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Executives Online International Recruitment for Interim and pernananet Executive roles

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Executives Online Interim Management introduction

  2. 2. 2 www.executivesonline.com2Who we areExecutives Online is an Executive Recruitment company thatharnesses the Internet to accelerate the search process. This deliversexactly the right candidates quickly, for interim or permanent executiveroles, in order to redress loss of competence and protect competitiveadvantage.What makes us different is our award winning online talentacquisition engine which can be deployed instantly, worldwide, savingyou time and money.Our vision is to transform executive recruitment.
  3. 3. 3 www.executivesonline.co.uk3Vision: to Transform Executive Recruitment■ By developing a Global Talent Bank that is the destination of choice for allexecutive jobseekers■ By alerting candidates to all suitable opportunities and treating candidateslike clients■ By developing a Global Network of colleagues and business partners■ By being fully web-enabled, process driven, fast and efficient■ By reducing client costs. . . . doing no hard copy recruitment advertising■ By providing clients with EXACTLY the right candidates at EXACTLY theright price■ By guaranteeing timescales for shortlists
  4. 4. 4 www.executivesonline.co.uk4Company history1992 Company established as sole proprietorship1997 First placement of an interim executive2000 Launch of Executives Online name and website for interimmanagement recruitment2004 Launch of rapid permanent executive recruitment service2005 First international office (Sydney)2006-12 REC Quality Audit2013 27 locations in 10 countries, 10 web sites, 45 Executive Recruiters
  5. 5. 5 www.executivesonline.co.uk5What we do■ Interim Executives for short term contract roles, £750 / day average dailyrate.■ Fast Permanent Executive Recruitment, salaries from £60K to £250K.■ Fully briefed and interviewed short-list in 2-4 weeks, rather than months■ 95%+ success on sole agency assignments■ Operate Europe’s largest confidential Talent Bank of independent executives,active jobseekers and passive job seekers.■ Combine the best of conventional recruitment practise with the reach of theweb.■ Succeed with the most challenging of briefs.
  6. 6. 6 www.executivesonline.co.uk6Examples of our work:Interim ManagementAn MD, fluent Japanese speaker, Japanese Retail Distribution experienceplaced in 4 daysInterim Marketing Director – Germany for an “outlet mall” and retail propertycompany, shortlist in 5 daysOrganisational Development Project Manager to restructure a large divisionof a global (Swiss HQ) pharmaceutical co.An Operations Manager, with call centre experience and specifically debtcollection agency experience, shortlist in 1 dayA food Operations Director, with experience of desserts, placed in 24 hoursto help an airline catering companyTurnaround Operations Director, experience of prior turnarounds incorrugated cardboard manufacturing, placed into a US operations
  7. 7. 7 www.executivesonline.co.uk7Examples of our work:Executive Recruitment (Permanent)■ Chairman, non-executive with high profile, global automotive experience■ Chief Executive Officer, 6,000 member organisation, representing 1 millionemployees■ Managing Director, construction/facilities, to head emergent, innovativeproperty company■ Sales and Marketing Director, business intelligence software and start-upcompanies■ Group Finance Director, highly prestigious Society, Executive Board Levelrole■ VP Engineering and Software Development, with experience of email contentsecurity and multi-national team management, shortlist in 2 weeks■ Global Deal Architects for UK’s largest Telecommunications organisation
  8. 8. 8 www.executivesonline.co.uk8Our Confidential Global Talent BankTotals - 93,567 available candidates (represented above) from over 200,000 registered candidatesGrouped by Key Functions ApprovedCandidatesGrouped by Key Functions ApprovedCandidatesBoard / Executive Management 17,655 Engineering / Technical 4,365Financial Management 9,087 Operations Management 5,672Sales / Business Development 17,059 Supply Chain / Retail Management 3,516Human Resources 6,695 Facilities Management 641Marketing Management 6,390 Call Centre Management 1,410Information Technology 7,614 Construction / Property Development 1,737Professional Services 3,321 Corporate Communications 750Project Management (non IT) 5,862 Compliance & Risk Management 1,793
  9. 9. 9 www.executivesonline.co.uk9Satisfied Clients (a selection)■ Mix of clients including big blue-chip customers, public sector, private equitybacked and emerging SMEs
  10. 10. 10 www.executivesonline.com10Award Winning Online Talent AcquisitionEngine■ Online marketing attracts candidates and clients■ Our multiple web sites are better placed in Search Engines■ This results in high awareness amongst candidates and thousands of newCVs per month from which we only select the best for our clients■ Our Global Talent Bank is updated constantly by candidates, and in thecourse of each recruitment project■ Plus intelligent use of online advertising, social networking sites, executiveCV databases■ Market price (day rate or salary) tested and confirmed live in market for eachrole■ 85% of candidates find us via the web; 14% via referral(+ others)
  11. 11. 11 www.executivesonline.co.uk11Not without the “Human” element■ Our Recruiters are experiencedbusiness people, as well as careerrecruiters■ Face-to-Face interviewing■ Thorough briefing from Client, and toCandidate■ CV Validation / Taking of references■ Follow-through, up to the placement,and afterwards
  12. 12. 12 www.executivesonline.co.uk12How we work – Our Selection Process■ A complete search every time – searchingbroadly and not merely pulling from our“bench”■ Shortlist in 3 to 5 days for interim, 2 to 4weeks for perm – guaranteed■ Industry leading recruitment system andcandidate database■ Never use expensive print advertising■ Staying in communication with you and thecandidates every step of the way
  13. 13. 13 www.executivesonline.co.uk13Key to success - a well crafted brief1. Introduction/background. (Brief introduction to the company and to theproject in anonymous/confidential terms and reason for vacancy)2. The job role3. Reporting to4. Direct reports5. Permanent Remuneration Package (equivalent) / Job Level6. Key tasks (Brief description of the 4 or 5 key tasks/deliverables for the project.)7. Start date8. Duration estimate (Normally a minimum of three months)9. Location (Approximate location for the project)10.Candidate profile
  14. 14. 14 www.executivesonline.com14Local Offices for Local Client Service
  15. 15. 15 www.executivesonline.co.uk15Summary: Why Executives Online?■ Operates a confidential dynamic and constantly growing Global TalentBank of executives for interim and permanent roles.■ Reaches passive and active job seekers.■ Combines the best of conventional recruitment practise with a unique andaward-winning online candidate acquisition engine.■ Utilises a robust and high quality rapid selection process for short term andpermanent executive roles that accelerates the search process.■ Succeeds with even the most challenging Interim and Permanent briefs.■ Offices throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.
  16. 16. 16 www.executivesonline.com16Edwin GlasManaging Directoredwin.glas@executivesonline.comOffice: +31 (0) 20 3012159Contact Details