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Track 1 - 5 key principles of engaging digital customer experiences in Professional Service Firms


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Find out how leading professional service firms are applying these principles to improve client engagement.

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Track 1 - 5 key principles of engaging digital customer experiences in Professional Service Firms

  1. 1. 00 Differentiate through Customer Experience
  2. 2. A global digital marketing and technology agency focused on customer experience
  3. 3. Unique Marketing Technology expertise Our breadth and depth of expertise across the Martech eco- system is unmatched Industry Experience Deep expertise in professional services as well as Manufacturing, Financial Services, Insurance, CPG, High-Tech and Professional Services. B2B Marketing Experts Deep expertise in the B2B marketing. Work for 45 Fortune 500 companies. Philosophy Push the envelope. Nimble. Inch wide and a mile deep. Serious about our work, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. At a glance
  4. 4. A new client has emerged
  5. 5. Anew client has emerged always-on, always- connected and informed journey is dynamic and cross channel has little attention
  6. 6. Sure, we communicate with clients
  7. 7. Marketing is failing to engage clients
  8. 8. 94% of customers have discontinued communication with a company because of irrelevant messages (source: Blue Research)
  10. 10. 9 9 6 principles of CX 1. Focus on the customer 2. Integrated Customer Experience Platform 3. Single view of the customer and cross-channel insights 4. Contextual experiences 5. Multi-channel content marketing 6. Simplify
  11. 11. 10 10 6 principles of CX • Focus on the customer
  12. 12. “Now to be truly competitive your company must become customer obsessed, which means you need to have deep knowledge of and engagement with your customers.” Winning in The Age of The Customer Forrester Research Inc
  13. 13. Understand the customer journey
  14. 14. 13 6 principles of CX Integrated Customer Experience Platform
  15. 15. Marketing technology must work in symphony
  16. 16. Breakdown siloes
  17. 17. 16 Flying blind due to lack of insights Explosion of marketing technology
  18. 18. Integrated Customer Experience Platform
  19. 19. 18 6 principles of CX Single view of the customer and cross-channel insights
  20. 20. Most marketers are flying blind.
  21. 21. Single view of the customer is key to contextual marketing
  22. 22. Measuring engagement Cold Hot Too late
  23. 23. 22 6 principles of CX Contextual experiences
  24. 24. Personalize: related content
  25. 25. 24 6 principles of CX Multi-channel content marketing
  26. 26. COPE to engage clients
  27. 27. 26 6 principles of CX Simplify
  28. 28. For the client…
  29. 29. And for the marketer
  30. 30. TECHNOLOGY Orchestrate the customer journey Unknown Person Sees Brexit story on social media Sees article on website Is served the next interesting article Subscribes Becomes Known Receives Brexit email on mobile device Share network on social media Invited to Event Partner recognize interest Engages with prospect Search delivers next article Subscription Center manages profile Capture engagement in CRM Anonymous profile created and client is segmented Profile is matured Personalized and Dynamic content
  31. 31. All for this one moment