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Mediamplify Presentation


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Mediamplify by EGLA COMMUNICATIONS, Amplify your reach!

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Mediamplify Presentation

  1. 1. Amplify your reach By: Lucie Allaire Director of Marketing 3651 FAU Blvd Suite 400, Boca Raton, FL, 33431
  2. 2.  Who are we? Key Benefits Traditional broadcasting method Traditional Vs. Mediamplify Mediamplify approach Success story Q&A
  3. 3.  We are a cloud based solutions platform that helps media publishers amplify and expand their audience reach through streaming their content to many different outlets such as Web, Phone, IPTV, or Cable without the need and high expense of satellite use Amplify your reach..
  4. 4. 1. Amplify your Coverage1. Amplify your Revenues1. Simplify your Solution
  5. 5.  Expand your Audience across Social, Web, Phone, TV, and IPTV – o Social – Promote and share content through Facebook, Twitter, and email o Web – Compatible with Windows, Mac, IE, Firefox, and Chrome o Phone – Supports Apple iPhones, iPads, and Google Android o TV –Broadcast media to Cable and Satellite Operators o IPTV – Support for new generation of internet TV technology i.e. Roku, Boxee, and Apple TV
  6. 6.  Generate Profits from Multiple Broadcasting Options - Sell more of your inventory through increasing your media coverage and creating multiple channels Increase advertising opportunities and effectiveness – Maximize revenues through offering your advertisers multiple sources and track-able campaigns Strengthen brand equity by keeping customers engaged and increasing listening/viewing time – Customize platform controlling your brand and your user experience Increase Market Share – Reach the masses and get the widest audience coverage possible
  7. 7.  Embrace our Integrated Cloud-Based Platform ◦ Stores and streams your media content for you ◦ Multiple channels available depending on your needs  Subscription and user authentication if needed ◦ Stream content live or pre-recorded ◦ Ability to resell airtime so audience can create customized channels (i.e. Web Radio)  Develop a “Pandora” like experience
  8. 8.  Deliver your content in a Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-effective fashion ◦ Stream profitable media in a on-strategy, on-demand, on-time, and on-device manner ◦ Compatible and easy integration into all systems ◦ Supports multiple platforms and devices
  9. 9.  IPTV Support, Subscription Based Support, and Authentication Services ◦ Negotiate your own distribution contract with any cable or satellite operator OR we can help negotiate one for you – Then count on us to provide devices and set-up to distribute your feed without a satellite ◦ Sell special channels through a subscription based model
  10. 10.  Traditional (current) method available for broadcasting media content through Cable or TV 1. Requires the need to obtain satellite space from the cable or satellite operator 2. Typically involves large cash outlays and lengthy contract commitments Mediamplify’s technology eliminates the need to obtain satellite space in broadcasting new media ◦ AND…is able to deliver the same quality content as a satellite does at a fraction of the price
  11. 11.  Smart Phones WEB  Tablets  PCs  RokuYour Media IPTV  Apple TV  Boxee Cable/Satellite
  12. 12.  Current Client - DMX Media ◦ DMX2GO, powered by EGLA’s Mediamplify Platform ◦ Cable Operators Customers in all Latin America  Direct TV, SKY, Cablevision, many more – powered by EGLA’s MEDIA PLUG ◦ Web 2.0 Clients – Cable Operator  SKY Brasil – SKY Tunes – Web Application Client