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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS - Mobile Technology Consortium


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Mobile Technology Consortium Presentation

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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS - Mobile Technology Consortium

  1. 1. Edwin Hernandez, Ph.D Lucie Allaire, BSBA Henry Incer, MBA
  2. 2. Company DescriptionWho is EGLA COMMUNICATIONS? We are a start-up technology company offering customizable cloud computing services at the lowest price in the industry. Located at FAU’s Technology Business Incubator in Boca Raton, FL
  3. 3. ManagementManagement Team: Edwin A. Hernandez, Ph.D – Owner and chief executive  Ph.D in Computer Engineering from University of Florida (UF) Lucie Allaire, BSBA – Marketing and Sales  B.S.B.A in Marketing from University of Florida (UF) Henry Incer, MBA – Management  MBA from Nova Southeastern (NSU)
  4. 4. Our ProductsWe currently offer two products: Hula Drive – Our low cost cloud storage platform. Mediamplify – Media storage, media platform,and media streaming service at a reduced cost.
  5. 5. Market OverviewWhere is the industry now?Cloud storage and cloud computing are currently in their early stages and set to grow exponentially.
  6. 6. Our Mobile Play for HulaDrive 6c per GB
  7. 7. Stay tuned for our ….
  8. 8. MediamplifyCreate your own TV Station or Radio Station online or your private networkWe are a cloud based solutions platform that helps media publishers amplify and expand their audience reach through streaming their content to many different outlets such as Web, Phone, IPTV, or Cable without the need and high expense of satellite use
  9. 9. Our Mobile PlayHTML 5.0Mobile Bit Rates and Adaptation to each devicePlatforms: IOS (iPhone) and Android OS
  10. 10. How it Works? Mobile?  Smart Phones WEB  Tablets  PCs  Roku IPTV  Apple TV  Boxee Amplify your reach Cable/Satellite
  11. 11. ClientsDMX Media | Mood MediaSonlife Broadcasting NetworkHippocrates Health Institute
  12. 12. Startup Weekend Boca RatonOctober 10th- 12th, 2012 –
  13. 13. ANY QUESTIONS?