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Create the Job of Your Dreams - George Brown Oct 2012


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Create the Job of Your Dreams - George Brown Oct 2012

  1. 1. Don’t Settle:Create the Job of your Dreams
  2. 2. What is a Dream Job? “Fits”: WHY HOW WHAT You pinch yourselfI can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this
  3. 3. Will you get it?
  5. 5. The Typical Job Strategy That job looks soooo good
  7. 7. What’s a definition of a Mid-life crisis? Mid-life Crisis Quarter-life Crisis
  8. 8. The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  10. 10. Theo
  11. 11. I took to heart what you said aboutdoing something that is fulfilling…I actually wrote my own job description fora new position and submitted it to mymanagers.They are taking my suggestions andcreating that job for me! Sarah P.
  12. 12. The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  13. 13. Three Reasons to Pick Yourself
  14. 14. #1: Nobody cares about you like you.“If you dont design your own lifeplan, chances are youll fall intosomeone elses plan.Guess what they planned for you?Not much.”-Jim Rohn
  15. 15. #2: You’ll be more successful.“The dirty little secret is thatpeople who are intrinsicallymotivated almost alwaysoutperform their extrinsicallymotivated peers.”-Dan Pink
  16. 16. #3: You won’t regret it.
  17. 17. I wish Id hadthe courage tolive a life true to myself(not the life others expected of me)
  18. 18. Exercise1. Write down a list of work-related things you want to accomplish before you die.2. Write down a list of work-related things OTHER people in your life want you to accomplish.3. Is there a Difference? Should it matter?
  19. 19. The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  20. 20. Start with the Intrinsic Purpose (WHY) Autonomy (HOW) Mastery (WHAT)
  21. 21. Alignment of Intrinsic Drivers = your FORTE WHY The difference I want to make PURPOSE FORTE HOW WHAT Personal values & traits Aptitude, skills, & exp. AUTONOMY MASTERY
  22. 22. Using your FORTE Makes you the Best WHY The difference I want to make Creative Dedicated FORTE HOW Quality WHAT My personal values My aptitude, skills & traits & experience
  23. 23. Not using your FORTE is a FAIL WHY The difference I want to makeEPIC FAIL EPIC FAIL Ability Happiness FAIL FAIL FORTE HOW WHAT Meaning My personal values I’m good at doing FAIL & traits EPIC FAIL
  24. 24. Edwin’s FORTE My purpose is to challenge the unfulfilled to do meaningful work, so that the institution of business lives up to it’s potential, and more people find happiness, success & fulfillment. AREA SKILLS WHY Marketing Communications People Dev. Leadership Career Coaching Influencing Training Presenting Organizational Team Building Development Brainstorming Entrepreneurship Strategy FORTE Business Dev. Writing Service Mgmt. Social Media HOW WHATMake a Difference (impact, altruism)Find the Insight (wisdom, truth)Get it Started (initiate, empowered)Challenge & Change (innovate)Coach the Team (collaborate, mentor)
  25. 25. FIND YOUR FORTEThe practical guide for doing meaningful work. Copyright 2012 Edwin Jansen
  26. 26. WHY?My purpose in life is to [actions I do, for who or what] so that [the value or difference created] . What ideal future do I want What bigger difference do I to contribute to? VISION CAUSES want to be a part of? WHY What are life’s truths? What needs of others do I BELIEFS SERVICE love to serve? What are my What am I great tendencies? at? FORTE TRAITS TALENTS What is most important to me? VALUES HOW WHAT SKILLS What can I do? ENVIRONMENT KNOWLEDGE What do I know andIn what type of setting am I at my best? how is it useful?
  27. 27. Exercise: Service (WHY)Service: the personal needs of others that you are drawn to serve.• What are 3 ways your friends would say that you help them? What do you give or add to their lives?• Think about the 3 people you admire most in the world. What is the main way that each of them helps others?• What are 3 things that you are always recommending or advising to people? How does this help them?
  28. 28. Service: Maslow Exercise: Service (WHY)Service: What stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs do you gravitate towardshelping others with? Think about how you are “pulled” to help:• Friends• Family• Colleagues• Strangers
  29. 29. Myers Briggs
  30. 30. Values AssessmentsValues: the things that you place the most emphasis andimportance on in the choices you make. Health Flavour Discipline New Experiences Body Image Happiness
  31. 31. Find your Forte: My Offer for You If you fill out our market research survey… • Get advance access to my Find your Forte Guide • Get free personality tests • Apply your Forte for your co-op search & interviews Get the link:
  32. 32. The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  33. 33. “You can haveeverything you want inlife if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar
  34. 34. “Charlie Hoehn first reached out to me in 2008.Almost three years later, he is still working with me.” -Tim Ferris
  35. 35. “After visiting your site countless timessince May ’07, I’ve come up with a fewsuggestions that could improve yourreaders’ experience. Here are the two 1things I think you need…” What it would take: How I could help: What the benefits are to you: 2 What it would take: How I could help: What the benefits are to you:“In exchange for these things, I hope thatyou’d consider taking me on as an intern.”
  36. 36. Why does this work? Credibility Reciprocity
  37. 37. Make Proposals 2 4 3 Brainstorm multiple ways you 1 can ACTUALLY help them Use your ForteFind organizations that alignwith your WHY
  38. 38. Most Resumes Suck
  39. 39. WHY?HOW?WHAT?WHAT?
  40. 40. an eBook from Simon Sinek
  41. 41. The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  42. 42. Winners n’ Quitters"Quitters never win and winners never quit."-Vince Lombardi"Bad advice. Winners quit all the time. They justquit the right stuff at the right time."
  43. 43. Mind ‘The Dip’
  44. 44. Make Your Dips Count Found my Forte! Best of the Best
  45. 45. Exercise: Mind The Dip How big is the Dip? What’s going to suck? Do I CARE enough to power through it?
  46. 46. Review: The Dream Job Strategy WHY Pick Pitch &Yourself HOW WHAT Propose Find your Forte
  47. 47. My Offers Email me for the survey & Find your Forte Guide I will actively assist people who PROPOSE it Anyone who tries without success – I’ll HELP
  48. 48. Where to Catch