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MEVIA Platform Workflow


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MEVIA Platform Workflow for Loading Content

Published in: Technology
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MEVIA Platform Workflow

  1. 1. Flujograma para Intercambio de Contenidos 2016© EGLA COMMUNNICATIONS:
  2. 2. Patent Pending Technology Mobile App: For TV, Movies, and Music Platform: Cloud to Cable Technology Content: Licensed ready to distribute Ad Platform: Inject audio/video commercials Analytics: Data analytics for video, music Our Products and Services
  3. 3. Musicor Video Loading Content Copy content into a Folder Upload content to MEVIA Storage Live TV Feed MEVIA Live
  4. 4. Upload Loading Content Adding more videos Or content
  5. 5. Sharing Sharing Content Sharing f videos Or content
  6. 6. MobileApp Mobile App Content Appears in the App Content Appears in the App
  7. 7. Content is Availablein all devices including Cable SAT Cable TV: Musicand TV Offering Education: University videos via MEVIA Corporate: PrivateCable TV system for businesses.Content
  8. 8. Thank you.Contact Us Dr. Edwin A. Hernández 561.306.4996 | | 751 PARK OF COMMERCE DR. SUITE 128, BOCA RATON, FL, 33487 © 2016© EGLA COMMUNNICATIONS