Hexamail Guard - Alto al SPAM !!


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Hexamail es una solución de correo muy robusta y de bajo costo que permite descargar correos via POP3 para filtrar el correo SPAM y entregar a un servidor Exchange o Lotus Domino los correos limpos

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Hexamail Guard - Alto al SPAM !!

  1. 1. Hexamail Guard
  2. 2. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • Full-featured antispam and antivirus gateway • Built on open-standards and protocols • High performance and scalability • Extensible • Secure • Archiving option
  3. 3. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard Full featured SMTP gateway POP Connector IMAP Connector Web Quarantine Mobile device compatible Antivirus Active Directory/LDAP Highly configurable
  4. 4. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard Built on open-standards and protocols Email using POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, HTTP (web) Security using SSL and TLS Full SASL login and authentication Windows and LINUX support
  5. 5. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • High performance multiplexing • Fully indexed quarantine • Lightning fast web based quarantine using Micro-HTML pages and AJAX • Multi-domain support • Unlimited user/mailbox capacity High performance and scalability
  6. 6. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • On average, businesses with 1,000 employees lose $25,000 per month or $300,000 a year in worker productivity due to Spam • SERVER based bayesian spam blocking – Eliminates any deployment and administration on desktops – Multi-layered spam blocking – Includes DNS based IP, sender and URL lists – Bayesian pattern matching with variable thresholds – Header, Subject, Sender, Content and Image checks – SPF and DKIM support – Optional Greylisting by country and time of day – Optional Challenge-response – Highly configurable Comprehensive Antispam Options
  7. 7. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • Email is now being used to transmit virus and worms and even facilitate usage of your IT resources to propagate more SPAM! • Bitdefender Antivirus Engine – Award winning – High detection rate – High performance – Automatic updates Integrated optional Antivirus
  8. 8. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • Automatically add disclaimer to outgoing emails – If the corporate signature/disclaimer is not found in the outgoing email, it will automatically be added. Configurable per domain. • Add marketing information and adverts to outgoing emails – Marketing info or company information can be added to outgoing emails. Configurable per domain • Censor words and language – Don’t let emails with a undesired language that compromises your corporate standards leave the email gateway. Words or phrases can be removed, replaced or email can be blocked if match. • Alert when certain emails are entering/leaving the server – Altert groups or individuals of certain emails entering or leaving the gateway. Can be configured based on sender, recipient, subject keyword/phrase match, content keyword/phrase match ++ • Auto respond to incoming emails – Let your customer get auto responses when emails are received. Highly configurable with extensible rules. Very powerful. • Route emails – Route incoming emails based on sender, recipient, subject or content phrases. Extensible rules enable you to apply different rules at different times, route by any email attribue and even the language the email is written in. Additional features
  9. 9. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • Group distribution – Groups can be nominated, restricted to members, automatically sign up plus more • Archiver – Automatic built-in archiving creates a full-text searchable indexed compressed archive of all email in and out of the organization Additional features
  10. 10. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • ”it installed in less than 5 minutes. This is on our live existing clustered exchange environment. We saw a 99.3% decrease in SPAM related mail, wich comes to about 254 emails per hour for us. Our users are no longer overwhelmed with SPAM mail. It also took care of some relaying (SMPR encapsulating) issues we were having with our exchange servers. I am impressed with the ease of use of the product plus the great results its booking. Its very flexible in its configuration options and its by far the most powerful spam blocker we have yet seen.” - Arthur Leliveld, Index Hospitality System BV • ”I tried other products that used "blacklists" but we then realized that many offices do not have their email systems setup correctly, so were missing many emails due to the fact that they were black listed. Then came Hexamail. Hexamail is by far the most powerful and easy to use anti-spam software I have ever run across. From installation to administration Hexamail Guard makes stopping spam a piece of cake. Thank you Hexamail Guard!” - Ed Farias - Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau
  11. 11. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard • Hexamail Ltd, a privately held UK company growing since 2003 • Hexamail has offices in France, UK and Norway where both development and support are carried out • Hexamail is profitable • Hexamail’s founders is highly experienced professionals with more than 35 years of experience in software development and especially high performance server solutions and pattern recognition technology suited to antispam • Hexamail supports its partner network to ensure best on-site support and responsiveness
  12. 12. Intelligent Email SolutionsHexamail Hexamail Guard Edwin S. López Grupo Linnoit Tel. (81) 1095-9122 x 1007 edwin.lopez@ez-tech.com.mx Para mayor información: