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Digital Customer Experience Imperative

Learn what is digital customer experience & the steps to align your organization.

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Digital Customer Experience Imperative

  1. 1. 1 The Digital Customer Experience Imperative
  2. 2. What Why How
  3. 3. What is the imperative? The Need for a Platform to Deliver Positive Experiences Across All Touch Points.
  4. 4. Characterized by: 1. Consistency 2. Relevancy
  5. 5. Consistency “We Are What We Repeatedly Do” Aristotle
  6. 6. Consistency Really talking about brand consistency. (Delivered through digital channels)
  7. 7. Consistency = UX, Design and Content. Experience. = Taste, acidity, carbonation.
  8. 8. Consistency Not as easy as manufacturing. Need – • Multiple technologies working together • Process for governing mass communications • Multiple cross functional skill sets
  9. 9. I Heart Virgin America
  10. 10. Consistency If your brand values customer service: • Online Chat with a real person • On your website • On Social • Online Management of my Account
  11. 11. Relevancy Personalized Communications, When and Where I want them.
  12. 12. Relevancy • Portals that contain my relevant information • Custom communications through every channel • Email • Social • SMS • Direct Mail
  13. 13. What Why How
  14. 14. Here’s a few reasons • Your industry is Changing and is more competitive • There’s pressure to reduce your fees/costs • Your competitors are almost certainly working on this. BUT The biggest reason -
  15. 15. Your customer now expects it.
  16. 16. Expectations have changed Blame Amazon
  17. 17. Expectations have changed Not all their fault: 80 million Baby Boomers, 46 million Generation X, and 76 million Generation Y/Millennials “Digital Natives” are now calling the shots.
  18. 18. Expectations have changed Woo’ing these customers through experience is worth it: • 63% increase in in customer satisfaction • 53% increase in site traffic • 49% increase in leads • 46% increase in conversion (Altimitir Groups – 2014 State of Digital Transformation)
  19. 19. What Why How
  20. 20. It’s not easy, but here’s a start - 1. Designate a Digital Customer Experience Champion 2. Define Personas 3. Define Customer Journey 4. Define the Digital Vision 5. Gather Gaps and Challenges 6. Define Capabilities 7. Execute a Roadmap
  21. 21. Digital Champion 54% of the time this is the CMO, but CEO’s and CIO’s also are common. DIGITAL! Assemble a cross functional team.
  22. 22. Carl •61 Year Old •Married, 2 kids out of college •15 Years as an RIA •Working more than full time •Post Graduate Degree •High on energy and very competitive •High level of perceived sophistication and trust •Internet Usage 2 hours / day to Check his financials •Low level of information seeking •Has significant infrastructure Things he wants to know Things he wants to do Wants to know why he should switch Years in Business and History How to keep his clients happy Level of reports available and past success How to sell non-traded REITs Minimum Size of Products Be Contacted Proactively Have access to performance data Network and events Read about firm history Read News & events for the latest information Scenario Carl is older and has been around the block. He is more or less open to new products and approaches but approaches each with a sense of caution due to past industry problems and fluctuations. He knows his stuff and despite his cautious nature can be convinced about products through a solid, trusting personal relationship, industry data, and what his peers are doing. Persona Development
  23. 23. Industry Awareness Brand Awareness Evaluation Conversion Development Needs, Values, Wants Technologies Channels and Content Customer Journey
  24. 24. Based on the Customer Journey: How do they want us to interact with them? How does that align with our business objectives? DigitalVision
  25. 25. Conduct organization wide stakeholder interviews: • What do you spend your time on that you shouldn’t? • What prevents you from commuicating with your customers the way you need to? Gaps and Challenges
  26. 26. Capabilities are the “needs” that employees have to do their jobs, agnostic to technology. Define Capabilities
  27. 27. These capabilities can then be mapped to technologies. Define Capabilities
  28. 28. Implementing capabilities can be defined in a series of projects. Develop a Roadmap 0. Technology Architecture 1. Analytics Workstream 1.1Existing Analytics Optimization 1.2 Persona Development 1.2.1 Customer Journey Mapping 2. Cross Channel Analytics Workstream 2.1 Technology Integration 2.1.1 Eloqua/Sitecore Connection 2.1.2 Eloqua/Salesforce Connection 2.2 Cross Channel Analytics Strategy and Implementation 3. Collaboration WorkStream 3.1 Document Management Tool Selection and Tool Requirements 3.1.1 Tool Implementation Automated Inter-departmental Notifications 3.2 Define Marketing Department Only Workflows Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Q1 2015 Q2 2015 Q3 2015
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