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                                   <br />Executive Summary<br />Rapid Mobile Technologies has developed, patented, commerc...
Yuen On Lee, Chief Technical Officer, MBA, MS in Electrical Engineering,  graduated from Virginia Tech,  with 15 yrs of ex...
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Rapid Mobile Technologies : Executive summary


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Executive Summary presenting Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc to investors, partners, and customers.

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Rapid Mobile Technologies : Executive summary

  1. 1. <br />Executive Summary<br />Rapid Mobile Technologies has developed, patented, commercialized and proven the marketability of MobileCAD™, a breakthrough software and hardware product that reduces wireless system development and test time, improves product quality, and shortens time to revenue for new wireless products. When compared to legacy wireless product development and test practices, MobileCAD’s productivity improvements are comparable to those achieved by Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE), and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), in legacy mechanical and electronic circuit development. By using MobileCAD, Wireless system and component manufacturers can prototype, test and deploy new products with high quality and reliability, at a fraction of the cost and in significantly less time.<br />The Challenge <br />Today commercial market wireless device manufacturers use time-consuming, difficult to reproduce methods to field test new wireless handsets, antennas and other system infrastructure components. Government and Department of Defense component manufacturers have an even a greater challenge due to the complexity of their requirements. Representative procedures require a “drive test” activity where engineers and sensitive test equipment travel throughout the countryside to conduct tests to measure new product performance. During the development process, even minor changes to system components require substantial drive test resources, are subject to unpredictable environmental factors, require many days of field efforts, and are difficult to reproduce with accuracy.<br />The Solution<br />MobileCAD provides manufacturers with the ability to prototype new designs and enhancements in a predictable development lab environment at a fraction of the cost and in a very short time period. Rapid Mobile’s technology emulates field conditions through innovative MobileCAD components that include automated geographic terrain models, transmit/receive tower signal strength and property simulation, reproducible test scripts and sequencing, and other productivity enhancing features.<br />Market Description <br />Market analysts project the wireless test equipment market to exceed US$ 1.8 billion in 2015 and the market will have a compound average growth rate in excess of 70%. In the commercial sector of this market, experienced end users are rapidly adapting new technology and features. In emerging markets, new users are rapidly adapting wireless technology because of inadequate legacy terrestrial telephone systems and affordable cost. In the defense sectors, Mobile also will support wireless system capability improvements, emerging requirements for unmanned vehicle communications, support for the latest technology sensor devices and other capabilities. <br />Product Development<br />The Company’s plans for commercialization of MobileCAD begin with licensing its patents and product specifications to manufacturers. As the company develops, it plans to produce complete systems with hardware and software components. In addition, the Company is developing other innovative technology that it believes will have a high MobileCAD customer adoption rate. <br />Intellectual Property<br />The Company secured an exclusive license from the University of Florida (“UF”) for its core technology in 2009. The United States patent, “Rapid Mobility Network Emulator Method and System”, Serial #7,231,330 (“Patent”) was issued to UF on June 12, 2007 with priority date July 31, 2003. The patent inventors were Dr. Sumi Lielal & Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez, who now is CEO of the Company, as well as US Patent Serial #7,697,508.<br />Business Validation<br />The Company’s leadership team has test marketed MobileCAD with excellent results. The Company believes the results are consistent with its plans and that its revenue projections and plans are attainable, with an acceptable level of risk. <br />The Competition<br />The Company’s principal competitive threat are Agilent Technologies, Azimuth Systems, Spirent Federal, Anritzu, and others in the Wireless Test Equipment markets. The Company believes that because of its modularity, scalability, support of emerging protocols, and reproducible benchmark simulation capability, users of legacy test systems will quickly see clear advantages that result in the purchase MobileCAD.<br />The Management Team<br /><ul><li>Edwin A. Hernandez, PhD. (Founder) CEO and President, PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida, holds 5 patents and 12 applications, keynote speaker at entrepreneurship events like “First Tuesday,” with over 10 yrs of experience developing and managing mobile products at Motorola and Microsoft.
  2. 2. Yuen On Lee, Chief Technical Officer, MBA, MS in Electrical Engineering, graduated from Virginia Tech, with 15 yrs of experience working on cellular RF, designing receivers for Sawtek and Triquint.
  3. 3. Michael Grider, Esq (Founder), Vice-President of Bus. Dev. University of Florida law school, wide experience in licensing, corporate law, and negotiation.
  4. 4. Sin Jin Lee, Vice-President of Marketing, BS in Economics founder of Grooveshark and many entrepreneur ventures in Gainesville and South Florida.
  5. 5. Dan Ramirez Vice-President of Sales, MS. Emory-Riddle School, BS in Aerospace Engineering, many years of experience working for Embraer</li></ul>The Business Opportunity<br />The Company plans to return value to its stakeholders and investors by leveraging the University of Florida patent, its own propriety patents and Company trade secrets by licensing the Patents and related specifications to customers for an initial sale and for reproducible annuity fees. The Company believes that this action will enable it to meet and exceed its revenue and profit goals, grow =its valuation, and then provide a return by either exiting through acquisition, by a test equipment manufacturer, or by accelerating growth organically and/or through acquisition of competitive and complementary companies.<br />