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LTE Mobility - Mobility IPP


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LTE handover mobility technology reference implementation for NFV and eNodeB implementations. Covered under US Paten 7697508 and 8213417

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LTE Mobility - Mobility IPP

  1. 1. MOBILITY PROTOCOLS EGLA COMMUNICATIONS provides software and technology that enables wireless mobility in modern 4G/LTE wireless networks where ETSI specifications are in use. The patented technology covers LTE X2 Handover including coverage for the specifications: ETSI 23.402, ETSI 136.331, ETSI 129.275, and ETSI 136.300. Our patented technology MobileIPP has already been licensed by major manufacturers in the mobile space, and ourreference implementation is available for new customers. MobileIPP is protected under US Patents: 7,697,508 and 8,213,417 and are owned by Mobility Workx, LLC Mobility Protocol Technology MobileIPP enables a source eNodeB to acts as a proxy for the Mobile Terminal (MN) and manages connection mobility control on its behalf. The Source eNodeB sends a Handover Request message to the Target eNodeB, which includes UE context information. The context information contains the same information send by the UE upon initial attachment to the network MobileIPP Overview
  2. 2. LTE X2 Handover The patented MobileIPP technology permits the creation of tunnels that anticipate the handover movements and allocate resources proactively to hande faster handoff. Our MobileIPP implementation is suitable for software on S-GW, P-GW setups and LTE-based platforms. Software implementation in C/C++ US Patents: 7,697,508 and 8,213,417
  3. 3. Mobility for 4G and 5G Devices MobileIPP anticipates and uses an eNodeB to create on behalf of the mobile terminal forwarding the UE context to a target eNodeB effectively allocating resources for the MN as it moves in the 4G network. The patented features include aspects that include how the eNodeB forwards to the MN neighboring node information on other neighboring cells. Handover requests are sent to the target eNodeB on behalf of the MN, to initiate handover. ETSI specifications are covered by our patented technology and mobility protocol. Mobily IPP is implemented and a reference software is available for review. Our team of engineers offers integration and validation efforts for your company enabling quick integration with NFV environments. We also offer testing using MobileCAD Automation – Software automation to validate voice, data, and more., testing the protocol with VoLTE, HTTP streaming, games, and more.
  4. 4. Licensing Information MobileIPP specification and patents are available for Licensing for: Mobile Manufacturers Carriers and Teleco Operators Research and Development Military 751 Park of Commerce Dr. Suite 128 Boca Raton, FL, 33487 (561) 306-4996 • • • •