Designing Your Best Month Ever! Goal-Setting Workshop


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This five-part workshop is designed to provide the space where you can reflect on your past month's accomplishments and blessings as well as set specific, measurable goals, in each area of your life, for the upcoming month.

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Designing Your Best Month Ever! Goal-Setting Workshop

  1. 1. Designing Your Best MONTH Ever! Goal-Setting Workshop MONTH ______________ If you are not making the progress you would like to make; and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined. Paul J. Meyer
  2. 2. Designing Your Best MONTH Ever! – How To In my experience motivation has only been sustained by an individual who has written life goals with deadlines and measurements, all put together in a parcel an individual believes in. Peter Daniels The Designing Your Best MONTH Ever! Goal-Setting Workshop is designed to provide the space where you can “praise your progress” and set goals that will help you do develop the habits that will move you in the direction of your Primary Goals for any given year. The brief instructions for this five-part workshop are as follows: Part One: Accomplishments Each month, first reflect on your accomplishments and blessings from the previous month. This exercise will provide the space where you can appreciate your progress and express gratitude for the positive things in your life. It will also encourage you to keep moving forward! Part Two: Monthly Goals Next, write out a habit, in each area of life, that you will focus on developing that will move you in the direction of your yearly goals for the upcoming year. Be sure that your habit is specific and measurable! Part Three: Daily Disciplines After determining your monthly goals, write a “Today I” phrase for the habit you are focusing on that month. Then, place an abbreviated form of the habit in your daily discipline scorecard so that you can track your progress throughout the month. Part Four: Sacrifices With your daily disciplines clearly established, it is important to next write out 2–3 sacrifices you will make throughout the month. Sacrifice those things that would distract you from completing the daily disciplines you are setting out to accomplish. Part Five: Other Projects/Things to Do In this final part of the workshop, simply write out any other projects, goals, appointments and things to do that must be accomplished during the month. Be sure to also write in the corresponding due date for each item listed!
  3. 3. Part One: ACCOMPLISHMENTS Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. Charles Dickens List your accomplishments, from the previous month, which you are proud of and can be grateful for: Spiritual & Ethical 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Physical & Health 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Family & Home 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Mental & Educational 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Financial & Career 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Social & Cultural 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ MY DREAM 1. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  4. 4. Part Two: MONTHLY GOALS The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty. King Solomon List one habit, within each area of life, which you will focus on developing this month: Spiritual & Ethical: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Physical & Health: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Family & Home: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Mental & Educational: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Financial & Career: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Social & Cultural: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ MY DREAM: By __________ 1, I… __________________________________________ Part Three: DAILY DISCIPLINES List the daily discipline you will commit to that will ensure that your monthly goal is achieved: Spiritual & Ethical: Today I… __________________________________________ Physical & Health: Today I… __________________________________________ Family & Home: Today I… __________________________________________ Mental & Educational: Today I… __________________________________________ Financial & Career: Today I… __________________________________________ Social & Cultural: Today I… __________________________________________ MY DREAM: Today I… __________________________________________ You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. John C. Maxwell
  5. 5. Part Four: SACRIFICES He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he would attain highly must sacrifice greatly. James Allen List the sacrifices you will make to ensure that your goals remain your top priority this month. I do not eat fast food more than once a week. I do not watch T.V. until I… I do not play video games until I... I do not spend any money on… I do not surf the Internet until I… 1. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________________________________________ What proportion of my life am I prepared to give in exchange for accomplishing this desire? In other words, do my desires reflect just what I would like to have happen or what I am prepared to sacrifice to have happen? Peter J. Daniels Part Five: OTHER PROJECTS/THINGS TO DO ITEM DUE DATE 1. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 2. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 3. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 4. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 5. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 6. __________________________________________________________ __________________ 7. __________________________________________________________ __________________