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How To Use Document Directories For SEO


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Learn how to create documents, powerpoints and pdf files to gather more targeted traffic.

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How To Use Document Directories For SEO

  2. 2. Document sharing websites are quitemore effective than simply submittingarticles online.This is a far more professional way ofteaching others what you know. Learn SEO Quickly
  3. 3. “It is a chance to build your identity as an expert in your chosen field.” Learn SEO Quickly
  4. 4. Document sharing websites are highlyrecognized by search engines and it isgiven special priority because SE’sknows that the information it offer isuseful and beneficial for the readers. Learn SEO Quickly
  5. 5. Marketers knew how powerfultool this is that’s why they arenow using it for marketing andSEO purposes. Learn SEO Quickly
  6. 6. Document sharing files requires you toupload different file types likeWord, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.Members can download and use it forany purpose they have. Learn SEO Quickly
  7. 7. To effective use documentsharing technique, you have to consider a few things: Learn SEO Quickly
  8. 8. A.) Use targeted keywords.Similar to posting articles and uploading videocontent, it is very critical for you to use keywords thatyou are targeting the most. I recommend that youpersonally use Google Keyword Tool to know the bestkeyword for you to use. Sometimes, the keyword inyour mind is not the best you can target. Learn SEO Quickly
  9. 9. B.) Don’t forget to include your links.One of the reasons why you post documents is forpeople to get to know you more and check what youcan offer them. You will achieve two purposes inposting your links, first is recognition as an expertespecially if the content you uploaded is superb.Second is the traffic generated by their visits. Learn SEO Quickly
  10. 10. C.) Put at least one or two links.Don’t make it obvious that you are uploadingdocuments for traffic. Include not more than 2 linksdirected to your site. You can put many links foradditional resources but not purely for promotion. Learn SEO Quickly
  11. 11. D.) You can upload even old articles or informationyou have and convert it to other document file.People think that they should upload freshinformation, what they don’t know is that even oldinformation matters.Even old information before is very valuable nomatter how basic it is. Learn SEO Quickly
  12. 12. E.) Use graphic images.People want to read information, but having specialgraphic images will make it easier for them tounderstand the message you are relaying. You don’thave to create your own graphics. The internet has awide resource of free royalty images you can use forall the documents you will be uploading. Learn SEO Quickly
  13. 13. F.) You can upload as many document as you can.There is no limit on how many documents you wantto share. However make sure that you are uploadingvaluable information.If you post crap documents, I’m sure people won’tdare take a look any of your future documents again. Learn SEO Quickly
  14. 14. Learn Our Secrets In Getting More Traffic !By signing up on our 52 week SEO and Trafficprojects, you will receive a new project every weekwhich you can implement for your business. “Just one of these strategies can make a huge difference to your business” Learn SEO Quickly