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EGLA's Patent and Intellectual Property Portfolio - Licensing


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EGLA represents a variety of patents and intellectual property for sale or license to any bidder. Our IP includes : RF Emulation/Simulation Platforms and Patents, Mobility Protocols for 4G, Cloud-based systems for multimedia streaming, Safety Apps/Cloud with patents (SafeFi) and a Hotel Management System.

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EGLA's Patent and Intellectual Property Portfolio - Licensing

  1. 1. Intellectual Property Patent Portfolio and Technologies for Sale 1
  2. 2. Introduction EGLA Communications develops innovative products in the areas of Telecommunications, IPTV, and Mobile Platforms. They are experts in infrastructure and cloud- based computing with over 20 years of experience managing network infrastructure and complex computing systems, and assists in the commercialization of RF, Wireless, and Media technologies. We are experts in intellectual property transactions and Sales. 2
  3. 3. Intellectual Property Portfolio IP#2 Ray Tracing Mobile Simulation Facilitates testing and simulation of Antenna performance 3 IP#1 SAFEFI Portfolio includes patent Maps Power button emergency alerting function (or any other pattern) and Software for Android, IOS, and server backeind IP#3 Cloud to Cable TV – Licensing enables Beats/Apple Music to be distributed on Cable TV Set Top Boxes
  4. 4. Intellectual Property Portfolio IP#5 MobileIPP – Predictive Handover Over IP-based mobile networks including 4G/LTE including X2 handover 4 IP#4 MobileCAD – RF Emulation Environment for 4G/5G with BER, RF Propagation models, and Network Emulation IP#6 Cloud-based platform for Hotel Management and Reservations System
  5. 5. Patent Portfolio Already Licensed by some phone manufacturers 3 Issued Utilities: #7,231,330 #7,697,508 #8,213,417 Priority Date: All on July 31, 2003 2 Issued Utility: # 9,071,957 # 9,338,629 Pending Utility: WO 2015/054501 others owned by Stadson Technologies, Inc Provisionals: July 27, 2012 Feb 25, 2013 Oct 9, 2013 Apr 28, 2015 1 Provisional: Dec 18, 2014 5
  6. 6. IP #1 – SAFEFI Issued Utility Patent #9,071,957: System and Method for Emergency Communications Utility patent encompassing a method(s) to start an emergency communication session(s) based on user interaction patterns on a communication device, such as a smartphone, smart watch, etc. (e.g Power button of the Phone) Enabling quick launch actions such as: • Data Delivery, Updates, and Packaging • Application Launch • GPS Location Data Delivery Method • Custom User Interface Launch 6
  7. 7. IP #1 - Patent Family Patent for #9,338,629: • Details the transmission of data between a user starting and ending an emergency incident and a server providing a responder with real-time information associated with said incident. • Unique method to forward incident details to pre- determined response authority. • Data transmission between a communication device and a secure server during an emergency incident. 7
  8. 8. IP #1 - Patent Family Pending Utility Patent WO 2015/054501: Safety System Utilizing Personal Area Network Communication Protocols Between Other Devices This patent covers the invention of a device utilizing wireless protocols to communicate with a paired/master device to remotely invoke a safety-oriented response/subroutine on said paired/master device. Invoking is accomplished via the successful matching of a detected event with a predefined activation pattern. An event consists of, but is not limited to: • Voice or audible pattern recognition • Physical manipulation of device • Hardware Interrupts 8
  9. 9. IP #1 - Patent Family Provisional filed Apr 28, 2015: System for Detecting and Initiating Activities This patent consists of a collection of innovative and novel interaction methods to launch activities on communication devices. The successful fulfillment of launch requirements enables the transition to a device’s predefined response mode. Interaction methods include, but are not limited to: • Audio-based environmental characteristics • Heart rate characteristics • Changes in environmental properties 9
  10. 10. An innovative technology called SNAPP • Minimizes the number of steps required to invoke an action/launch • Currently utilizes power button on communication devices • Additional launch methods prototyped Multilayer connection system for information delivery called SafeFi Information Center • The delivery and updating of time-critical data with unprecedented accuracy to a backend server Expansive wireless protocol compatibility • Smart devices • Home automation • Industrial networks Powerful collection of launching methods enabling • Discreet activations • Hands-free control • Environmental event triggers 10 IP # 1 - Summary & Implementation
  11. 11. Our IP enables an increase in access to responders and reduction in response time to benefit various industries, such as: Insurance Industry Campus and Corporate Security Telecommunications Personal Security IP # 1 - Impact of IP 11
  12. 12. Information Center Dynamic Web Application • Allows for rapid viewing of pertinent information to an emergency situation • Customizable geo-fences to alert a specified phone number based on location association algorithm • Live GPS bread crumbing showing an incident from beginning to end • Allergies, medical conditions, vehicle information, and other critical data is provided to receivers via user profile Presents information that’s of far greater accuracy and detail than what is currently available to 911. IP # 1 - Software 12
  13. 13. SNAPP Report Incidents Timer Mode Safety ProfileText-to-911 Mobile Android and iOS • Allows for instant launching via SNAPP with immediate transmission of dynamic location and personal information to the web application • Timer Mode enabling an automatic launch after the set amount of time expires • Text-to-911 support with zip code validation • Reporting of suspicious or malicious activities to local authorities • Delivery of safety profile to SafeFi Information Center during an incident IP # 1 – Software for Mobile 13
  14. 14. IP #2 –RF Simulation Software and Source Code in C/C++: Ray Tracing and Simulation Models. 14 -PTX 1 watt (+30 dBm) -Fc 5.0 GHz -TX ants. Half-wave dipole -HTXd 0.75 meters (on the roof of the vehicle) -RX ant. Half wave dipole -HRX 0.5 meters -Area Outdoor/indoor PRX (dBm)
  15. 15. IP #2 –RF Simulation 15 Mobile-CDS is a versatile propagation tool based on ray-tracing technology. It allows the system designer to accurately evaluate the wireless system performance from the comfort of his or her office. Reduction in the time it takes to design the network and the amount of money spent, is achieved by avoiding wasteful data collection campaigns in the field. Models as simple as free space propagations including LOS (line of site) only conditions, to high density urban environments experiencing multiple propagation modes such as; LOS, reflection/transmissions and diffractions are supported. Outdoor only and simultaneous indoor and outdoor propagation analysis are currently available. The next set of slides will provide additional information about Mobile-CDS capabilities and its current status.
  16. 16. IP #2 –RF Simulation 16 18.0 dBi TX antenna pattern. Both, TX and RX patterns are represented by their complex Etheta and Ephi electric fields components. Ideal dipole antenna used at each mobile location to collect the incoming field. 3D building data bases (urban region) Vehicles in the street Propagating rays Figures 4a,b
  17. 17. IP #2 –RF Simulation 17  Simple to use GUI supporting the following functionalities:  Protocol generation.  3D databases (importing, exporting, cloning, cropping, etc.).  Propagation analysis (received power, delay spread, co-channel, etc.).  Computational engine settings.  Material media library.  Graphics.  Algorithms supporting LOS (line of site) reflection and transmissions and diffraction propagating modes are build in the original code. Geometrical optics is used to approximate the reflected and transmitted fields. UTD is used to estimate the over the roof and side walls diffracted fields.  In addition to the original facet format, the tool is able to handle other 3D databases formats such as .kml. Both, flat and undulated terrains can be incorporated into the analysis as well as any objects like building, trees and vehicles.  No limitation on the type of environment used in the simulation; urban, suburban or rural.  Able to incorporate in the analysis complex antenna patterns represented by their E and E components. The antenna patterns can be generated using an electromagnetic solver (XFDTD), anechoic chamber measurements or data provided by a vendor.  Throughout the ray-tracing process, the program tracks both the magnitude and the phase of the electromagnetic wave. Complex reflection and transmission coefficients are computed at each incident point. This feature allows the system engineer to analyzed not only SISO (single input single output) but also any diversity scheme and MIMO (multiple input multiple output) channels.
  18. 18. IP #3 – Cloud to Cable TV Provisional filed Dec 18, 2014: Method, System, and Apparatus for Multimedia Content Delivery to Cable TV and Satellite Operators This patent consists of a novel method and a system for continuous media delivery and secured synchronization of multimedia files that are broadcasted to set-top boxes or subscriber units in the field that are connected to IPTV or Cable Systems. Cloud to Cable TV enables quick and easy distribution of Apple Music to Cable TV systems worldwide with minimum effort and integration with our software. Cable TV systems tested are Arris, Cisco, Ericsson, and many others. 18
  19. 19. We enable Cloud Services to be delivered to Cable TV • Connect Apple Music with Millions of Cable TV subscribers around the world • Apple Music will offer 100+ of music channels to operators HTML + Music
  20. 20. Cloud to Cable TV • Integration with the Cloud • Automated Generation of Web/Mobile UI • Statistics and Streaming in multiple formats • Cable/Headend Support • APIs for 3rd parties • Applications such as Music and Video deployed to STBs in DVB systems CAB SAT from Cloud to Cable TV IP #3 - Technology Utilizing IP 20
  21. 21. US Patent for MediaPlug Cloud-based platform Secure content and multimedia delivery Multimedia Cloud to generate music-based web UI Multi-platform versions in use by several cable operators in Brazil, Honduras, and other countries Statistics and analytics for all users requesting Video and Audio EGLA strives in providing Multimedia Platforms, specifications and software to support all their products and patented technologies Applications for iOS, Android, and Chromecast Support for cable systems and billing IP #3 - Creation Highlights 21
  22. 22. IP #4 - MobileCAD • Rapid mobility network emulator method and system  Priority Date: July 31, 2003  Claims: 3 independent, 21 total  Forward Cites by Cisco, Infosys, etc.
  23. 23. IP #4 - MobileCAD
  24. 24. IP #5 - MobileIPP • System, apparatus, and methods for proactive allocation of wireless communication resources  Priority Date: July 31, 2003  Claims: 3 independent, 19 total  Forward Cites by Cisco, Verizon, etc.
  25. 25. IP #5 - MobileIPP • Covers predictive handovers (e.g., X2 handovers in LTE) • Establishes connection with handover target before the UE is transferred • Minimizes delay or interruption associated with handover
  26. 26. IP #6 – Hotel Management Platform • Backend for management. • API for external integrations. • Support for Paypal. • Wizard for auto subscription. • Administrator & Clerk level. • Reporting. • Business Intelligence. • Widget for an external integration with own websites.
  27. 27. IP #6 – Hotel Management Platform