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Over 1000′s of FREE MLM Leads using this 10 strategies

No budget for advertising your home business? Learn the best way how to generate free multi-level marketing leads without spending your hard earned money  on too pricey advertising.

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Over 1000′s of FREE MLM Leads using this 10 strategies

  1. 1. Over 1000′s of FREE MLM Leads using this 10 strategies Leads automatically comes to you using these strategies No budget for advertising your home business? Learn the best way how to generate free multi-level marketing leads without spending your hard earned money on too pricey advertising. By the way before we continue, this technique works wherever your are even if you are leaving in the UK. So there will be no problem to have leads lining up for your network marketing business or your traditional business but be sure that you should learn or at least utilize two or three of the 10 strategies that I will show you here. Also this is the lead generation I utilized here in my website. So, if you want to stop chasing your family members, talking to strangers or hard selling people that are not interested into what you offer I highly recommend that you learn what I will show you here. How to generate leads for network marketing There’s no doubt that offline marketing works but in this training I will show you that it is much easier to sponsor people that you have attracted online. If you have properly learned attraction marketing that was taught in Magnetic Sponsoring you won’t have a hard time to attract the right kind of people you want to
  2. 2. work with. Without further ado here are top ways that will help you to inject over 1000′s of targeted prospects that are ready to swipe their credit card to join your business opportunity. Website – This is a great way to start your brand awareness for your prospects. This will catapult your credibility and trust which every leader needs to build in time while building their business. You would like to use WordPress or blogger site if you are on a budget. Another advantage of website is you could connect to your prospects and they get to know you more. Blogging – If you include this in your website you will have more ways to show to expertise on the topic or the niche you are in. For example in this blog I want to help entrepreneurs how to generate leads, then I could write tutorial, tips and articles that will teach and help you get more leads, succeed and solved your problem. This is one of the main strategy I’m utilizing because it increases the likability and trust factor which turns me into a leader in the eyes of my clients instantly. This strategy alone put me in-front of 1000′s prospects online. See the image below. Blog commenting – If you are familiar with Facebook, then this one is just like it. You could go the groups in Facebook within your niche and participate in the discussions. In blog commenting you will browse to blogs that are on the same topic that you do. For example if you are in the dog training industry you will follow similar blogs and find out if there is any interesting topic that you would like to contribute. At the end of every blog post you will find a “leave a comment” that is where you will put your name, email and your website address. Next you will type your comment about the topic. Be sure that it is valuable and not spam-my or else it will not be
  3. 3. approved by the website owner. Once it is approved you will have your name usually in blue color indicating it is a link. Now if a fan or reader sees your comment and they find it helpful they will click your name and there you go you’ll have an additional leads in your website. Article writing – This one is very useful too if you want to have a great number of followers. In this strategy you will write an article about your topic and you will submit it to top article websites. Right after your article was approved you will have a link usually at the profile down below your article. Readers will click that link therefore sending you a lot of leads. Usually this articles sites are used by bloggers as well leaving a link back to the source which is your website. You can start to submit from this sites: a. b. c. d. e. Pinterest – Do you know that there are over 70Million active users right now in this platform. If you could only get at least 1% of the total user’s wouldn’t be enough to change your business and your life as well? All you have to do is to create pictures or images photo taken from your business that would create interest for your prospects. If they find your pictures funny, informational or uplifting for sure they will click the picture and they will be redirected to your website. Facebook – This is a very useful platform for business owner and network marketers. Through it you can interact directly to your clients and prospects easily. You’ll get to know what your
  4. 4. clients wants and provide them the solution they need. This is an easy gateway to give your clients voice to provide testimonials, problems with your products and service and many more. Just to give you an idea there are over 1.28 billion Facebook active users online. To fast track your learning curve about it check thisfree training by Michelle Pescolido one of the best Facebook Marketing Guru. YouTube – For me this is the fastest way to build rapport, trust and credibility with your prospects. Why? Because they get to know your more. They will see how you look like, your voice and almost instantly they could connect to you and to what you want to tell them. Another reason is most of the people like to learn by watching than reading. How about you do you prefer watching than reading? For me personally I like to watch and learn a certain topic more than reading. I would like to shoot a video for you but unfortunately I need to fix my computer first. It keeps crashing when I’m running my video recording software. Anyway, this platform is so easy to use and it’s free so take advantage the power of video in your daily marketing. In short if you want to shoot up your sales, never ever forget to utilize it. Twitter – This is one of the oldest strategy that I will mention here but hey it is one of the most powerful one. If you could learn the right way how to leverage this tool, I’m sure you will be able to get the right prospect you need and most especially those that are interest to your products and services. The only tips that I could give to you is always provide value to every discussions that you are interacting with. Also at the end of your reply you could leave a link back to your page or site that will give a much more details about what you are trying to explain about your products or service which is a solution to their problems. Google+ – This is an emerging Social sites that you want to be there as well. It works like Facebook and Twitter. Just as what I always tell you never spam any discussions but always provide
  5. 5. value to your peers. RSS Feeds – This tool is very useful as many of our readers still use RSS feeds to keep them updated of your latest blog post. In this blog I’m using Feedburner by Google. It is easy to setup and use. If you have problems in setting up this tools just leave a comment or send me an email I’ll be glad to assist you. Email marketing software - Actually this is the 11th strategy my bonus for you for visiting and reading my blog. Right after your prospects click a link from your Twitter, Facebook, Comments etc. You need a software or tool to capture the names and emails of them. If you get it right you will have the power to communicate to your leads on a daily basis because you have their contacts with you. You could use Aweber or listwire which is free. Here’s an introduction for you to learn it. That’s it if you know this lead generation technique you will have not only 1000′s but more than 1000′s of targeted prospects for your business. It’s hard to sponsor someone who does not know you, trust you or not interested to what you offer like your friends and family. So stop hunting them but instead let your prospects come over to you using the strategies I showed you here. What about you what are your strategies in generating your FREE mlm leads? You could leave a comment below. Like, Follow and share my post. Have a great day everyone Visit my official site: