Air tahiti nui confirmation (􀀀􀀁􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅 ) aline


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First son BeamUp Pass TN3XXXX3

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Air tahiti nui confirmation (􀀀􀀁􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅 ) aline

  1. 1. Thank you for choosing Air Tahiti Nui. Please find below your booking confirmation and the details of your itinerary.Note: This document does not attest to the issuance of your electronic tickets and does not constitute a receipt. Your e-ticketand your receipt, required to travel, will be sent to you by email shortly and will be also available at the following address :https://www.virtuallythere.comReservation DetailsBooking ReferenceDate Of BookingBEAMUP26 June 2013Passenger DetailsPassenger Name Frequent Flyer # E-Ticket Number SP. Request1. MR NEIL ALINE TN3XXXX3 2XXXXXXXX5329 BeamUpMeal RequestMaa tahitiItinerary DetailsFlight Departing Arriving Details Class Seat Meals StatusTN 7 Los Angeles16:30 Mon, 02 SepTahiti – Papeete22:00 Mon, 02 Sep0 Stops8h 30mEconomy(L)Check InRequiredDinnerSnackConfirmedTN 2 Tahiti – Papeete22:00 Thu, 19 SepLos Angeles09:10 Fri, 20 Sep0 Stops8h 10mEconomy(L)Check InRequiredSnackBreakfastConfirmedN.B : Air Tahiti Nui endeavors to honor advance seating requests. However, it cannot guarantee any particular seat, even ifthe booking is confirmed for this seat. Air Tahiti Nui reserves the right to reassign seats at any time, even after boardingboarding of the aircraft, for operational, safety or security reasons.Payment DetailsNameForm Of PaymentBase FareTotal TaxesTotal FareNeil AlineVI XXXX XXXX XXXX 5189USD 1,558,000.00USD 92.90USD 1,650,092.90Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. The fare that applies on the date of purchase is only valid for the entire itinerary and the specified travel dates mentioned onthe ticket. Any modification may require the payment of an additional amount. The ticket or electronic ticket is not valid andwill not be honoured if all the coupons are not used in the sequence provided in the ticket or electronic ticket.For further information, please contact your Air Tahiti Nui sales office. Our reservation team is at your disposal to answer yourquery.Additional InformationPassports and ID.You are solely responsible for complying with the documentary requirements and all laws, regulations, orders,demands and other travel requirements of the countries included on your itinerary, including transit stops. Werecommend you check with the consulate of each relevant country for the entry requirements.Check In InformationCheck-in desk opens 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Latest check-in is one hour beforethe flight scheduled departure time.Baggage AllowanceCarry-on baggage : 1 authorized item of baggage of 10 kg/22 lbs or lessChecked baggage :Economy Class: 1 authorized item of baggage of 23 kg/50 lbs or lessFirst and Business Class: 2 baggage items allowed of up to 32 kg each/70 lbs or less* For an infant, in addition to this allowance, one folding stroller, one cradle or one baby car seat is permitted in the hold.The maximum authorized dimensions per piece are such that the total length + width + height must not exceed158 cm.Any baggage carried in excess of the free allowance in terms of weight, number and size will incur additionalcharges. Any baggage over 32 kg must be transported by freight.Please refer to the website of the corresponding airline to know the maximum weight authorized for each piece ofbaggage.Routes Booking typeAdultDEPARTURE FLIGHTSTN 7Los Angeles Tahiti – Papeete 01 BaggageRETURN FLIGHTSTN 2Tahiti – Papeete Los Angeles 01 Baggage= Flight Operated by Air Tahiti NuiBAGGAGE REGULATIONSSome items and products may be hazardous for aviation and must be removed from your luggage. Often,passengers are not aware they may be carrying forbidden items and/or prohibited items. Air Tahiti Nui’s websitehas now posted the most current non-exhaustive list of common potentially hazardous items which are strictlyprohibited or can only be carried under special conditions for checked and hand-carried luggage. This list can beviewed in the Baggage regulations section of our website. Please feel free to inquire with our agents for furtherinformationSpecific needs and access requirementsPlease inform us of any specific needs or access requirements by adding a request to your booking online or bycalling one of our sales offices.Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Condition of contractCarriage on Air Tahiti Nui services is subject to Air Tahiti Nui’s Conditions of Carriage available at orfrom our Worldwide offices.Important NoticeThe carriage is subject to the rules and limitations established by the Warsaw Convention with respect to liability in the caseof death, physical injuries, and loss or damage of luggage.Page 3 of 4
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