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eMonocot Plenary 09/2011


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Published in: Technology, Education
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eMonocot Plenary 09/2011

  1. 1. The eMonocot Scratchpads profileEd BakerNatural History Museum
  2. 2. What are Scratchpads? 1 2 3 Your data Uploaded & “Published” & reviewed tagged on your site Fast Intuitive Fit for use
  3. 3. Who uses them? Anybody who wants to share information about biodiversity: •Taxonomists •Journals •Societies Existing users at Kew: •Sampled Red List Index for Plants ( •CITES Bulbs (
  4. 4. Aims of eMonocot Scratchpads Major changes: •Tailor the Scratchpads to the needs of botanists •Ready to go (specific goal; minimal customisation) Keeping: •Data standards (e.g. SPM, ITIS) •Some level of flexibility (e.g. for the Carex community)
  5. 5. Taxonomy Import Classification can be imported from WCM so that Scratchpads and the Portal use same taxonomy
  6. 6. Nomenclatural InformationAccommodates modifications made by the Kew Content Team.
  7. 7. Nomenclatural Information The default Scratchpads view is long and messy
  8. 8. Nomenclatural Information eMonocot version is more compact with more information
  9. 9. Classification Viewer Addresses issues raised by Kew regarding: •Display of synonyms •Generation of checklists •New module •Taxon pages to list synonyms only •Taxon pages to list all children •New pages showing complete checklist
  10. 10. eMonocot Specifics Added where data collected does not fit into the existing standards used by Scratchpads: •ITIS (Etymology) •Taxon Description (Cultivation, Pollination, …) •Additional metadata for images (Photo of habitat, flower, …)
  11. 11. Out of the box Things that can be done in Scratchpads, enabled by default in eMonocot profile: •Link an image to a location •Customised views for Taxon Pages •Faceted search using Apache Solr
  12. 12. Putting it all together
  13. 13. The Bigger Picture WCM TCS DarwinCore Archive eMonocot Portal
  14. 14. Scratchpads 2.0 • Improved admin. interface (content, group & user management) • Guided workflows for data import (e.g. taxonomy, multiple images) • New species pages • Integrated mapping (pulling together point, regional & external data) • Data publication (metadata descriptions formally published) by early 2012 • Key building (off the character editor)