We win


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We win

  1. 1. "I will cross over as the victorand not the victim! No matterwhat it looks like, I still win!No matter what it feels like, Istill win! Every failed plan,failed friendship, physical
  2. 2. attack, financial setback,material loss, misfortune,disappointment, unfulfilleddream, unfulfilled expectation,every obstacle, every oppositionwill now give way to the Word ofGod! I STILL WIN..."I STILL WIN BECAUSE...Greater is He that is in me thanhe who is in the world! (I John4:4)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Iknow that all things are workingtogether for my good. I loveGod, I am called according toHis purpose. (Rom. 8:28)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Hewhich began a good work in meis performing it, completing it, tothe day of Jesus Christ. (Phil1:6)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... MyGod is supplying all of my needsaccording to His riches in gloryby Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)
  3. 3. I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Ihave been given the victorythrough Jesus Christ my Lord! (ICor 15:57)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Noweapon formed against me willprosper! (Is.54:17)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Thereis no temptation overtaken mebut such as is common to allpeople. God is faithful, and willnot allow me to be temptedbeyond what I am able, withevery temptation He will providefor me a way of escape, that Imay be able to endure it (ICor.10:13)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Godalways causes me to triumph inChrist. (II Cor. 2:14)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Godhas not given me the spirit offear, but of power, love and asound mind (II Tim. 1:7)
  4. 4. I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Godis able to do exceedingly,abundantly, above that which Icould be able to think accordingto the power that works in me.(Eph 3:20)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Godis able to make all grace aboundto me, that always having allsufficiency in everything, I havean abundance for every gooddeed. (II Cor. 9:8)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Godsgrace is sufficient for me. Godsstrength is made perfect inweakness. (II Cor 12:9)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Jesuswas wounded for MYtransgression. Jesus wasbruised for MY iniquities, thechastisement of MY peace wasupon Him and with His stripes Iam healed! (Isa. 53:5)
  5. 5. I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Jesusdestroyed the works of the devil.(I John 3:8, Isa. 61:1-3)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Jesuscanceled out the certificate ofdebt consisting of decreesagainst me and was hostiletowards me. Jesus has taken itout of the way, having nailed itto the cross! (Col. 2:14)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... I amsteadfast, unmovable, alwaysabounding in the work of theLord, knowing my labor is not invain in Him. (I Cor.15:58)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Jesusdisarmed the rulers andauthorities. He made a publicdisplay of them, now having meto triumph over them in Him(Col. 2:15)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... I amseated in heavenly places inChrist Jesus! (Eph. 2:6)
  6. 6. I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Idwell in the seat place of themost high. I abide under theshadow of the almighty. TheLord is my refuge and myfortress. (Psa. 91:1-2)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... Thiscorruptible shall put onincorruption, and this mortalshall put on immortality. Fordeath is swallowed up in victory.(I Cor. 15:54, Rev. 1:18)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... I ampersuaded that neither death norlife, nor angels, norprincipalities, nor powers, northings present, nor things tocome, nor height, nor depth, norany creature shall be able toseparate me from the love ofGod, which is in Christ Jesus myLord! (Rom 8:38-39)I STILL WIN BECAUSE... He isable to keep me from falling andpresent me faultless before thepresence of His glory withexceeding joy! (Jude 24)
  7. 7. WE STILL WIN BECAUSE...The Lord himself shall descendfrom Heaven with a shout, withthe voice of an archangel andwith the triumph of God, and thedead in Christ will rise first. Thenwe which are alive and remainshall be caught up together withthem in the clouds to meet theLord in the air, and SO SHALLWE EVER BE WITH THELORD! (I Thes. 4:16-17)