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Invitation for Input: OpenTeal Project (Oct 2015)


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We are considering building a wiki for any Teal organization who would like to document their Teal practices for their own & public reference. Need some more input from Teal orgs before we build it.

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Invitation for Input: OpenTeal Project (Oct 2015)

  1. 1. The OpenTeal Project Invitation for Input OCT 28, 2015
  2. 2. What is OpenTeal? OpenTeal will be an evolving employee handbook for a Teal organization, which is also publicly available for others to reference and learn from. OpenTeal will make a customizable wiki freely available to any Teal organization who wishes to document their own Teal practices (e.g. guidelines, processes, examples, training, etc). Each Teal organization will have an Admin for their wiki, as well as the ability to add editors who can add/edit content within their organizational wiki. The wikis will be hosted on OpenTeal servers (as provided by Fitzii – a Teal company who is proposing the idea), and the content will all be publicly accessible (read-only), and linked together from a homepage of participating organization listings. To help people interested in researching actual Teal practices there will be search functionality across all the organizations wikis from the OpenTeal homepage, as well as the ability to search within each organization’s wiki.
  3. 3. Project Steps Idea • Consensus to act • It’s a GO! Plan • Outline of offering • Roles Input • Will Teal orgs use it? • What Req’s? Build • Scope of Build/Spend • Go or No We Are Here Need Input from Teal Orgs
  4. 4. Call for Input from Teal Organizations We’ll only spend the time and money to build OpenTeal if we know that many Teal organizations will actually use it. Otherwise we’ll just build our own simple wiki for Fitzii’s internal use. If you work at a Teal organization and are interested in providing feedback and/or using OpenTeal, please email Edwin Jansen at
  5. 5. Current Proposed Features  Central admin of multi-tenant accounts. Accounts/tenants each also have an admin, and users who can add/edit within their account.This is called WikiFarming.  Each tenant account can choose their own link structure for their wiki and pages (e.g.,, etc). Ideally there is some customizable branding as well (Logo? Colors?).  Admins may be non-technical so it needs to be easy for them to setup and use (WYSIWYG editing)  Only very few Wiki engines have true WYSIWYG editors, but some have a Toolbar helping users with the syntax. Some companies have plugins that can be integrated with any wiki out there.  Search functionality from theTealwiki homepage across all tenant account wikis, and also search within each tenant wiki itself  Ability to create basic shell template for each new wiki to start with. Ideally could lock some standard elements.  Ability to post attachments, and embed video, pictures, etc.  Automated forget password and user management, but users must be approved or created by admins  Emails are sent out when certain pages are edited/changed. Ideally users can configure on an individual preference basis, perhaps with control over which wiki pages are 'watched'.  Forum feature on each account for discussion. Could be set to users only can post, or public too. We Need More Input email:
  6. 6. The People Behind OpenTeal Fitzii - A Teal company based in Toronto, Canada, who provide a hiring platform for SMBs. You can learn about Fitzii’s journey to Teal at: Edwin Jansen - Marketing at Fitzii Luz Iglesias - Hiring Success at Fitzii Brent Lowe - Principal Consultant at B.A.S.E. Associates B.A.S.E. Associates - A consulting firm who help Founders, CEOs & business leaders better manage their growing teams and build foundations for effective and sustainable organizations.