to connect with talent • Link social to your marketing assets like website and email Social Media Build your Online Reputation!! 60
    62. 62. 61 Connect with us 1-877-339-6264