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Portfolio of Yvette Dijkhuizen

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Portfolio Yvette Dijkhuizen

  1. 1. Hi there! Introduction I'm Yvette Dijkhuizen and this what you are currently seeing on your screen is a PDF version of my portfolio. I recently passed all my exams for my MDes Interdisciplinary Design and will be awarded my MDes in November. With this portfolio I would like to show what kind of designer I am illustrated with samples of my work from the past year. Have fun reading/looking at my portfolio! Feel free to get in touch with me for any comments, questions, references or a job. 1. Yvette Dijkhuizen. Yvette Dijkhuizen, MDes. 2 1
  2. 2. Extra curricular Profile Volunteer at RDA Thornton Rose, 2007 - 2008 Rosewell, Edinburgh My main interest in design is product design and graphic design. I would describe myself as an all-rounder Programme representative MDes 2007 - 2008 qua skills and as a team player but I don't mind working Interdisciplinary Design course individual. I'm down to earth and don't mind to put my shoulder to the wheel. I have an enthusiastic and 2003 - 2006 Member student information team open-minded approach to the work. Industrial Design, TUE Education Awards 2007 - 2008 Napier University Edinburgh, UK 2007 Runner up Design for Dwell MDes Interdisciplinary Design Design of outdoor furniture 2003 - 2007 University of Technology Eindhoven Skills Bachelor of Science - Industrial Design OOP Curriculum Vitae 1997 - 2003 Sondervick College Veldhoven Languages: Personal VWO (subjects: math, science, phy Dutch (native) sics, Dutch, English, extra subjects German information chosen: geography and economy) English French (basic) Name: Working experience Yvette Dijkhuizen Software languages: Date of birth: HTML/CSS (basic) 2007 Designer at ARTelier Reiss, Volxheim, 24-12-1984 Germany. Address: Software programs: Elaboration of internship project. Wal 18 Photoshop , Illustrator , Indesign 5501 HK Veldhoven (basic), Quark , Flash (basic), Office, 2006 Internship at ARTelier Reiss, Volxheim, The Netherlands Windows XP , MAC OSX Germany (5 months) Mobile Phone: Industrial design of crematorium inci (+31) (0)6 - Driving License: nerators for the German crematorium 44442959 Clean of the future. E-mail: yvette_dijkhuizen@ General interests: 2003 - 2006 Nettorama Verbruikersmarkten hotmail.com Sports (race cycling, snowboar Oosterhout, the Netherlands Website: ding and running) Sales employee; Mondays and http://yvettedijkhuizen.nl Music (band Queen and playing flute) Wednesdays nights working at the Collecting (vinyl records) cash deck, or as stock clerk 3
  3. 3. Internship ARTelier Reiss 1 2 For a client of ARTelier Reiss I was asked to design a second skin for a crematorium in a inerator. A skin that would fit the corporate identity of the client, and would be an ergo- nomic advantage for the employees of a crematorium. During the project four different scenarios were created: crystal, showcase, smooth design and trust design. 1. Crystal skin model. Due to succes this project later has been ela- 2. Showcase model. 3. Sketch page crystal borated to the design of ‘the crematorium of model. the future’ and the publication of a book: Express Emotions . 4 3
  4. 4. Rapid Prototyping 1 2 During the last 2 years I had the opportunity a few times to use rapid prototyping methods. 1. Rendered model Dwell chair/lounger. I think it is a great way to produce quite per- 2.3D printed version fect models that can show and give a feel of of the chair. what the final product might be like. 3. 3D printed model smooth design for internship. To model the objects in 3D I used the program Rhinoceros 3.0 . 5 3
  5. 5. Etnographic Research 1 2 One of the modules teached at the MDes Interdisciplinary Design is Design Research Methods, a module specially directed at doing etnograhpic research. 1. Self designed magazine with everyday banalities. For this module we often spend time outside 2. 1 Picture every half university observing and recording people, hour of one day in my objects, places in different situations. life. 3. Intervention for bus stop boredom: Resulting in different outcomes as a maga- a swing. zine, a book, posters and a product intervention. 6 3
  6. 6. 1 2 For the ‘Design for Dwell’ competition I Dwell designed an outdoor chair that also could be used as a lounger. By adding an ottoman you 1. Presentation board can have either a footrest or a small table. for the chair/lounger. 2.Sketch of the chair. 3. Final prototyped The design was selected from over 200 models. entries and awarded a runner up prize by the jury. 7 3
  7. 7. 1 2 For D&AD (D&AD is a prestigious design competition in the UK) I chose to do the design for crime brief. The brief was to design a service, product that would reduce crime and let people feel 1. Illustration that D&AD shows some everyday safer. high value items. 2. Front of the My design is the Campus Watch Team, basi- keychain that is an cally a neighbourhood watch service but then alarm. tailored to the needs of a school. 3. Detail of scenario of how the system works. The aim of the Campus Watch Team is to reduce the number of stolen high value items. 8 3
  8. 8. Well Cover Tables 1 2 For my major project I designed a nest of three concrete tables. The table tops of this nest of tables have the imprints of well covers. 1.The picture that inspired me to make The project comes from a photo I took of a the tables. drain cover for one of the etnographic 2. The smallest table research assignment. with the gas cover imprint. 3. The nest of three I became fascinated by the patterns of these tables together. covers and had this vision to turn them into table tops. 9 3
  9. 9. 1 2 *† Deathstyle is a collection of products around the funeral. The collection tries to show that a funeral can be beautiful and that Deathstyle it can be done in the way people want. The Deathstyle collection consists of printed balloons, paper handkerchiefs, a memory box and a kit to make a temporary grave marker. 1.Deathstyle logo. 2. Packet of I did this project after I got fascinated at a customized funeral trade exhibition by all the possibilities handkerchiefs. 3. Kit to design a you could get there, but what you could get temporary memorial. was all the shape, colour and feeling and I saw room to improve that. 10 3