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My pilgrimage to ireland


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My recent pilgrimage to Ireland has inspired me to return in 2016 - here are some of the photos from my trip. And the itinerary for 2016:

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My pilgrimage to ireland

  1. 1. MY PILGRIMAGE TO IRELAND I’m going back in 2016, Come with me
  2. 2. BEAUTY Ireland is by far one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Even a beginner photographer equipped with a smart phone can take spectacular photos in the dramatic light.
  3. 3. COLOR Doolin on the coast is magical and colorful and friendly and mysterious and wonderful to visit and walk through. It will make you say “WOW!”
  4. 4. PUB Group dinners and traditional music sessions in the pubs with friendly faces and warm smiles and laugher.
  5. 5. PILGRAMAGE We go to receive the blessing of Ireland’s spirituality – and it’s easy, Ireland is filled to the brim with blessings to share.
  6. 6. CHOCOLATE And chocolate lollys, of course.
  7. 7. WATER “What do I think I might need for this next part of my life’s journey?” A question we ask ourselves before visiting Brigid’s Holy Well.
  8. 8. SILENCE AND SOLITUDE Inis Mor is wild, majestic, and peaceful.
  9. 9. CAFE …and friendly, and accommodating and interesting and colorful.
  10. 10. …and mysterious and quiet and introspective and beautiful.
  11. 11. DINGLE Walking and talking together as pilgrims on a shared path, we share our hearts and keep company.
  12. 12. DUBLIN Exciting, delicious, modern, fascinating, easy, and lovely to see. I’ll never forget you, Dublin.
  13. 13. MORE PUBS No comment
  14. 14. HOLINESS I’m going back to Ireland in 2016. I’d love you to come with me.