Rapid mobile technologies marketing v2


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Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc. Documents with some Marketing information om MobileCAD (Patent 7,231,330)

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Rapid mobile technologies marketing v2

  1. 1. MobileCAD MobileCAD ® Wireless Network Emulation MobileCAD ® A patented mobile network emulation technology developed to create drive test emulation environments for 2G/3G/4G networks and devices. A Computer- Assisted software and hardware emulation environment to recreate mobility conditions in Telecommunication networks. 3 7 0 1 F A U B l v d S u i t e 2 1 0 , B o c a R a t o n , F L , 3 3 4 3 1 h t t p : / / w w w . r a m o b i t e c h . c o m / s a l e s @ r a m o b i t e c h . c o m
  2. 2. Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD = Our Technology MobileCAD is a patented computer-assisted design environment to recreate mobile network conditions. Our product allows telecommunication engineers to design better mobile devices (phones, netbooks, tablets) as well as wireless applications, and protocols. Our platform is suitable for 2G, 3G, and 4G network technologies. MobileCAD provides network connectivity emulation for situations where handover becomes frequent, as well as emulating changes in IP connectivity including delay, throughput, network congestion, and mobile device speed. RF Modeling and Emulation Our RF Modeling and emulation can recreate terrains with pre- loaded maps including our proprietary US base-station deployments database. Reducing the need to need to travel to a particular city to recreate a mobility scenario, bringing cost-savings to your organization, as well as added benefit of running several deployments in several cities in our database Physical Layer Emulation MobileCAD attenuation and phasing technology integrates with our RF modeling platform allowing engineering teams to recreate mobile scenarios faster, by modifying parameters such as RSSI, SQE, and many others affected by mobility. Our emulation models as well as measured deployments can be used to recreate multiple mobility scenarios. Software design for mobile devices at any level from baseband to applications, or hardware adjustments to antenna or housing can be enacted repeatedly. Your software cycles will be reduced as well as adjustments made to higher- or lower-level protocols can be tested efficiently. Internetworking Emulation Our realistic emulation scenarios enable designers to interconnect base stations among each other to emulate not only physical-layers but mobile data networking support . Our emulation platform provides emulation for Mobile IP at all levels CMIP and PMIP, permitting faster integration to LTE/WiMAX, as well as testing of thousands of mobile applications in multiple mobility conditions, testing end-to-end devices and solutions such as E-mail, MMS, SMS, Web browsing, TCP/UDP, and many others.
  3. 3. Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD Modular Design Our platforms are scalable allowing end-users to add multiple nodes, antennas, phasing effects, among other variables. All components are designed individually to enable upgrades and customizations feasible. Our licensing allows our customers to modify and expand on our platform depending upon what licensing agreement has been chosen. Each module is USB- controlled for configuration and control. Our Cloud Support A modular architecture is completemented by our cloud. Rapid Mobile Technologies offers Emulation Software As Service (ESaSTM). Our cloud-computing platform hosts RF models permitting the creation of emulation scenarios to be executed by your device at your premises. Software- defined Base Stations (SDR BS) are controlled by our cloud facilitating management and lowering acquisition cost, as well as updating of new emulation models, terrains, and base-station deployments. Wireless Network
  4. 4. Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD MobileCAD Product Family MobileCA Product family is offered in two flavors: a) Licensing Products: MobileCAD Patent License, MobileCAD Specification with device support, Educational License, and MobileCAD Manufacturing Rights. b) Emulation Technologies:: GSM/WiFi, 4G (LTE and WiMAX), and High- Bandwidth Devices Patent Specification License Licensng Educational License Manufacturing License Mobile CAD GSM-WIFI Device 4G High- Frequency Licensing Products Licensing Documentation Production Support Maintenance Cloud Rights subscription Patent No No No No Available Specification Yes No Yes, No Available limited Educational Yes No No No Limited Manufacturing Yes Yes Yes Yes Bundle with license Emulation Products Device Base-Stations Nodes Attenuators Phasing Warranty Cloud GSM-WIFI GSM/GPRS/W 3-BTS, 3, up to 128 3, up to 1 yr Available iFI 3-APs 128 4G WiMAX/WiFI 3-APs, 3, up to 128 3, up to 1 yr Available 3-BS 128 High-Freq Military Spec TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
  5. 5. Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD Sales and Marketing  Contact us: Michael Grider, VP of Business Development michael@ramobitech.com  Address: 3701 FAU Blvd, Suite 210, Boca Raton, FL, 33431  Phone: (404) 245-3910